Feeding Therapy and Evaluation

Feeding Therapy for babies, toddlers, and children

Babies and toddlers learn instinctively over time how to suck, bite, chew, and swallow food, and how to drink from a nipple, straw, and cup. Some babies and toddlers demonstrate difficulty learning these skills, interfering with their feeding development. Young children with feeding difficulties typically demonstrate delays/difficulties chewing, sucking, swallowing, and demonstrate: food aversions, food refusal, texture selectivity, and food selectivity. Many factors can cause a young child to become a picky eater.

Therapy involves improving the baby’s/toddler’s/preschooler’s underlying feeding skills and/or improving their eating habits. We assess the child’s sucking/swallowing/chewing patterns, diet, behavior, and the home environment during meal time time. Once we pin point the underlying problem(s), we create a family treatment plan. Some children require additional one-on-one feeding therapy and we demonstrate to the parent how to tackle their child’s feeding and/or eating delay.

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