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Reading Fluency Tutoring

Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters


Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
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Our Reading Fluency Tutors Travel To Your NYC Metro Area Home! Expert In-Person Reading Fluency Tutoring | Free Consultations and Meet & Greets with Our Staff.

Our Reading Fluency Tutors Travel To Your NYC Metro Area Home! Expert In-Person Reading Fluency Tutoring | Free Consultations and Meet & Greets with Our Staff.
We travel to:
Bay Ridge Bedford Stuyvesant Bensonhurst Boerum Hill Borough Park Brooklyn Heights Bushwick Carroll Gardens Clinton Hill Cobble Hill Crown Heights Downtown Brooklyn Dumbo Dyker Heights Flatbush Fort Green Gowanus Gravesend Greenpoint Homecrest Kensington Lefferts Gardens Madison Manhattan Beach Midwood Mill Basin Navy Yard Park Slope Prospect Heights Prospect Park South Red Hook Sheepshead Bay Sunset Park Williamsburg Windsor Terrace and More!
Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) Standards & Worksheets
Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) Standards & Worksheets

Wonderful Experience.
Suzanne worked with our 4-year old son for several months on fluency and pronunciation issues. He made remarkable progress with her and we were extremely pleased with Suzanne’s professionalism, warmth, knowledge, and attentiveness. Our son soon learned to love and look forward to her visits and she was extremely thorough in working with us to explain the process and go through our questions. We wholeheartedly recommend her.

- Rayna

"We are Very Lucky." Our son, Logan, has been working with Cathy for just over a year now. Logan's twin sister, Audrey, has had the pleasure of Cathy’s care a slightly shorter time than that. Through the last year, we have noticed a definite improvement in all areas of the twin’s communication skills including verbal comprehensibility, aural comprehension, and overall learning skills including reading. Some of this can be marked back to inherent developmental growth and change in schools, but a large part we believe to be due to Cathy's good work. The twins worked with another SLP for years and, although a wonderful person and therapist in her own right, her play-based approach often made improvement in the kids hard to gauge. Cathy's approach is much more traditionally pedagogic and started with her conducting many diagnostic tests to get a clearer baseline to read/picture of the kid's abilities and issues. From there, she developed a very well-reasoned course of therapy for both Audrey and Logan and they continue to benefit from Cathy's skills and experience. Beyond her obvious professional expertise, Cathy has proven to be a kind and caring therapist and has extended herself when asked to participate in team meetings with our son's school. Cathy has also referred us most recently to an OT that we are beyond happy with, further proving her commitment to the overall well-being of her students. In summary, we consider ourselves very lucky to be working with an SLP of Cathy's professional expertise and personal quality.

- Toni & Tim

Rachel has been an amazing tutor for my daughter
She established a close relationship with her and helped her to jump several reading levels. Thanks to Rachel, my daughter is now a confident reader! I am very happy that I reached out to you and I will certainly recommend Brooklyn Letters in the future.

- Joseph, father

Highly recommend Jill. She is a total pleasure to work with. After a few months working with Jill, my son is reading above grade level and LOVES to read. Mission accomplished!

- Melissa Stevens

We were connected with an extraordinary tutor, Saadia, through Brooklyn Letters. We were initially focused on literacy but her insights into my daughter's social emotional development were so valuable that we switched to her helping develop my daughter's self-esteem and ability to bounce back in the face of challenges. I
can't recommend her highly enough.

- CJ W.

It was great working with Brooklyn Letters. We contacted a number of tutors through the service and ultimately found the one who best met the needs of our son. Katie was terrific. We saw significant improvement in our son's reading skills, and more importantly, saw his confidence blossom under her guidance. Thank you Highly Katie and Brooklyn Letters.

- Elizabeth Crowell
Reading fluency, one of the Five Pillars of Reading, is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Reading fluency greatly influences reading comprehension. Children must be able to read fluently in order to comprehend what they read, whether they are reading aloud or silently. Fluent readers read in phrases and add appropriate intonation when reading aloud without needing to pause to decode words or look up definitions

Fluency plays a key role in comprehension and is essential in keeping young learners motivated. When children are reading fluently, it frees up mental resources to allow them to improve their comprehension of what they are reading. People with dyslexia may struggle with reading fluency. Read this article to learn more about dyslexia, recognize the signs, impact, support, and accommodations, how to identify the indicators, and get a diagnosis, post-diagnosis steps, approaches, assistance, how to boost self-worth, and many more!

Here’s a framework to understand the connection between fluency and reading comprehension.
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters

How to Improve Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters

Research has shown that students need frequent opportunities for substantial practice at their instructional reading level to bolster reading fluency. Instead of silent reading, a student must be given plenty of chances to read aloud as well as listen and observe fluent reading by a teacher, tutor, family member, or even peer. Learn how early literacy benefits from both print-to-speech and speech-to-print instruction, creating connections in the brain that link new knowledge about the alphabet to what children already know and are continuously learning about words.

Reading aloud allows students to receive feedback and provides them an opportunity to self-correct. This combination of consistent practice and regular monitoring is critical in promoting fluency.
It is also just as important to choose the appropriate text or reading material when trying to improve fluency. Slower reading fluency rates are often the result of spending too much time decoding individual words. This can lead to not having enough time to understand a passage or text as a whole. Hence, it’s important to choose materials that are within the student’s independent reading level. This means picking out books or texts that contain familiar words that the reader can decode with ease.
Once appropriate reading materials are chosen, a reading teacher or tutor will:
  • Provide and encourage opportunities for students to read and reread a wide range of stories or text.
  • Introduce and practice reading new or challenging words before allowing the student to read them on their own.
  • From time to time, monitor and time the student’s oral reading, taking note of reading rate and accuracy.
  • Model fluent reading and encourage students to reread the text on their own. Aside from demonstrating how fluent reading should be, this also shows students that a reader’s voice or intonation makes a difference in deriving meaning from written text.

Reading Fluency Tutoring

We determine reading fluency by examining both reading speed and expression of the text. Very fluent readers are able to read text automatically and without effortful decoding of letters to sounds. Children must build a strong decoding base as well as a foundation of sight words that are recognized automatically in order to increase their fluency rates.
Tutors may work on phrasing, intonation, and echoed and repeated readings. At Brooklyn Letters, our goal is to improve your child’s reading fluency with individualized lessons geared at boosting decoding skills. Our reading specialists provide Orton-Gillingham and Wilson tutoring services to help your child become skilled readers. We offer doorstep or at-home and online tutoring.
(Click here to get to know our literacy specialists and find out more about reading tutoring services.)


Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Janeese C.
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Master’s Degree in Special Education
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Derek B.
MA, NYS Certified Pre-K-6th Grade, NYS Certified Childhood Education And Students With Disabilities
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Anastasiya K.
MA, NYS Certified (Birth-Grade 2) General And Special Education
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Dan B.
Certified Childhood
General And Special Education
(Grades 1-6)
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
MAT in Early Childhood Education,
Certificate in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, MSEd in Childhood Education
Reading Fluency Tutoring, Brooklyn Letters
David K.
Masters in Special Education. Teaching credential in Multiple Subjects (General Education, Elementary K-6) and Special Education (mild-moderate disabilities). Trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to Literacy.

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