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New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn LettersBrooklyn Letters

1139 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn

4.9 55 reviews

  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters T Ainsley ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    I cannot express how grateful and rewarding my experience with Brooklyn Letters has been. Her tutor Ms. Daria is so knowledgeable, amazing, kind and awesome. My daughter has made so much progress in Literacy and Math and it's all … More thanks to Ms. Daria. I know my daughter is sad that she can no longer work with Ms. Daria, as she looked forward to their sessions every week. Thank you again!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Lil Amatore ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Christina was absolutely wonderful. She went out of her way to win my son over and it worked. He looked forward to her visits and his speech improved so much under her care. She was super flexible and it’s clear she truly cares. We adore … More Christina and we’re going to miss her. Almost sad he improved so much! She’s simply amazing and we can’t say enough how great she is. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone, without hesitation. Thank you so much for connecting us with her!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Natalie Levon ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Nicole has been an amazing therapist!! She played a tremendous role in our daughter’s speech progress and overall development. She has come such a long way and we are so happy with the therapy she received!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Colin Peters ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    We could not be happier with the services Valerie provided! She is very thoughtful and knowledgeable and provided significant guidance to support our daughter's speech development outside of our scheduled sessions. She established … More a great working relationship with her, and she will definitely be missed! Your business model is amazing and it was an absolute pleasure working with Valerie. I've referred your organization and Valerie to the Executive Director of our daughter's school and friends/colleagues who are in need of speech therapy services.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Brigid Bower ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Samantha Dalmas was fantastic! We saw her for a feeding therapy evaluation and while she doesn’t think my daughter needs more feeding therapy sessions at this time, but she gave me lots of tips to try. If my daughter's doctors want … More to see more progress at her next appointment, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Samantha again.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Duygu Başaran ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Brooklyn Letters was recommended to me through a friend's speech therapist friend in NJ. The articulation evaluation for my daughter went well. We were pleased with Kristin's services.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Heather Liljengren ★★★★★ a year ago
    We cannot say enough good things about Effie, the ASL teacher, who was so engaged and effective with our 2 year old daughter from the very first session! Effie gladly included our whole family in the sessions! Her expertise and fantastic … More personality gave our daughter a way to communicate that she was so desperately seeking. The coordinators at Brooklyn Letters were so helpful and communicative…I would highly recommend their services!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Kelley Peters-Patel ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Melissa was wonderful. Our daughter warmed to her immediately and by the time she left, had already started "practicing" some of the techniques Melissa had shown her. I will not hesitate at all to reach out to Melissa again, should … More the need arise.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters R Elmore ★★★★★ a year ago
    Aileen was INCREDIBLY helpful to us, both in assessing possible origins of my grandson's food aversions, as well as informing us of various available interventions to consider.
    I can’t thank you and Brooklyn Letters enough for connecting
    … More us with Aileen. In all our feeding therapy journey we have not gotten anything near the kind of benefit that we did from her. Her knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness have put us on the path of progress with my grandson and has also made us feel genuinely well cared for.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Christine Weiher ★★★★★ a year ago
    We were amazed with Allison! She met my son at 2 1/2 years old, not speaking much at all, and over a computer, and she was able to develop a bond and friendship, so much so that he would look forward to his weekly computer time with Allison. … More I was not sure how the speech therapy would go- but we are so happy that we tried it out and continued. It allowed my son to gain confidence in his speech, make a new friend :), and also give him the skills and a bit of understanding of how to shape his mouth or where to place his tongue to make the proper sounds. We were extremely happy with Allison- she was fantastic to work with.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Saffady ★★★★★ a year ago
    My sessions with Karen have been extremely helpful. My speech has improved tremendously. In fact, I just finished 2 hours of conducting interviews with a consulting client via MS Teams and I have an upcoming conference call. Both my … More neurologist and neurosurgeon remarked about how good my speech is. Much of the day it is perfect, although I still have some rough spots when I get tired or speak too quickly. One of my granddaughters is a speech pathology student at Ithaca College. She sat in on 2 sessions while she was home for winter break, and she was very impressed with Karen.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Jacob B ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    We were delighted with Christie. First, and most importantly, our son made great strides under her guidance. So great, that we felt he no longer needed help! She was incredibly patient and kind with him and our son really responded to … More her. Christie was also great with me and my wife. She provided thorough and informative updates on our son's progress and which exercises she was using with him, so we could reinforce what she was teaching him. All in all, we had a fabulous experience with Christie and would highly recommend her.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Jessica C ★★★★★ a year ago
    Theo was wonderful and his work with my son has produced some progress. I am grateful for the services Theo provided.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Melissa Stevens ★★★★★ a year ago
    Highly recommend Jill. She is a total pleasure to work with. After a few months working with Jill, my son is reading above grade level and LOVES to read. Mission accomplished!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Demet Evren ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Paige was great and we had been really happy with her. I would highly recommend her! I recommend Brooklyn Letters to whomever asks for a speech therapist.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Jeizel Rosenthal ★★★★★ a year ago
    Isabel was WONDERFUL and our son absolutely adored her, and he is making great progress with his reading and writing.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Lesley Duval ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Theo was fantastic with our 4yo son. We were very worried that his progress would fall off when we had to switch to remote sessions, but Theo kept our son happy and engaged through the screen. Highly highly recommend!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Samantha Packard ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We've been working with Theo from Brooklyn Letters for close to 4 months now and the results are apparent; our daughter has vastly improved her speech in a relatively short amount of time. We make "Theo Day" a celebration … More in our house with pancakes for breakfast, and the enthusiasm is matched in the sessions. Theo is fun, patient, professional, and caring, and he gives us the tools to take the lessons beyond the session. Thank you Theo, and Brooklyn Letters, for helping our daughter express herself.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Travis Ricca ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I worked with Alina to enhance my pronunciation, tone, and pacing while communicating socially and in a work environment. She was great to work with and clear about goals and learning objectives. The improvement from day 1 has been tremendous! … More
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Enrico Bermudez ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Cathy has been excellent with us and our son. We will sorely miss her. He has improved significantly with Cathy’s help. Cathy was a true partner with us, especially as we pursued additional help through our son’s school system.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Kayne Elisabeth Wilk ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We really loved working with Alina, she is so fantastic. Patient yet firm, and determined the best course of action very clearly and succintly for us. And it all transitioned so well to Zoom as well. I will definitely be back in touch for … More services for our other child after summer break!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Jen S ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Vera was amazing! My 11 yo daughter made progress so quickly and really looked forward to her sessions. She was kept motivated and engaged.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters susie tofte ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    The work that Allison P. did with our daughter over the years has been invaluable to us. Our daughter had such a good relationship with Allison, and it allowed them to work really well together - even remotely these past 6 months. This … More year, Allison went above and beyond by helping us throughout the neuropsych eval we did, trying to re-open our daughter's IEP at her school, and eventually landing her at our chosen school. She was in contact with our daughter's teachers, with the neuropsychologist, and made herself available as a reference to speak on behalf of our daughter's learning differences.
    Allison stopped by our house last week to give our daughter cupcakes and say goodbye, and I literally cried with appreciation for what an amazing speech therapist she has been. She has been our daughter's biggest champion. The new families that she will work with this year are lucky to have her.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Alicia Perez-Katz ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Sydney was great! Our son was sad to end his sessions with her, which says a lot. We appreciated her honest assessment of his skill level, and he now has materials to self monitor and practice. Thank you!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Kristin Ames ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Our experience with Theo was terrific. Theo was great with my son. He developed a positive relationship with him based on sincerity, respect, trust and a deep personal connection. In their lessons, Theo was encouraging, creative and kind. … More He helped our son understand how to differentiate the sounds he made when he spoke, and gave him great exercises to practice every week between lessons. Our son was sorry to have the lessons come to an end, but recognized that Theo had helped him as much as possible and it was time for him to stop. Theo explained to him (and us) how to keep working to get the last 5%, and encouraged him to keep working on the exercises on his own. I have recommended Theo to another parent who noticed my son's improvement and inquired for her own son.
    We are all grateful to have gotten to know Theo, and we greatly appreciate all the work he did to help our son.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Aisha Holder ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Michelle Macroy-Higgins. We are extremely pleased with her work with our daughter. I was so grateful for my daughter to have a speech therapist who is a researcher (specialty in late … More talkers), graduate professor and practitioner. Her expertise was clearly evident in our conversations and work with our daughter. She was very responsive to my questions and often sent articles and other materials about language development that I found helpful. Thankfully, my daughter's speech improved tremendously. Michelle developed such a warm relationship with my daughter. My daughter was always excited to see Michelle and would greet her at the door with a big hug. Lastly, I would add that Michelle always demonstrated empathy with me as a mother who was initially worried about her daughter's language development. I could go on and on about how pleased we were with Michelle's work."
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Peartree ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Theo is a wonderful Clinton Hill speech therapist. We were really pleased with him. Our son showed drastic improvement, not only in his speech but in his confidence.
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters mario costa ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Alexa has been an enthusiastic, reliable, well prepared and caring teacher for our 6 year old daughter. She has been able to improve and increase our daughter's confidence lesson by lesson with patience and competence; through varied … More and productive didactic practice. Alexa has engaged our daughter in several activities that always kept her motivated and eager to learn literacy. My wife and I, both of us are educators, feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe Alexa's pedagogical skills. Alexa has had a big impact on our daughter literacy growth. Thank you Brooklyn Letters!
  • New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters Lily Alt ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    We were absolutely DELIGHTED with Marsha's services. She was wonderful. We found her to be kind, fun, engaging, very knowledgeable. She provided us with clear instructions and additional written handouts each week. She engaged our … More son with different techniques and toys, and showed us how to use her techniques when we were interacting with him. I actually just texted her on Saturday - Our son finally said "more" - one of the target words we had been working on with her. It was a total joy to hear, and I had to share it with her - she wrote back immediately to congratulate us. I am so appreciative of her expertise, and wish we could have seen her for longer. I recommended her to another family in our neighborhood who is looking for a speech therapist.

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters
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Our New Jersey (NJ) Staff Offer:

Multisensory Reading Tutoring for Struggling Readers

New Jersey Wilson Reading System and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring – Has your child been advised to seek help from a New Jersey Wilson reading and Orton-Gillingham tutor? A child having difficulty reading can be stressful, and you need a professional to help! Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham are some of the best approaches to helping students struggling with their literacy skills.

Our New Jersey Wilson reading and Orton-Gillingham tutors use multisensory ways to teach phonemic awareness, sound-symbol relationships, the seven-syllable kinds, word origins, prefixes and suffixes, grammar, and syntax, and vocabulary.

The Trace, Copy, and Recall method is an example of a multimodal approach to spelling. Students classify regular and irregular words as well as learn spelling rules such as the Rabbit Rule and the Dropping Rule. Practice reading is also suggested as part of spelling tutoring because reading age-appropriate text helps develop sight word mental formation.

What is the Wilson Reading System?

The Wilson Reading System adopted the Orton-Gillingham reading philosophy. Barbara Wilson began her career as a special education teacher and was trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach. She opened a learning facility for dyslexic children of all ages after completing her Orton training. Wilson was created for kids with language-based learning impairments. The Wilson method teaches word structure systematically and progressively. Before proceeding on to the next phase, students must master the previous one.

The key to this approach is that each learner starts from learning word patterns in isolation and gradually expanding to more complex sounds and sound combinations. The Wilson program is a prescribed reading strategy by following a systematic way to teach and learn literacy.

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

How Does the Wilson Reading System Work?

Students are assessed before the start of the program. Before establishing a lesson plan based on WRS criteria, a Wilson reading tutor will determine the child’s ability level, strengths, and shortcomings.

WRS is a straightforward reading training method that begins with the most fundamental skills. This includes matching sounds to letters, identifying distinct syllables, and reading and spelling using syllables. In WRS, it’s also critical to ensure that reading resources are age-appropriate and aligned with the student’s interests.

The system is also noted for its one-of-a-kind “sound-tapping” technique, which involves tapping out each syllable with their fingers and thumb.

WRS tutors/instructors address ten skill areas in every class, such as letter-sound recognition, comprehension, and spelling.

What is the Orton-Gillingham Tutoring?

Orton-Gillingham is the grandfather of multisensory reading programs. This program was the first to use a multimodal approach to reading. The Orton method consists of lessons that are taught systematically. A 3 parts drill, introducing a new concept, decoding and learning center activities, red words (Orton’s name for sight words), and comprehension are all included in the session.

The great thing about Orton-Gillingham is that it is a highly adjustable program tailored to a student’s age, motivators, and other unique requirements. Orton-Gillingham tutors tailor learning plants to the needs of each reader. This method is ideal for students who require a significant deal of programming flexibility to match their needs.

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

How Can an Orton-Gillingham Tutor Help?

Orton-Gillingham is a step-by-step teaching method that focuses on the specific requirements of children and complex readers. As a result, an Orton-Gillingham instructor or reading expert can create and tailor lessons to a student’s current skill level. The Slingerland Approach, commonly utilized in group teaching sessions, can also be used during small group education. While Orton-Gillingham focuses primarily on teaching literacy skills (reading, spelling, and writing), it has also been adapted to help kids who struggle with mathematics due to its multimodal nature and sequential teaching. (Learn more about our multisensory math and how we can help you with math tutoring!)

Our Orton-Gillingham-trained tutors use a very effective educational technique for students who struggle with reading, spelling, writing, or any combination of the three. To increase literacy skills, focus on the unique requirements of kids and use an Orton-Gillingham method.

What Is Reading Comprehension?

We can improve our reading skills through a series of complex and interwoven procedures. Phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary or language development, and comprehension are the five pillars of literacy or reading. Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading. It is described as the ability to analyze text, understand and interpret its meaning, and apply prior knowledge.

Before a learner can achieve comprehension, they must first master phonological awareness, reading fluency, and linguistic understanding, comprehend the relationship between sounds and letters and have a large vocabulary. In addition, reading comprehension requires making inferences and connections, grasping character motivations, and solving issues, all of which require cognitive processes.

What Is Phonological Awareness?

Beginning with phonological awareness, developing reading abilities includes recognizing the sounds of words. Words are usually separated into sounds and syllables, represented as graphemes (the smallest meaning unit during a writing system).

A child with adequate phonological awareness can pay attention to vocal sounds and grasp how these sounds convert into print, where the sound and grapheme have a one-to-one match. In addition, a toddler’s literacy motivation grows as they study phonics and sight words (print patterns that don’t follow the courses and must be memorized).

Decoding is converting printed words into sounds, or reading, while encoding is constructing and writing words using individual sounds.

To read and write, we must first develop phonological awareness, or the capacity to recognize that words are built up of more minor sounds called phonemes. This phonological awareness enables us to break words down into more minor sounds and, conversely, to construct total words from more minor sounds. When learning to read, we begin by associating each letter with its appropriate sound.

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Craig Selinger, Owner

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters
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What Is Reading Fluency?

One of the five pillars of reading fluency is described as the capacity to read with speed, precision, and good expression. Reading fluency has a significant impact on reading comprehension. Whether reading aloud or silently, children must be able to read smoothly to comprehend what they read. Fluent readers read in phrases and utilize proper tone without pausing to decode words or look up definitions when reading aloud.

Fluency is essential for comprehension and for keeping young students motivated. Fluent reading frees up brain resources, allowing children to better their understanding of what they’re reading. According to research, to develop an optimal level of reading fluency, students require frequent opportunities for meaningful practice at their instructional reading level. Silent reading will not help you achieve your aim. To improve reading fluency, frequent oral reading opportunities are required and regular progress monitoring by a teacher, tutor, family member, or even a peer.

When aiming to enhance fluency, it’s also crucial to choose the correct text or reading material. Spending too much effort decoding individual words leads to slower reading fluency rates. This can result in insufficient time to comprehend a passage or a text as a whole. As a result, it’s critical to select appropriate materials for the student’s independent reading level. This entails selecting books or writings that contain vocabulary that the reader is familiar with and can easily comprehend.

Following the selection of appropriate reading materials, a reading teacher or tutor will work with the student:

  • Allow students to read and reread various stories or texts, and encourage them to do so.
  • Before enabling the pupil to read on their own, introduce and practice reading new or challenging words.
  • Monitor the student’s oral reading from time to time, noting the reading rate and accuracy.
  • Encourage pupils to revisit the book on their own by modeling fluent reading. This shows pupils that a reader’s voice or intonation makes a difference in obtaining meaning from written text and displaying how fluent reading should be.

Is Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Services the Same as Wilson Learning Program?

Many parents feel that both systems work effectively for their children! Because they are both phonics-based, multisensory curricula, they share more similarities than differences. Wilson differs in that it is more regimented, making it a good option for students who benefit from having much structure. Orton-Gillingham is more adaptable, changing and applying it based on the student, tutoring goals, and other factors.

Key Takeaways

  • Wilson Reading System and Orton-Gillingham tutoring are multisensory reading programs proven to teach literacy to struggling readers.
  • Orton-Gillingham tutor offers a structured approach that allows for adaptation based on student needs.
  • Wilson is a systematic approach where students start at the beginning to ensure mastery.

For further reading, check out our New Jersey (NJ) Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham tutoring services!

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, MSEd in Childhood Education

Jayne graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She then completed her MSEd in Childhood Education at the College of Staten Island. Jayne is a tenured teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. She has taught in various educational settings with students of different abilities and needs for pre-kindergarten -6th grades. Currently, Jayne is teaching fourth grade in an ICT classroom in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. She has extensive experience teaching literacy and with ELA and math test preparation.

She has a strong understanding of the needs of learners with ADHD (executive functioning), dyslexia, and autism. Jayne has incorporated Ed-tech and adaptive learning tools to meet the needs of her learners. Her expertise is with grades 1-3. Jayne is trained in Columbia University Teachers College’s reading and writing curriculum. This program relies on modeling and inquiry to help students improve their reading and writing skills.

She uses multisensory-based teaching modalities to teach phonics, phonological awareness, reading, writing, and math. Her students practice decoding by tapping out the sounds they hear, followed by air writing, and finally writing the words in sand or shaving cream. Essentially guiding students as they hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes. Teaching fundamental decoding will improve word reading, text comprehension, and spelling. Jayne is also trained in the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment program that helps students work on specific strategies to improve their ability to answer direct and inferential questions in fiction and nonfiction texts. Jayne incorporates the Savvas, ¨Words Their Way¨ curriculum for phonics instruction. Each lesson provides strategies to model a word, sort and practice it, apply it while assessing learning. This program reflects students´ spelling behavior as they move from one level of word knowledge to the next. This type of differentiated instruction maximizes students’ learning opportunities. Jayne also focuses on developing students´ handwriting skills by utilizing the four main aspects of handwriting instruction (pencil grasp, formation, legibility, and pacing.) A focus on handwriting results in positive outcomes for overall literacy development.

Location: Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, Edgewater

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


M. Ed., Certified New Jersey Special Education Teacher/Developmental Specialist-Pre-K through Grade 3 and Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Dana is a special education teacher specializing in working with students who have special needs, specifically students who have developmental and academic delays, as well as behavioral challenges. She is knowledgeable in social emotional development, ensuring children are given the appropriate tools to better cope with conflicts and problem solve more effectively.

Dana graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies, with an endorsement in Special Needs. Dana received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She holds two certifications in the state of New Jersey: Teacher of Students with Disabilities and Teacher of Preschool through Grade 3.

Dana has been a teacher for 10 years in a public school setting at an elementary school in Teaneck, NJ. Her first year of teaching she taught Kindergarten, Language and Learning Disabilities (LLD), and after that Pre-K 4 special education. Dana understands the importance of individualized instruction to best meet the needs of all students. She also understands the benefits of a home to school connection to ensure children have a continuous learning experience outside of the classroom. Dana’s goals are to help children with the appropriate academic and social skills needed to progress, along with providing a fun, safe, and positive learning experience for both children and their families!

Location: All neighborhoods in Manhattan, Bergen and Hudson County, NJ
Type of Services: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Emotional Development, Behavioral Support.
Expertise: Child Development/Special Education-Working with children who have special needs, providing differentiated instruction, providing a multi-sensory approach to learning, assessment to drive instruction, Home and Center-based Early Intervention, IEP and IFSP preparation to ensure students are provided with appropriate goals and modifications to best meet their needs. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to provide families and students with strategies to best cope with challenging behaviors at home and school. Developmentally appropriate state aligned curriculum writing, expertise with Tools of the Mind Curriculum, exposure to Creative Curriculum, emergent reading, writing, and math skills.
Ages: Preschool to Third Grade

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Jurga C.

Special Education Teacher, Certified Orton-Gillingham Literacy Specialist

Jurga is an early childhood special education teacher. She has been teaching since 2009 as a SEIT, an Early Intervention teacher, reading specialist, special education teacher in an ICT classroom, as well as a teacher in a self-contained special education classroom. She is experienced to work with students from kindergarten through middle school. Jurga has completed the Orton-Gillingham training, practicum, and certification through Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE). She has extensive knowledge of Wilson Fundations, Eureka Math, Go Math, and Teachers College’s reading and writing curriculum. Jurga has experience working with students with speech and language disabilities, autism, ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, dyscalculia, and learning disabilities. Jurga’s knowledge of a variety of approaches helps her find the right activities for each student. She works at the student’s functional level and progresses in sequential order from basic to more complex skills. Jurga loves to use literacy or math games whenever possible to make learning fun.

LOCATION: Fort Lee, Edgewater, Teaneck, Tenafly, Little Falls, Demarest, Cresskill, Ridgefield
TYPE OF SERVICE: Initial reading assessment, phonics, phonemic awareness, blending, syllabication, reading comprehension, fluency, math intervention
EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham, Eureka Math, Fountas & Pinnell, Teachers College Reading, and writing

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6)

Kaitlyn is a childhood (Grade 1- Grade 5) special education teacher at a public school in Brooklyn. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) from The College of Staten Island. She continued at The College of Staten Island to obtain a Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6). Kaitlyn recently completed the CITE program through The College of Saint Rose to obtain advanced certifications in School Building Leadership and School District Leadership. Kaitlyn has six years of experience working with students with diverse backgrounds. She has experience working with students with ADHD, autism, speech and language impairments, and dyslexia. She prides herself in differentiating her instruction to meet her students’ unique needs. She has experience teaching the Common Core Standards and newly adapted Next Generation Learning Standards. Kaitlyn incorporates the Wilson/Fundation program in her teaching and applies the Orton-Gillingham approach. She is currently teaching in a 4th grade ICT setting as the special education teacher and also has experience as a 1st grade special education teacher. Kaitlyn worked at A+ Academy as a 4th and 5th grade test prep teacher specializing in math instruction and summer school for the Department of Education during the summers of 2018-2019.

Kaitlyn works with a student-centered approach celebrating their accomplishments and building their self-confidence. Kaitlyn teaches with the use of manipulatives and scaffolds. She specializes in teaching test preparation skills in reading, writing, and math. Kaitlyn provides support to students with phonics instruction, decoding, developing comprehension skills using a variety of sources. She has experience using the programs Go-Math, NY Engage, Envisions, and Everyday Math. She teaches strategies for students to apply classroom learning to real life.

Kaitlyn teaches that communication is key for forming meaningful relationships with teachers, parents, and service providers in order to support student’s wellbeing and development. Every student is a success story!

LOCATION: Middlesex County (Carteret, Cranbury, Dunellen, East Brunswick, New Brunswick, Edison, Metuchen, Middlesex, Woodbridge, Piscataway, Perth Amboy); Somerset County (North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Green Brook, Bound Brook, Somerville, Manville); and Union County (Linden, Elizabeth, Roselle, Clark, Cranford, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Kenilworth)
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial Reading Evaluation, Individualized reading, writing, and math intervention, Multisensory Reading, Executive Functioning
EXPERTISE: Working with students with disabilities and building their executive functioning, improving phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension, improving understanding of math concepts using manipulatives and real world connections
AGES: Kindergarten-6th Grade
TEST PREP: Grades 3-5 ELA and Math State Tests

New Jersey Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Alyssa L.

M.P.S. ED., NY State Certified Early Childhood and Childhood General and Special Education

Alyssa is certified in General Education and Special Education for birth through sixth grade. She received her Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Cortland and her Master’s Degree from Manhattanville College. Alyssa teaches within the NYC DOE and is going on her fifth year as a Kindergarten Special Education teacher in an Integrated Co-Taught (ICT) class. She also has experience as a Pre-kindergarten enrichment teacher, and in first and second grade. Alyssa has worked as a Grade Team Lead, where she differentiated lesson plans for all types of learners based on data and led development sessions for teachers. She has also worked as a New Teacher Coach, helping new teachers plan engaging and meaningful lessons. Alyssa has experience working with children who are English Language Learners, have autism, ADHD, behavior disorders, speech and language disorders and other learning differences.

Alyssa prides herself in being a friendly, enthusiastic and caring individual who is constantly striving to gain more knowledge on how to effectively support her students. She believes students learn best when their specific learning styles and strengths are leveraged to assist them in meeting their goals. Alyssa will track their data and progress to further customize their engaging and hands-on lessons.

Alyssa aspires to be a teacher who inspires her students to be life-long learners and find confidence and joy in learning!

LOCATIONS: Manhattan, Brooklyn (Downtown, Williamsburg) and Jersey City
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individualized reading, writing, phonics and math instruction for individuals and groups (two to three)
EXPERTISE: Reading, Writing, (Teacher’s College) Phonics instruction (Fundations, Science of Reading based approaches), Grade level math
AGES: birth through second grade

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