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Private Pay Speech-Language Therapy, Literacy and Math Tutoring, and SEIT Services

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About Brooklyn Letters, Brooklyn Letters
Brooklyn Letters, established in 2010, owns and operates Manhattan LettersQueens LettersStaten Island Letters, and Long Island Letters; we specialize in speech-language therapy and 1:1 tutoring services, assisting individuals of all ages.
We also offer comprehensive support for students at home and their schools, focusing on literacymath, and private pay SEIT services. The walls of a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment do not confine our team; we bring our vibrant and professional services directly to your doorstep, customized to the child’s individualized learning profile, serving not only NYC and Long Island but also The Bronx, Riverdale, & Yonkers, Westchester, Connecticut (CT), and New Jersey (NJ).

Our team stands out with its ability to connect across the entire age spectrum, engaging infants, children, teenagers, and adults in an environment that’s not just effective but also enjoyable. We are dynamic therapists/educators: we adapt our approach as your child develops. We are up-to-date with the ever-changing field of speech-language therapy and education, relying on updated research to provide top-notch, grade-A, grass-fed, organic, educational, and therapeutic services. OK, we’re just kidding about the grass-fed and organic part. But the rest of our ingredients are the real deal. We put the enjoyment back into learning for parents and kiddos.

We’re committed to more than just traditional therapy; we offer a full suite of services that cater to a variety of educational needs. Our specialties include speech, language, and feeding therapy for all ages, as well as literacy and math tutoring for elementary school students, using multisensory techniques and programs such as Orton-Gillingham and Wilson/Fundations. Moreover, our support extends to include SEIT services, highlighting our comprehensive approach to education and personal development.

So now you’re thinking, “Wow, this sounds great! But how did Craig get involved with speech therapy? What is it about this Pied Piper of speech therapy that makes him so special?” Our founder, Craig, brings something special to the team with his interdisciplinary and neuropsychological background, linking language pathology with special education, psychology, and literacy. This integrated approach is crucial because language learning is the foundation for academic, social, and emotional development. Any interruption in this area can profoundly affect a child’s life, making early intervention essential for a fulfilling future.

We believe in your child. We will find your child’s potential. Kind of like how Michelangelo discovered David in a block of marble. We create and tailor therapy and remediation designed specifically for your child. Part of that means working with families and schools to construct a support system for your son or daughter. We are 100% fully committed to helping kids and parents overcome challenges so that those obstacles will look a lot less like Mount Everest. We tailor therapy and remediation, collaborate with families and schools, and construct a solid support network, all to ensure that obstacles to learning and development become manageable.

The exponential growth of our staff is fueled by the glowing recommendations of those who have experienced our services. This word-of-mouth growth confirms the effectiveness of our individualized, high-quality care and our dedication to every child’s journey.

Choosing Brooklyn Letters means partnering with a team that believes in your child and is dedicated to discovering and enhancing their potential. We’re here to make sure that every hurdle in their path becomes a stepping stone towards success.


About Brooklyn Letters, Brooklyn Letters
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