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*We are more than happy to directly connect you to families (with their consent) we’ve worked with, and they will let you know about our work!

Dear Craig,

As it is coming up on a year that we have been working with Allison, I just wanted to write a letter to let you know how thankful we are that you recommended her to us.  We had  been searching for a speech therapist to work with our son Liam. Liam has been receiving speech services since he was two years old first through EI , CPSE and now currently throughout CSE.  In addition to these services we have always also brought Liam to private speech agencies.  During the summer we see a amazing speech pathologist in Los Angeles, but we were not able to find someone who could work with Liam in the same way as she does. Liam presents as a very complicated case as it is not merely an articulation issue that hinders his speech but many other pieces We needed someone  who who was not  going to simply drill words with him. We needed a therapist who was going to look at Liam as a whole and would help with his sound processing, auditory memory ,his language deficits as well as social language skills. Liam also has a ADHD diagnosis so the therapist would  have to be able to work on the above issues while being familiar with how to handle a child with this diagnosis.

At our first session I knew that we finally found a therapist who was going to see Liam as a whole and treat each of his issues  She explained to Liam how while he worked  he would earn stars which he could trade in for breaks to do what he wants during the session.  She had a visual reward board with  pictures of all of his favorite things to play with. As the year progressed the amount of “ breaks “ has greatly decreased but Allison always makes sure that Liam has the time he earned to play with her. There is a book Allison made that they read at the beginning of each session that reminds Liam of what is expected of him . Allison comes every week with a new lesson working with Liam on everything that effects his speech. While working with Liam she brought up the possibility of dyslexia and she immediacy brought in material that would help him as we followed up on a formal diagnosis . After each session Allison not only just tells me what they worked on but she explains what they worked on , how the specific exercise helped and then shows me how to to do it for the following week.  She always makes sure that I understand everything and has gone above and beyond to answer every and all question I have.

Allison has worked with Liam when we had to take him off of his ADHD medication and then as we trialed new medications. She was amazing always taking this into account during the  session. Her reports on  how the session went helped us access when a medication was or was not working.

Allison has connected with Liam in a way no therapist has before.  To put it simply she gets him.  Liam is a  loving funny six year old boy who  realizes that he has to spend his free time working on something that comes natural to most of his friends.  Allison has managed to make there time together something he looks forward to every week .

I can not even attempt to tell you how thankful we are that you recommended Allison. She has been a true blessing to Liam and our Family. The support progress she has made and continues to make with him is amazing.

- Emily
Any child would be fortunate to work with Kristine!

It is rare to find a tutor who exhibits the compassion and expertise for her job that Kristine does. She arrives at the front door with a smile on her face, loves her job and her calm and nurturing personality makes it easy for our son to want to work with her. Kristine has been successfully giving our son the tools he needs to find success in his classes. She structures her sessions to cater to his needs and keeps his interest for the full hour and sometimes more. Her post session updates on his progress are extremely informative and helpful.  Any child would be fortunate to work with Kristine!

- Jonathan & Candace
Craig and all the tutors and therapists are a delight to deal with, intelligent, knowledgeable, effective, responsible. Highly recommended.

Our son is now 9 1/2 years old, attends a mainstream private school in Brooklyn where we live. We have utilized Brooklyn Letters at three different times for our son. Our son has speech apraxia. First at 2 years old, our son did speech therapy twice a week for a year, with Craig himself. Later at 6 years old I contacted Craig again about a reading tutor, because although our son could read, his school at the time taught reading at a different pace than many schools and we knew we wanted to transfer. Our son made huge progress the full year we had the reading tutor, and has since continued great progress at his new school, where he tests two grades ahead in reading. We wanted to supplement the speech therapy we get at school so last year and this year we once again hired Brooklyn Letters (Rebecca) to provide private speech therapy. With all these tutors or therapists, our son has had a lot of fun and he looks forward to the sessions. I have always recommended Brooklyn Letters to neighbors, friends and classmates who need these services. Craig and all the tutors and therapists are a delight to deal with, intelligent, knowledgeable, effective, responsible. Highly recommended.

- Jeanne
I am so grateful to her.
Amy is a fantastic speech therapist, reading strategist, and confidence-builder!  My now-7 year old son was having difficulty with enunciation, and, perhaps relatedly, hesitating to try reading aloud.   I was concerned about taking him to a speech therapist because I did not want to make him (more) self-conscious.  A year ago, Craig at Brooklyn Letters recommended Amy, and the whole family has come to rely on her.  My 7-year old’s speech is much clearer than it was, and Amy has taught him a bunch of different strategies to try if he is unsure how to make a sound or read a word, which greatly reinforced his reading learning at school.  Amy saw immediately how to win my shy son’s confidence (ask him to explain how to play chess to her), and targeted her strategies to his strengths (numbers and sports!) so that he could work on the new skills while feeling good about himself.   My son looks forward to Amy’s weekly visits immensely (it is also really helpful that she comes to our house!).  Amy recently told me that she thought he was ready to graduate from their sessions, and I immediately felt like this would be a real loss for him and for me as a parent, because I have so come to value Amy’s advice.  So I persuaded her to work with him once a week on Spanish (Amy is bi-lingual), which he has just begun at school, and on homework strategies.  I am so grateful to her.
- Deidre
She changed his world and I’m so grateful!

Alina worked with my son Matthew for a few months and I wanted to provided you with a testimonial you could use to help others realize the great support she provided. She was really wonderful!

Alina worked with my son for just a few months and was able to get him speaking so everyone could understand him.  At first he wouldn’t speak to his friends at pre-school as he was embarrassed since they couldn’t understand him.  A few months later and he was talking up a storm with them and asking their moms for play dates.  Now we can’t get him to stop talking.   Alina was amazing with Matthew!  She changed his world and I’m so grateful!

- Julie
Craig, you come so highly respected among parents and educators. I am a teacher and everybody knows you are the go to place for private speech services!

Cari’s work with my son has been transformative. When she started working with Adam four months ago he was basically non-verbal, jardgoning all day and echolalic. She helped us make very quick adjustments to the way we address him and how we can get him to respond. We started seeing change instantly. Now he is better able to express his needs (so less tantrums!) and he even tells us some crazy stories. Cari was always on time, creative, patient and prepared. Her communication to Adam’s teachers helped insure that everybody was on the same page, so we were all consistent. Sadly, we are moving to Boston soon. We hope we can consult with Cari when the need arises. We completely understand there is fee for her services whether in person or digital (Cari is worth it!). We can never thank her enough for all that she has done. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with her.

- Nadia, mother to Adam
Samantha is a true gem!

Samantha was the perfect match for our 9 yr. old son. After evaluation, Samantha prepared a plan with goals and within one month of services, Gregory was already showing improvements in his executive function abilities and writing. Samantha’s positive energy and poise makes a world of difference. Consequently, Gregory worked on his school assignments with pride and attention. The improvement was visible and we are thrilled with the results.

- with much gratitude, Deborah (Greg’s mom).
Allison was amazing with our son!
The only reason we stopped working for now is that my son’s new school is providing him with lots of help that will meet all his needs. If anything changes we will absolutely want to work with Allison again. I will definitely recommend Allison and your company to other families!
- Meropi


We are thrilled with his new found confidence.

Miss Maggi was instrumental in getting our son to reading independently. We are thrilled with his new found confidence. She is wonderful teacher who gained an instant rapour with our son. Maggi’s classroom appropriate curriculum was fun and kept our son engaged.

- Christine
Finding Amy was the best thing I’ve ever done for my kid.

Finding the perfect therapist could not have been easier. My pediatrician recommended Brooklyn Letters and a few other places. Other places didn’t call me back or return emails; I heard back from Craig within the hour. A few emails later, he found my son a great therapist who was willing to travel to his daycare. My child LOVES Amy and loves his therapies. I appreciate that she sends me run downs of all their sessions, gives me resources to continue his treatment at home, and is available for questions. She also has done an incredible amount of outside research and has taken time and energy to educate herself about my son’s somewhat unusual speech condition. Whenever I tell evaluators and other speech therapists about what she has done for my kid, they’re amazed, and take pictures of the resources she created. And best of all? He’s improving by leaps and bounds. Finding Amy was the best thing I’ve ever done for my kid.

- Rebeca
I am delighted to report that we were immensely pleased with Alyssa.
She was so helpful with Jane, and helped what was a very difficult year to make it so much more pleasant.  She is very skilled at tutoring and made it a joy for Jane, even at the end of a long day that was part of a long year.
- Laura
She’s absolutely wonderful and we are grateful to have found her!

Miss. Shelley has changed our son’s life in a way we never thought possible. She is patient and kind, but most of all, effective. Our seven year old has been working with Miss.  Shelley for almost a year. During that time, our son has gone from below average to exceeding expectations. He’s more confident and fluid in his reading and writing, and continues to make excellent progress.

Most importantly, Miss. Shelley deals extremely well with our son’s periodic lack of focus.  She manages to bring him “back” to the table with her techniques and patience.  I would urge any parent whose child struggles with reading to jump on the opportunity to work with her.
Miss. Shelley appears to use just the right mix of tools in her lessons. Repeating the basics, introducing new concepts, some games to keep things interesting, and finally, some reading and writing.

We are truly grateful for Miss. Shelley and continue to look forward to working with her in the future.

- Vassiliki
She has taken the time to get to know him and connect with him so that he trusts her and knows he can take risks and make mistakes.
We are so grateful that our son has the opportunity to work with Ellie as a reading tutor. Though he has been a reluctant reader, he looks forward to his time with Ellie; she makes their work fun and engages his interests. She has taken the time to get to know him and connect with him so that he trusts her and knows he can take risks and make mistakes. He has become more confidant and enthusiastic reader, inside and outside the classroom. Ellie is organized and highly professional. When I speak with her about our son, I can tell she has a keen understanding of his strengths and challenges.
Lauren, mom of Asher
Michelle was great she exceeded my expectations and was extremely professional as well as easily engaged my daughter in the exercises.
I also want to thank Brooklyn Letters generally for being such a great resource/business!

I want to thank you so very much for introducing us to Amy and for including her in the Brooklyn Letters network. When we contacted Brooklyn Letters we were completely unsure of what our daughter needed in terms of speech therapy, or what we could achieve under the very stressful circumstance of having only about eight weeks prior to moving abroad during which to undertake any therapy at all. Amy helped us to strategize both pre- and post-evaluation, and was practical, efficient, and communicative throughout the process of initiating and, later, undertaking, the speech therapy for our five-year old. Having Amy come to our home twice a week was the perfect solution for us–it definitely put my daughter at ease and certainly made our lives infinitely easier; Amy was always on-time and ready to jump right in. Our daughter warmed to Amy immediately (not surprisingly, given Amy’s warm personality and engaging demeanor) and looked forward to her sessions every week, constantly asking “Is it an Amy day?” Within one or two sessions our daughter was making sounds she had never made before, and she continues to make amazing progress. I can’t praise Amy’s work highly enough and only wish we were remaining in the City so our daughter could continue therapy with her!
All the best,

- Leah
We are very happy with Paige and recommend her with enthusiasm!
We hired Paige to work with our six-year-old daughter and our three-year-old son on their speech impediments. Our son had a speech delay because he couldn’t make certain sounds; Paige helped him catch up to age level, and now he talks up a storm! Our daughter has a lisp, and Paige has helped her learn how to pronounce S properly and consciously correct herself.
Our kids love Paige and are always excited for her visits. Paige has a wonderful manner with the kids; she’s playful and funny and incorporates a lot of games and toys into her therapy. She provides detailed reports to us on our kids’ progress after each visit and concrete instructions on how to continue therapy between her visits.
-Sameer and Mandi
It has been life changing!
We have been working with Joanna from Brooklyn Letters for a couple of years and it has been life changing.   She taught my daughter a way to read that made sense to her and it’s made all the difference.  Not to mention, Joanna is a really nice person who my daughter really enjoys spending time with.
- Jennifer
Cassie is a Lifesaver.

We were looking for a tutor to help our son when he was falling behind in school.    We were lucky enough to find Cassie.  Upon meeting my son, Cassie immediately understood  his needs and focused in on those areas that school was unable to provide for him. She was kind, compassionate, professional and always knew just what to do to keep my son engaged and excited to learn.  Cassie was also able to provide my husband and I with the tools we needed to further support our son.   We are truly indebted to Cassie for teaching our son the skills he needs to continue to grow  academically.

Kate is a fantastic therapist and teacher and I highly recommend her services.

Kate worked with my 7 year-old son for a period of about 6 months, helping him not only with speech therapy but also with phonics and writing.   During his time with Kate he improved his speech annunciation, gained confidence and endurance in writing and improved his skills in phonics.   She always walked in with a huge smile on her face and brought amazing energy to their session.  Kate did a great job guiding a child who doesn’t like to sit still through an hour-long lesson, always ending with a game or a fun activity.  My little guy looked forward to his time spent with Kate and never complained that she was coming, which is a huge help to a parent.  She was always punctual and super professional.

- Jennifer, mother of Joseph
Rebecca has been wonderful for Ezra

Rebecca is punctual, professional and prepared – each week she came with fresh materials. She was very interactive with board games and with visuals/videos/ & audio recordings—Ezra looked forward to his time with her and really felt challenged, in a positive way (he’s very bright and picks things up quickly, so he tends to get bored easily). Rebecca kept him on his toes and mixed things up enough to maintain his interest all the while progressing his development.
With Rebecca’s guidance and encouragement, we are very happy with Ezra’s progress!

- April & Barry
We are very satisfied and would recommend Caroline without reservation

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work Caroline has done with our son Gabe. Gabe entered speech therapy with a moderate but worsening stutter, and it has fully resolved after less than 3 months of therapy. Gabe absolutely loved Caroline; she was playful and fun, and I don’t think that Gabe ever realized that she was there to treat him for an impairment. Because it was really a treat for Gabe to spend time with Caroline, he was able to fully engage in the exercises without self consciousness or resistance, and therefore receive the maximum benefit.
Many thanks!

- Gabe’s parents, Annee and David
The time is always enjoyable, and additive to her overall learning experience.
My daughter, Evelyn has been working with Carly for the past few months. We absolutely love her, and Evelyn always looks forward to working with her. Carly has helped Ev improve her skills with phonetics, annunciation, and general linguistics through methods that are engaging and fun for Ev. She consistently brings games, books, and is always present with her – giving her one-on-one attention that makes Ev feel special. The time is always enjoyable, and additive to her overall learning experience.
I hope you choose to work with her! Our family is always referring her to other families that are looking for someone to work with their child.
- Kelly
She was professional, punctual, warm, and friendly!

We are extremely happy with the service Cari. She was professional, punctual, warm, and friendly! My son loved her, and we saw great progress during the time she was with us!
Thank you for all your help.

- Heather
My son is now 6 years-old and he just graduated from Christina’s feeding therapy sessions!

I noticed that my son had difficulties with food since he was 1 year old. Everybody I talked to (even my pediatrician) told me that I was worrying for nothing and that he was only a picky eater. I always felt that it was more than that. After fighting over and over and trying out every little tricks or piece of advice I could find I finally decided to get him evaluated at NYU when he was 5. It turned out that my son had sensory issues when swallowing. They recommended feeding therapy.

I reached out to Craig who put me in contact with an amazing person Christina.
Christina has a tremendous experience and is incredibly gentle and patient with kids.
She connected right away with my kid (and with us!) and started to help him through play and positive reinforcement. She immediately understood my sensitive son and found her way through him, helping him to become more confident and to change his perception of food and meal time into something positive. She also helped me with my struggles. Always here for me and my family. Each time I was at lost and didn’t know how to react I would text her and she would answer me right away, texting me or calling me back with the best advice or tips or just to reassure me and tell me that I was doing great.

Christina has been incredible and helped my family and especially my little boy who is now comfortable with a lot of different food but most importantly he is not afraid to try new things and enjoys meal time.

Today was time for our family to say goodbye to Christina as her work with us was over. It was bitter sweet. I was so happy that my little boy overcame his issues and fear but I was really sad to have to let Christina go. She feels like part of our family and we will definitely miss her.

If your kid is struggling with food, I highly recommend you to ask for Christina, she is just terrific and I have no doubt she will bring you the help you need.
Many thanks

- Julie & Greg
Soooo Happy We Found You!

After two awkward sessions with different speech therapists, who favored two different approaches, a quick search online led me to Brooklyn Letters and Craig, who promptly remedied my confusion about how to best treat my son’s speech delay. On Craig’s recommendation, he’s been seeing Lisa, Brooklyn Letters speech therapist, for two months now, and I wanted to share how we are dazzled by his progress. Lisa is so wonderful. At every session (in our home) I’m impressed by her patience, thoughtfulness, preparedness, and creativity. In fact, I often find myself drawn to the rug where she works with my son, so I can learn to better model phrases for him when Lisa’s not around, not to mention her stellar assortment of toys and books: every session has its own unique theme. So, thanks Craig for sending her our way!

- Tanya (mom of JF, 2)
We are Very Lucky

Our son, Logan, has been working with Cathy for just over a year now. Logan’s twin sister, Audrey, has had the pleasure of Cathy’s care a slightly shorter time than that. Through the last year, we have noticed a definite improvement in all areas of the twins communication skills including verbal comprehensibility, aural comprehension and overall learning skills including reading. Some of this can be marked back to inherent developmental growth and change in schools, but a large part we believe to be due to Cathy’s good work. The twins worked with another SLP for years and, although a wonderful person and therapist in her own right, her play-based approach often made improvement in the kids hard to gauge. Cathy’s approach is much more traditionally pedagogic and started with her conducting many diagnostic tests to get a clearer baseline read/picture of the kid’s abilities and issues. From there, she developed a very well-reasoned course of therapy for both Audrey and Logan and they continue to benefit from Cathy’s skills and experience. Beyond her obvious professional expertise, Cathy has proven to be a kind and caring therapist and has extended herself when asked to participate in “team” meetings with our son’s school. Cathy has also referred us most recently to an OT that we are beyond happy with, further proving her commitment to the overall well-being of her students.
In summary, we consider ourselves very lucky to be working with a SLP of Cathy’s professional expertise and personal quality.

- Toni & Tim
Professional, Caring, & Engaging

We took our youngest two year old twin to Brooklyn Letters for speech therapy. Craig was very professional, caring and engaging. It became such a special time for our son. Brooklyn Letters is equipped with all the tools, experience and knowledge to help. We absorbed all the recommendations about learning, play and speech—- and it worked! We are grateful for the warmth and compassion Brooklyn Letters exhibited and my son is on his way to a large vocabulary. From the assessment, insurance coding, to the parent’s training— we are very satisfied with our experience. We highly recommend Craig and Brooklyn Letters.

- Adam, father of Louis
I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found Amy

Someone recommended Amy after my daughter’s first speech therapist decided she needed a little more help than she could provide. Needless to say, Amy swooped in and literally made everything better. She was down-to-earth, extremely reliable, and more than competent. The little girl who used to cry because “she didn’t talk well,” now won’t shut up. Now her speech and pronunciation are just where they should be – along with her confidence. And she misses Amy a lot. We are all so grateful for her care and support.”

- Ashley
We are incredibly grateful to Kristi and to Brooklyn Letters.

Kristi is a truly outstanding speech therapist. She clicked instantly with our son Hugh and delivered almost immediate results. Other therapists fumbled as they tried to connect with our boy; it was maddening and frustrating. But Kristi skillfully tapped into Hugh’s potential and brought out his very best week after week. Watching Kristi work with our son filled us with hope and optimism about his future.Kristi understood our goals for our son and implemented a smart, holistic approach. Instead of teaching rote phrases, Kristi saw the “big picture.” She pushed our son to relate and really communicate with others. Kristi carefully planned her sessions with Hugh, but also showed great flexibility and creativity at times in order to maximize every minute she spent with our boy.
Kind regards,

- John and Lesley
Mary was so easy and comforting.
We have been working with Brooklyn Letters for about a year now and are very satisfied with Mary, our speech therapist, and the company.  The first call to Craig was an immediate response, and the initial conversation with Mary was so easy and comforting during a hard time when our two year old was not really using more than single words.   Choosing private speech therapy was a big decision for us.  Having such a great speech pathologist made us realize that this was the right choice. Our son looks forward to his lessons with Mary and he’s communicating so nicely now. We are very happy with this service.  
Just want to say, Craig and his team are amazing!

Great listeners, smart, and sensitive and respectful of children. We could not be happier with our daughter’s progress and her new confidence. Of all the therapists/professionals we’ve met, both through EI and private, I trust the folks at Brooklyn Letters the most. I highly recommend Suzanne as a speech therapist. My daughter is very sensitive and prone to anxiety; Suzanne was both in tune with Rose’s emotions, and skilled at keeping the sessions focused. To me this is no small feat with a 3 year old. Suzanne always came prepared with a game to play, a project (such as arts and crafts, cooking) or a book, or a combination of these activities. She worked with Rose on a variety of language issues, as well as making choices, taking turns, listening. She used a visual (picture) schedule each time which seemed to help Rose feel more organized and in control. This was before Rose was in school, and it was with Suzanne that Rose learned to “read” a schedule. In addition, Suzanne was exceptional at communicating with us as parents. She actually listened to our concerns, and addressed them head on. We have had our share of therapists, and have found that this is not something you can take for granted. Suzanne is attentive, sympathetic, and dedicated, fun, kind, and knowledgeable. She challenges the child at the right level—not too easy, not too hard. I highly, highly recommend Suzanne.

- Margaret (Rose, 3, Harry, 13)
Wonderful Experience

Suzanne worked with our 4-year old son for several months on fluency and pronunciation issues. He made remarkable progress with her and we were extremely pleased with Suzanne’s professionalism, warmth, knowledge, and attentiveness. Our son soon learned to love and look forward to her visits and she was extremely thorough in working with us to explain the process and go through our questions. We wholeheartedly recommend her.

- Rayna
My daughter loved working with Ericka and she looked forward to reading/playing with her every week.

Anaïs’ speech has improved a great deal over the year she has spent working with her. She learned to pronounce her words and speak slowly. Ericka was great at making the lessons fun and encouraging her to ask questions. We are so happy we found Brooklyn Letters! We talked about revisiting Ericka, if we feel she may need some extra help in the future.

- Alexandra, mother of Anaïs
One of the best speech therapists on the market!

He is professional, incredible with children, and the results speak for themselves. Craig worked with my daughter for less than six months and she went from having a vocabulary of very few words to hundreds in that short time period. She gained confidence in herself, developed vocabulary and better pronunciation, and really had fun while learning. Craig always took the time to speak with us regarding concerns and had excellent advice and guidance. I highly recommend Craig and can’t thank him enough for the incredible work he did with our daughter.

- Monika, mom of Olivia
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amy to other families. We had a terrific experience.

My twin boys Max and Teddy (3 in October) just finished eight months of speech therapy with Amy. Amy was terrific. The boys progressed so much over the past eight months that they were discharged far sooner than I could have anticipated. They also loved her visits, which was really just an added bonus. I also very much appreciated that Amy was sensitive to our needs and discharged the boys when she knew they were ready. I’m sure that’s a tough call to make but in tighter financial times it’s good to know that someone will be candid about the need for her services. That meant a lot.

- Anne
Amanda is a joy to have in our house and I have complete trust in her and her abilities. I highly recommend her!

Amanda has worked with our 3 year old son for the past 7 months on his speech. He has made such progress in those months and it is due to Amanda’s careful attention and instruction. She has such a gentle way with him while still getting her message across. Our little one has even started self correcting his speech errors. Amanda is fun, upbeat and creative and always has a unique lesson plan that incorporates our son’s favorite activities. She is also very good at giving us feedback and keeping us up to date with what they are doing in class, as well as pointing out helpful things we can do on our own time.

- Gabrielle, mother of JCB
Bilingual Expert

We had Suzanne, speech therapist, perform a mini-evaluation on our son and we had such a good experience with her that I feel compelled to share my impressions. At first, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about having someone come into our home to evaluate our son. He is very active and, like any toddler, can be extremely suspicious of strangers so I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. When Suzanne entered our apartment with her big bag of toys, my partner and I were immediately put at ease. She has a warm yet confident way about her and she obviously loves working with children, which is the key to my son’s heart. Additionally, Suzanne is very knowledgeable about speech language pathology with young children, particularly with bilingual children. Suzanne is very professional and methodical. She “played” with our son while speaking with us and answering all of our questions. She was a pro. The experience with Suzanne was better than I could have imagined.

- Wendy

Danya was fantastic. Consistent, dedicated, and reliable. She has a hectic schedule, I realize, and I appreciated what feedback she could offer.
Thank you for being such a great resource.

- JB
A Wiz

Craig is a wizard with kids and a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, fun and professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing speech & learning services for their children.

- Teresa, mom of Marco
I have only good things to say

Jane, a speech therapist referred to us by Brooklyn Letters, was amazing. The way she brought toys to life to foster my sons speech was perfect. It was really something that me and my husband could not offer to my son for a variety of reasons and my son’s speech improved quickly with her recommended frequency. She also guided me with appropriate suggestions for how I could help in between sessions. He looked forward to her coming and was excited to see her when she stepped through our door.

- Liz, mom of Lucian
We could not have been happier with Lucia’s work!

Theo loved working with Lucia and looked forward to her sessions. He wasn’t fooled that it was work! She made it fun and enjoyable, so he liked learning through play with her. We cannot believe the difference in his speech! He now talks non-stop and reached age appropriate levels in a matter of months! I always felt that Lucia really cared about Theo’s learning and it wasn’t just ‘a paycheck’ for her. You have a great therapist in Lucia, and we are so happy we decided to pursue private speech through your company.

- Liz, mother of Theo
We are so pleased with Susan’s work with our 8 year old daughter!

Brooklyn Letters was highly recommended by our neuropsychologist, and Craig connected us with Susan, who has been working with our daughter for the past year. We feel lucky to have someone who is truly an expert with our daughter’s expressive and receptive language issues. Susan makes the sessions interesting and playful using a range of games and activities. She is warm, patient and thoughtful. We appreciate her extra time and effort she has taken to connect with our daughter’s school teachers to gain more insight and help support everyones efforts. Most of all, we are excited about the impressive progress our daughter has made and highly recommend Susan as an extremely skilled speech and language therapist.

- Mark and Mary
Progress can only be made when therapy is put into context

My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 18 months, with a significant delay in expressive language. Craig has been an invaluable part of my son’s therapeutic team since my son’s diagnosis 5 months ago. Craig is very knowledgeable in his discipline, taking care to stay current with the latest research and evidence versus fads. He is very patient in his sessions, and is skilled at engaging children so that they are challenged but not overwhelmed. Craig approaches speech therapy with the family in mind. Craig consistently engaged me in my son’s speech sessions, explaining how to specifically target underlying issues associated with Autism that impede communication (such as joint attention, eye contact, social reciprocity). He also showed me creative strategies to engage my son to encourage communication, such as following my son’s lead and interests, playful obstruction, modeling sounds with actions, and adding tactile aspects to communication. This allowed me to carry over his recommendations at home. The most important lesson that I learned from Craig is that therapeutic approaches for children on the spectrum do not exist separate from the lives of the children themselves – progress can only made when therapy is put into context. I learned how to embed opportunities for communication in ways that didn’t feel forced or unnatural, which allowed me to always be a mom to my son first. What a joy it is to hear our son’s beautiful voice!

- Mother of Dev
Park Slope parent recommendation

Craig did a nice job with my twin boys, who were nearly 10 years old when they began their sessions. First, it was convenient that he could come to our apartment rather than have caretakers schlep the boys to an office and sit and wait. Second, Craig’s fee was reasonable. And third, we agreed to do 10 sessions, and when they were up, Craig reminded me that the last session was upon us. There was no hard sales pitch, indeed no sales pitch at all, to continue. That was most appreciated.

Most important, Craig made some progress with my kids on their vocalic R’s, which has been a problem since they first spoke eight years ago. And he was able to identify specific things that each one needed to work on, although to the untrained ear (mine), their R problems sounded identical.

My boys seemed at ease working with Craig, who would kneel in order to speak to them at their level. Bottom line: There was no magic bullet but my kids emerged with confidence at having improved and knowing they could further improve their speech with practice.

- Erik
Highly recommended!

My son had Craig for a speech therapist at two different stages in his development. Craig has an excellent understanding of both the theory behind speech development and how to motivate a child in fun ways to achieve practical goals. I really appreciated his eclectic approach — really fitting therapeutic modalities to the child rather than trying to fit the child into a preconceived mold. I was also thrilled to have such an excellent male role model for my son, whose other therapists have all been women. My son worked really hard for Craig — whose influence carries over into the rest of his life.

- Kim, mom of David
Craig has yielded amazing results

Craig started working with Larson, when he as 3 years old. Larson was severely speech delayed and unintelligible. Now at the age of six, Larson has made great progress. He still has language-processing problems, but now he speaks very clearly and speaks in full and complex sentences and was accepted into the school that we were hoping for. I have such faith in Craig’s abilities that he now works with my two year old, Finn, who is also showing signs of speech/language delay. Little Finn lights up every time Craig arrives.

- Laura, mom of Larson and Finn

Author of a parenting blog- The Daily Beast
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We are in a much better place then when we began

Words can not express our appreciation for the great work you did with JD and the “babbling” little boy you created! We feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you. It is devastating as a parent to get the diagnosis, but your skills, resources, and expertise really helped support us during this difficult time. Thank you!

- Jeanne & John, parents of JD
Craig is TERRIFIC!

I would highly recommend Craig’s services, as I found him to be everything I could want in a speech language therapist for my daughter. Craig was very adept at meeting my high-energy child where she was at for each session, integrating lessons and language cues into spontaneous, active games, as he’d slowly bring her back down to more focused activities. My daughter was 2 during the time Craig worked with her, newly adopted internationally, and Craig seemed to have a good handle on the challenges. At the end of what appeared to be a fun play session, Craig always took the time to explain his methods to me. He was open and honest in his opinions of her progress, his concerns, etc., and was clearly very knowledgeable in his field. Easy-going and personable, Craig was always reliable, trustworthy, and I always felt confident we were getting the best service possible. We are very thankful to have him in our lives.

- Susan, mom of Ana
Rachel has been an amazing tutor for my daughter

She established a close relationship with her, and helped her to jump several reading levels. Thanks to Rachel, my daughter is now a confident reader! I am very happy that I reached out to you and I will certainly recommend Brooklyn Letters in the future.

- Joseph, father
The staff is friendly and professional

My experience with Brooklyn Letters was amazing from start to finish. Everyone was very attentive and accommodating in trying to schedule evaluations and therapy sessions. The staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend Brooklyn Letters to any parent in need of services for their child.

- Kim, mother of Ethan
An advocate for special needs children through and through, and amazing in her dedication and practice.

Cassie is a reading specialist who has worked one on one with our 6 year old son for the last 9 months (Aug 2016-May 2017). Our son brings challenging avoidance behaviors and impulsivity to their sessions. Cassie uses the Orton-Gillingham approach, and improvises with clever multi-sensory ideas to engage him. Through practice, she learned that if she uses gentle squeezes on his arm corresponding to syllables/letter sounds, it allows him to stay engaged. She is always very flexible, while firm, and creative in adjusting or rearranging tasks based on his needs and attention level. She makes a point of creating success for her students and having the session end on a positive note. He has made incredible progress in his phonology and reading, which he then applies in school, using the specific tools Cassie has taught him. He loves reading and is very proud of his skills. She has provided detailed reports after each session, along with strategies and activities to practice. She is an advocate for special needs children through and through, and amazing in her dedication and practice.

- Emily, mother
This review cannot express the extreme amount of gratitude that my family has toward Craig

When we first found Craig, our son’s vocabulary was vast, however his articulation needed lots of help. My son is now speaking in sentences and is able to articulate his thoughts. Also when he turned five years old, I was totally at a loss of how to proceed with his education. Craig provided us with an abundance of his resources and placed us on the right track. He truly cares about your child’s progress. I highly recommend him as a SLP.

- Latoya, mom of Tristian
We highly recommend Craig for speech therapy

Craig is dedicated, diligent, insightful, and patient. He proactively researches relevent therapeutic techniques particular to our child’s case and gives us great confidence that our child’s needs are being met. Our son is a challenging case, being multiply handicapped and non-verbal. He has made great strides in augmentative communication while working with Craig.

- Susan & Michael, parents of Jake
I highly recommend you

I would like to thank you, Craig, for the wonderful work you are doing with my daughter Rivka. When you started, she was not eating much- just cheese and crackers and most of her caloric intake was from formula. As of today (six month later) she eats so much more solid food and eats a more diverse diet. Craig, your approach is very gentle and Rivka has liked you from the start.

- JP, mom of Rivka
Allison has been an invaluable resource to me

Allison is incredible! In the year and a half that she has been working with our daughter there has been noticible and sustained improvement in my daughter’s expressive speech. Allison has such a lovely connection with our 6 year old and always has activities planned for the session that are engaging and fun for Bertie. Allison has been an invaluable resource to me, taking the time to talk about the work she is doing with Bertie and offering ideas for how to support Bertie’s speech at home and at school. She is truly an exceptional therapist.

- Susie, mother of Bertie
Craig has been a tremendous asset to Ryan’s learning world

In less than 9 months, our son’s vocabulary has exponentially multiplied. Craig is engaging, thoughtful, and smart in figuring out what Ryan needs at each session. There are layers of games, pretend play, coloring and various activities that build his speech and vocabulary. Before we met Craig, Ryan was shy with limited speech skills. Today he runs to the door to meet Craig and enjoys all the learning activities that stimulate his receptive and expressive skills. It has been an amazing experience watching him blossom.

- MH, mom of Ryan
More than just a speech guy

My 2 year old son loves to engage in activities with him and is always curious to see what he will do next. Very pleasant young person that’s energetic and is focused. Extrememly caring about my son’s progress. Craig has eliminated fears and worries that I had about Ivan. Best decision that I ever made.

- Albania, mom of Ivan
Two Thumbs Up!

We are so grateful to Craig. He has worked with our son, Max, for over a year with his speech delay. Max’s progress with Craig has been phenomenal… tothe point where, going into kindergarten in September, Max will no longer be needing speech services! Craig has been very thoughtful in tailoring the program to meet Max’s needs and finding ways to inspire him. We’re so grateful we found him.

- Irene and Julie, mothers of Max
I highly recommend Brooklyn Letters and Craig for speech therapy services

My son is 2.5 years old and has been working with Craig for about 6 months. Craig is amazing with my son; he is always prepared and changes each treatment session to address the needs of my son. Craig has a great approach using play to elicit words, phrases, and sentences. At this point my son is now saying 3 word sentences and each week he shows improvement. He is always excited to see Craig for his weekly sessions. In addition, it is convenient that Craig comes to our home to perform his treatment sessions.

- Jaclyn, mom of Kenny


I am a speech-language pathologist who has been working with Craig since 2003. We worked together at an early intervention center in Queens and have also teamed up to provide treatment for children in their homes. Craig is knowledgeable and enthusiastic when working with children. He takes time to establish a rapport with each child and their family. Craig uses therapeutic approaches that are child specific, addressing the individual needs of each child. Craig is a wealth of information for parents. He provides them with an understanding of language development and teaches parents effective techniques to use outside of therapy sessions that can be incorporated into every-day routines.

- Tara Ruggiero M.S. CCC-SLP, Bilingual Speech Language Therapist

I have worked with Craig for the past 5 years and I have valued Craig’s recommendations and intervention strategies. His warmth coupled with his professionalism make Craig a ‘one of a kind’ speech specialist. Craig has always kept himself up-to-date with the state of the art research and interventions. Every time I am assigned to team which includes Craig, it gives me a unique relief. I tell myself, “We are in good hands!”

- Marilina Rufino, ABA (Verbal Behavior) Therapist, Coordinator, Ph.D. psychology candidate.

Craig knows so many ways to help children to improve their skills. He is warm-hearted & practical, and his dedication to his field and craft is admirable. I highly recommend his services!

Dr. Larry Hess, neuropsychologist