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Private Special Education Itinerant Teacher SEIT, Brooklyn Letters

We often witness children with learning and attentional difficulties, and their parents struggle with keeping up with their academic requirements. While school districts and government agencies can provide help with diagnosis, intervention, modifications, and accommodations, there are several cases where a child would need more support inside and outside the classroom. That is where a special education itinerant teacher or SEIT is beneficial.

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What is a SEIT?

A special education itinerant teacher is a special education provider who works with children with speech, language, developmental, behavioral, social, and emotional issues. The purpose of SEITs is to help a child achieve their academic goals and successfully integrate into class. This is done by honing the skills a child needs to learn alongside their typically developing peers.

In the State of New York, SEITs are required to have certification in special education. Teachers who work with the blind, visually and hearing impaired, and bilingual students need further certification as a teacher of the blind and visually impaired, teacher of the deaf, and bilingual teacher of special education, respectively.

When working with a student, the SEIT creates customized strategies based on the child’s Individualized Education Plan or IEP. Depending on each student’s needs and IEP recommendation, SEITs may work with learners individually or in groups.

How Can SEITs Help?

Learners who are classified by their school district as a student with disability may seek the help of a SEIT, who typically work with students in K-12 levels. Meanwhile, students at the preschool level (aged three to five) primarily work with a SETSS or special education teacher support services provider.

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As the “itinerant” in their title suggests, SEITs travel to a child’s school or home to provide direct or indirect services. Direct services involve helping children develop their cognitive and academic skills to make sure they succeed in the classroom. Indirect services refer to consultations and communicating with school teachers and other professionals in order to provide better support for the child.

Services provided by a SEIT may include:

  • Guidance and implementation of the student’s IEP
  • Implementation and monitoring of behavioral management programs
  • Collaboration with teachers in developing the lesson plans and implementing the child’s IEP
  • Coordination with therapists and parents
  • Parent trainings

Services provided by SEITs may be done in collaboration with other educational programs or therapy.

How to find a SEIT for Your Child

If a child is classified as a student with disability, the school, Board of Education, or the child’s therapist may recommend the services of a SEIT. The DOE may provide these services for students, but parents themselves also have the option of seeking the help of a SEIT.

At Brooklyn Letters, we provide private SEIT support services. These services are not reimbursable by the DOE or by RSAs. Parents pay us directly.

To learn more about Brooklyn Letters’ SEIT services and how we can support your child in achieving their academic and learning goals, reach out to us today!

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