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Event: Autism Friendly Spaces and The New Victory Theater

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Autism Friendly Spaces (AFS) is partnering with The New Victory Theater to present an autism friendly performance on Saturday October 18th and on Friday December 12th 2014

This performance will be modified to accommodate and support the sensory, social, and emotional needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Throughout the event, the Autism Friendly Spaces (AFS) team will be on site and ready to welcome families into a judgment-free and accommodating environment, complete with:

  • Trained Autism Support Specialists to help facilitate activities, and assist families throughout the performance
  • An array of visual supports and fidget tools
  • A Calming Corner & Activity Area, stocked with a variety of tools for anyone needing a break

Downloadable social narratives will be designed exclusively for the New Victory Theater, and will be made available online at the New Victory Theater s website: http://www.newvictory.org.

Download a flyer here: AFS Flier


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