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We plan to start two social skills groups, both run by a licensed speech language therapist, on Saturday mornings, located at a new office in Windsor Terrace (19th Street and 8th Ave, Brooklyn). 1st session will be on December 1st, 2012.

Stiamo reclutando bambini di et? compresa tra 3 e 8 anni; lavoriamo con bambini con e senza diagnosi, come ad esempio spettro autistico (PDD, Asperger), elaborazione del linguaggio, ritardo del linguaggio vocale, ritardo del linguaggio sociale, disturbo dell'elaborazione uditiva, disturbo dell'elaborazione sensoriale, disabilit? dell'apprendimento basato sul linguaggio, ecc.

All children are screened and matched by social skills, interests, and availability. For younger children, we tend to use theme based learning and play, e.g. superheroes, popular TV characters, e.g. Dora the Explorer, etc, embedding social goals within each activity; Parent involvement is a plus.

Social skills groups typically require a 10 week commitment, and fees vary from $70-$80 per child per session; Sessions are approximately 1 hour long. We are considered out-of-network insurance providers.

For more information: https://brooklynletters.com/social-skills-training/




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