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Tutoring Midtown East Archives – Brooklyn Letters

Tutoría profesional- Manhattan y Brooklyn- ¡Tutores (especialistas en aprendizaje) viajan a su hogar!

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A professional tutoring company offering help with state tests in language arts, math, social studies and science for grades 3 through high school, SHSAT for admission to specialized public high schools, ISEE/SSAT for admission to private boarding and day schools, academic tests in all subject areas, regents, PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT for admission to college, GRE, college essays and test preparation. Their tutors work with ADD/ADHD and executive functioning issues, language and auditory processing, Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & Asperger?s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, reading disorders, e.g. dyslexia, writing disorders, dyscalculia & math disorders, and other disorders and learning issues.

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