Services, services. So what exactly do we do? Well, let’s start off with who we are not: we don’t espouse one program in particular; while we stay up on top of current schools of thought and philosophies, we don’t jump from trend to trend or insist on one school of learning. Instead, we combine a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a lot of experience to custom create a program for your son or daughter; read more about our approach.

How We Work

Ways we can work with you:

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Questions about speech, language, feeding evaluation and/or therapy and specialized intervention services? Contact Craig at 347-394-3485 & (for an immediate response). To learn more about him, read Craig’s bio.

What We Offer

Evaluation Services

Speech, Language, Feeding Therapy

Variety is our middle name. We treat all kinds of speech and language delays and learning difficulties. Our specialties include evaluating and treating babies through adolescents (we are now offering adult speech language therapy!) and we offer bilingual services.

Specialized Learning Services

Our language therapists and reading interventionists provide specialized intervention, including an Orton Gillingham multi-sensory approach to literacy, remediation, and alternative learning services for students with learning differences (preschoolers through adolescents) including those with language processing difficulties and students with dyslexia; we also work with home-schooled families.

Other Services

Psychotherapists & Creative Arts Therapists
Learning Specialist
Occupational Therapists (sensory integration, handwriting, motor etc.)
Hearing (audiology)
Nutritional (dietitian)