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Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn Letters

Best Speech, Language, Math, and Literacy Tutoring and SEIT Services in Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn Letters

At Brooklyn Letters, we specialize in speech and language therapy, math, and literacy tutoring, as well as SEIT services tailored specifically for families in Manhattan. Whether you’re seeking in-person expertise in the heart of NYC or prefer the convenience of online sessions, we’re here to support you with personalized attention and exceptional care.

Why Choose Brooklyn Letters?

If you’re looking for top-tier support with speech and language therapy near Manhattan, NYC for your little ones, from babies to the geriatric populations, Brooklyn Letters might be the team you need. Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Experts in the Game: Brooklyn Letters are serious pros passionate about their work. They’re the A-team, backed not just by their qualifications but by the thumbs-up they’ve got from clients they’ve helped throughout Manhattan for many years. Their reputation has spread by word-of-mouth, like sharing the secret to the best dumplings in town.
  2. Convenience and Flexibility Like Gumby: They’re all about bending backward to make things work for you. Sessions can happen wherever and whenever. Have you got a packed-to-the-brim schedule? They’re ready to work around it, finding time slots and services that sync up with your family’s timetable.
  3. Team Power with a Collaborative Spirit: Brooklyn Letters isn’t just a one-person show; they’re all about the power of teamwork. They’re super collaborative, regularly syncing up with your child’s teachers and other professionals to ensure everyone sings from the same songbook. This way, they ensure that the strategies and skills taught are consistent and reinforced from every angle, making learning a smooth and coordinated effort.
  4. Tailored Just for You: Brooklyn Letters focuses on personalizing their game plan. They work out strategies that fit you or your child perfectly, which is often the ticket to making better progress quicker than with a one-size-fits-all program.
  5. Family First: They know it’s a team sport, so they make sure everyone in the family gets to play. This way, the stuff your little one learns in therapy is reinforced at home, making it all stick better.
  6. Smart and Proven Methods: Brooklyn Letters isn’t chasing fads. They stick to solid, tried, and true methods backed by science and experience.

#1 Speech and Language Therapy Services in Manhattan, NYC

Hey NYC! Are you looking for top-notch, private-pay, at-home speech-language services? Our awesome team of speech language pathologists travels around the city, bringing exceptional services straight to your doorstep. We specialize in everything from comprehensive evaluations to speech-language and feeding therapy, including PROMPT, all tailored just for you and your loved ones, no matter their age. We are experts in late-talking and all types of speech-language delays. Plus, we have a multilingual staff!

Speech Language Pathologists and Therapists Services
  • AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
  • Accent Reduction Modification
  • Adult Speech Therapy
  • Articulation
  • Auditory Processing
  • Comprehension- Listening & Reading
  • Expressive Language
  • Feeding/Swallowing
  • Literacy (by Language Therapists)
  • Oral Motor
  • Pronunciation/Enunciation/
  • Public Speaking
  • Stuttering
  • Teens – Language Therapy
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing & Speaking Therapy

Manhattan's Doorstep Online Math and Literacy Tutoring Services

Accelerate Learning with Expert Tutoring at Your Manhattan Doorstep!

We’re on the move, and our rockstar private math and literacy tutoring in NYC come to you, providing hands-on assessments, handwriting help, and rock-solid support in reading comprehension, reading fluency, decoding, spelling, and writing services. We’re all about using the best approaches, such as Wilson, Fundations, and Orton Gillingham, to give your child the targeted help they need. We also specialize in helping students overcome dyslexia.

Literacy Specialists:

  1. Decoding & Encoding
  2. Handwriting
  3. In-Person & Remote Evaluations
  4. Orton Gillingham
  5. Reading Comprehension
  6. Reading Fluency
  7. Spelling
  8. Wilson/Fundations
  9. Writing
SEIT Services

Manhattan's Traveling SEIT Services - Private Pay

Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn Letters

Personalized SEIT School Support

Are you interested in private-pay SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) services for your child? An online SEIT will help your child at their Manhattan school by providing personalized, one-on-one educational assistance, adapting the curriculum and teaching strategies to meet their unique learning needs, and helping them navigate social-emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.

Explore SEIT Services Now!

Who We Are

The Brooklyn Letters' Approach and Methodology

Since 2010, Brooklyn Letters has been well-known in Manhattan as a sanctuary of excellence in speech-language therapy and personalized tutoring services. Originating from the dedicated efforts of Craig, our CEO and founder, and a select team of professionals, we have blossomed into a vibrant community of nearly 200 experts, many of them recommended by parents, colleagues, and team members we trust.

Embracing Multidisciplinary Work and Science

We don’t stick with out-of-date theories and methodologies; we try research-backed strategies that help students who are stuck.

Achieving Beyond Objectives

Brooklyn Letters isn’t just another speech and language therapy at home. We’ve got a whole bunch of awesome services up our sleeves! Besides language speech therapy, we’re rocking math and literacy tutoring, and we’ve also got some fantastic SEIT therapy. We’re all about creating a resource where everyone gets the right help and support to shine bright and reach their full potential.

Meet Craig: The Visionary Behind Our Journey

Craig Selinger, the architect of Brooklyn Letters’ vision and dedication, has driven our growth, cultivating a space where diverse educational needs are met with compassion and proficiency.

Championing Intervention to Propel Future Growth

Rooted in the philosophy of intervention and remediation, Brooklyn Letters is committed to providing robust support to address speech, language, math, and literacy challenges. Our goal is to equip each child with the tools and confidence necessary to successfully navigate the pathways of learning and personal development.

Call to Action

Free Consultations and Remote Meet & Greets

Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn Letters

Are you interested in getting to know us better? We offer free online tutoring consultations and meet & greets, making connecting with our dedicated team easy. We’re here to chat, listen, and understand your unique needs. Let’s make this journey in achieving speech, language, and academic milestones as smooth and supportive as possible!

Our Process
Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn Letters

The Brooklyn Letters' Process and Approach

Brooklyn Letters is selective with its crew, often hiring through word of mouth. Many of their professionals are pros who’ve had real-deal experience working in schools, so they’ve got the chops for top-notch tutoring.

Their sweet spot? Helping elementary students get their groove back in literacy and math skills. They roll their sleeves and dive deep, providing the extra boost kids need to catch up and rock those subjects.

Let’s chat about their speech language therapy services. They’re all about supporting all ages but mostly help babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kiddos. Whether it’s articulation or language learning skills that need a little extra love, they’re on it, helping youngsters communicate with confidence and ease. 🌟

  1. Brooklyn Letters goes the extra mile by customizing its tutoring approach based on each student’s needs in various subjects. Their expertise, especially in literacy and math, helps elementary students flourish. They’re all about making the learning experience resonate with each kid.
  2. Flexibility is the game! Brooklyn Letters jives with your schedule, offering a variety of times for all Manhattan locations. They come to you—your home or your child’s school.
  3. The focus is on boosting elementary student’s literacy and math skills. They also shine in speech language therapy, focusing mostly on toddlers to elementary students, enhancing articulation and language learning skills.
  4. Tutors from Brooklyn Letters are not just knowledgeable; they’re like educational buddies. Many have a background in professional educational settings, bringing in a wealth of hands-on experience. They employ strategic, empathetic approaches, ensuring effective and engaging learning.
  5. The tutors are like detectives, spotting where a kid might struggle. They use keen observation and analytical skills to pinpoint issues, ensuring every child gets targeted support where they need it most.
  6. Connection is a cornerstone. Tutors build warm, understanding relationships with students, ensuring a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where kids feel valued and understood.


Kate worked with my 7 year-old son for a period of about 6 months, helping him not only with speech therapy but also with phonics and writing. During his time with Kate he improved his speech annunciation, gained confidence and endurance in writing and improved his skills in phonics. She always walked in with a huge smile on her face and brought amazing energy to their session. Kate did a great job guiding a child who doesn't like to sit still through an hour-long lesson, always ending with a game or a fun activity. My little guy looked forward to his time spent with Kate and never complained that she was coming, which is a huge help to a parent. She was always punctual and super professional.

Jennifer, mother of JosephKate is a fantastic therapist and teacher and I highly recommend her services.

Rebecca is punctual, professional and prepared each week she came with fresh materials. She was very interactive with board games and with visuals/videos/ & audio recordings Ezra looked forward to his time with her and really felt challenged, in a positive way (he's very bright and picks things up quickly, so he tends to get bored easily). Rebecca kept him on his toes and mixed things up enough to maintain his interest all the while progressing his development.
With Rebecca's guidance and encouragement, we are very happy with Ezra's progress!

April & BarryRebecca has been wonderful for Ezra

After two awkward sessions with different speech therapists, who favored two different approaches, a quick search online led me to Brooklyn Letters and Craig, who promptly remedied my confusion about how to best treat my son's speech delay. On Craig's recommendation, he's been seeing Lisa, Brooklyn Letters speech therapist, for two months now, and I wanted to share how we are dazzled by his progress. Lisa is so wonderful. At every session (in our home) I'm impressed by her patience, thoughtfulness, preparedness, and creativity. In fact, I often find myself drawn to the rug where she works with my son, so I can learn to better model phrases for him when Lisa's not around, not to mention her stellar assortment of toys and books: every session has its own unique theme. So, thanks Craig for sending her our way!

Tanya (mom of JF, 2)Soooo Happy We Found You!

We took our youngest two year old twin to Brooklyn Letters for speech therapy. Craig was very professional, caring and engaging. It became such a special time for our son. Brooklyn Letters is equipped with all the tools, experience and knowledge to help. We absorbed all the recommendations about learning, play and speech - and it worked! We are grateful for the warmth and compassion Brooklyn Letters exhibited and my son is on his way to a large vocabulary. From the assessment, insurance coding, to the parent's training we are very satisfied with our experience. We highly recommend Craig and Brooklyn Letters.

Adam, father of LouisProfessional, Caring, & Engaging

Someone recommended Amy after my daughter's first speech therapist decided she needed a little more help than she could provide. Needless to say, Amy swooped in and literally made everything better. She was down-to-earth, extremely reliable, and more than competent. The little girl who used to cry because she didn t talk well, now won't shut up. Now her speech and pronunciation are just where they should be along with her confidence. And she misses Amy a lot. We are all so grateful for her care and support.

AshleyI cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found Amy

My son is 2.5 years old and has been working with Craig for about 6 months. Craig is amazing with my son; he is always prepared and changes each treatment session to address the needs of my son. Craig has a great approach using play to elicit words, phrases, and sentences. At this point my son is now saying 3 word sentences and each week he shows improvement. He is always excited to see Craig for his weekly sessions. In addition, it is convenient that Craig comes to our home to perform his treatment sessions.

Jaclyn, mom of KennyI highly recommend Brooklyn Letters and Craig for speech therapy services

We are so grateful to Craig. He has worked with our son, Max, for over a year with his speech delay. Max's progress with Craig has been phenomenal to the point where, going into kindergarten in September, Max will no longer be needing speech services! Craig has been very thoughtful in tailoring the program to meet Max's needs and finding ways to inspire him. We're so grateful we found him.

Irene and Julie, mothers of MaxTwo Thumbs Up!

My 2 year old son loves to engage in activities with him and is always curious to see what he will do next. Very pleasant young person that's energetic and is focused. Extremely caring about my son's progress. Craig has eliminated fears and worries that I had about Ivan. Best decision that I ever made.

Albania, mom of IvanMore than just a speech guy
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Our Neighbourhood

Our team of experts travels to you, providing personalized and convenient support right at your doorstep in Manhattan, NYC. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Midtown, the historic neighborhoods of Harlem, or the scenic areas along the Hudson River, Brooklyn Letters is committed to delivering exceptional services wherever you are in Manhattan.

We travel to:
Bay Ridge Bedford Stuyvesant Bensonhurst Boerum Hill Borough Park Brooklyn Heights Bushwick Carroll Gardens Clinton Hill Cobble Hill Crown Heights Downtown Brooklyn Dumbo Dyker Heights Flatbush Fort Green Gowanus Gravesend Greenpoint Homecrest Kensington Lefferts Gardens Madison Manhattan Beach Midwood Mill Basin Navy Yard Park Slope Prospect Heights Prospect Park South Red Hook Sheepshead Bay Sunset Park Williamsburg Windsor Terrace and More!

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