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Making Up Lost Time and Lost Weight, by Richard Kahn, M.S., Registered Dietitian

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Challenges and complications feeding developmentally delayed or premature infants and children can lead to concerns about weight gain. These concerns can mark the life of child and parent. Registered Dietician Richard Kahn, M.S. shares the story of the mother of one of his current patients, and how she is coping with her infant son’s difficulties eating and gaining weight, and the therapy involved.

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Park Slope Speech Therapy by a Speech Language Pathologist

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If you are a Park Slope or Windsor Terrace parent concerned about your young child’s speech, language, and/or communication development, you have come to the right place! Brooklyn Letters will add one of the top New York City speech language therapists to our team. Meet Dr. Michelle MacRoy-Higgins, Assistant Professor at Hunter College and South Slope resident. Her clinical and research interests include speech language delays in young children and she is a seasoned therapist!

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