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MINDFUL PARENTING, Part 2: “In One Ear and Out the Other” Parenting the Adolescent by Fara Jones, M.A., LCSW, Psychotherapist

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?I used to know what to do to make her feel better?now everything I say or do is wrong. It?s like I?m the enemy.?
?It?s as if I don?t even know him anymore?like he?s a stranger to me?.?
These are just a few of the comments I have heard from parents of the most wonderful, complex, dynamic (and utterly maddening) patients I have the pleasure of working with: Teenagers.

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Initial estimates of Covid-19 learning loss reveal that students may lose up to 70 percent of school-year gains in reading and 50 percent in math.

Emotional Learning by Annette Hernandez, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

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Emotional learning has become a hot topic these days in the field of child development. Psychology experts are researching the ways we develop an emotional vocabulary and how we express, recognize, and manage our emotions. Recent studies suggest that individuals exposed to emotional learning early in life, have happier and more successful lives in the future.
Young pre-verbal children are prone to tantrums or ?meltdowns?, in part due to the fact…

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