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Medication Study for Young Autistic Children

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Dr. Ruth Nass, M.D. is administering a study of the effects of seratonin medication on 2 to 6-year-old autistic children. Studies show that brain levels of serotonin are low in many young children with autism, but by age 6, serotonin levels increase to the point where they are similar to typically developing children. The study examines serotonin replacement during critical developmental years.

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Brooklyn & Manhattan Neuropsychological & Psychoeducational Evaluation- Dr. Whitman Child and Adult Neuropsychologist

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The beginning of the school year is an ideal time to consider a neuropsychological evaluation for your child if he/she is struggling. Given this, Dr. Whitman is currently offering a Fall 2011 Special: 25% off evaluation fees. Please contact her directly for further information. Dr. Whitman offers free consultation by phone or e-mail.

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