COVID-19 learning loss, including up to 50% for math



Ruth Arberman, Head of the Sterling School, discusses the transition of her students and staff to remote work during COVID-19 with Craig Selinger.






How to Have a Successful Online Reading Tutoring Session




10 Actions for Equity in Pandemic Schooling 


Helpful Tips for Online Speech-Language Therapy for Young Children

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We offer remote therapy and tutoring services, seven days a week, 8 am-9 pm. We are also adding new PARENT SUPPORT SERVICES to help manage the student’s virtual learning experience. We are here to help you. 

We are also offering free of charge phone consultations with our Director and with our specialists. Short-term help is also an option. Discounts available for households who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

NYMetroParents interviewed me, CEO, Craig Selinger, and published Helpful Coronavirus Homeschooling Tips for Parents that will help you educate your kids—and talk them through their new homeschooling routine.




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  • 我们可以轻松地将您孩子的作业,作业等上传到我们的在线平台。
online speech language therapy, Brooklyn Letters

We offer evaluation services via video conferencing. The video conferencing platform we use is HIPAA (health privacy) compliant and includes many resources that make the evaluation process accessible and effective.

During the evaluation, one of our speech and language specialists will conduct an in-depth interview with you to discuss your child’s language and communication skills. They will also give you easy step by step instructions to complete a small number of tasks with your child. Experts in our field have demonstrated that parents are extremely reliable reporters of their child’s behavior. During this evaluation session, we combine your expert knowledge about your child with our knowledge of speech and language skills to determine the best course of action.




  • Our speech-language pathologists/therapists are only licensed to practice in New York State. Please note that if you don't live in New York State, we need to contact your state, if you live in the United States, to confirm that your state allows for speech therapy telepractice. In other words, where you are located dictates the state laws for licensed speech language therapy. If you live in Arizona, Arizona may only allow licensed Arizona speech language therapists to work with Arizona residents. This premise is based on the need to adhere to the requirements for admission to the profession and to the standards for professional practice developed by the Legislature and Board of Regents to insure maximum public protection.
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  • ?? ?? curricula, starting with careful assessments, then applying developmentally appropriate methods and strategies. The student's current academic material is an important focus, but strengthening core skills is crucial because that will last a lifetime. We coach students to learn how to organize, plan, prioritize, focus, avoid distraction, and keep track of materials and tasks.
  • ?? include improving memory and information retention, spending more focused time on tasks and completing them, decreasing procrastination, organizing schoolwork, managing time more effectively, and learning to think carefully before acting. Specialists model and support the application of skills in the appropriate context. They put the student in the driver s seat to best generalize these skills without holding the steering wheel.







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Literacy & Math Tutoring: $120-$175 per hour, $100-$155 for 45 minutes, $100-$115 for 30 minutes (online only)


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  • $135-$160 45??

  • $105-$120 30??

  • ???$140-$175

  • $120-$155 for 45 minutes

  • $100-$135 for 30 minutes (online only)

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  • $120-$140 45??

  • $100-$115 30??

  • ???$120-$155

  • $100-$135 for 45 minutes

  • $100-$115 for 30 minutes (online only)



You'll require a computer, smartphone or tablet with high speed internet connection, and, if not built into your computer, a webcam and headset.


It is most appropriate for school-age children or adults who demonstrate the ability to focus on the speech language therapy, literacy and math tutoring session and do not require hands-on physical cueing. The client will also have to demonstrate progress to support continuation of online speech language therapy, literacy and math tutoring services. We screen all clients before starting, ensuring that the client is the appropriate candidate for online speech language therapy, literacy and math tutoring services.


Sessions are arranged at a convenient time during the day, evening or weekends. Sessions are scheduled in advance (we need at least 24-48 hour notice). The session lengths are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. We will discuss the appropriate session length and frequency with you before getting started.




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???? 347-394-3485 ?????????? craig@brooklynletters.com (immediate response). If you haven t been recently evaluated, we may need to ??/?? ?????????????/?????

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