Our specialized and individualized intervention focuses on improving the student's written skills:

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We teach strategies to facilitate writing development and these include vocabulary (nouns, action words, descriptors), grammar (sentence construction, verb tense, fragments etc.), types of sentences, (statements, questions), increasing linguistic complexity (compound to complex sentences), types of paragraphs (reason, persuasion, comparison and contrasting) improving organization/cohesion of ideas (map out setting, identifying problems, goals, and episodes, connecting ideas, visual and verbal organizers, etc.). These skills are targeted independently for remediation, and they are also implemented in the student's curriculum.

We take into consideration students interests, and strengths, challenges, and learning style, when developing activities to enhance written language skills. These activities may include pictures (including drawing), books (including picture books), personal experiences, art and music, journals, book reports, editing (including correcting the tutor s mistakes) etc.