The ultimate goal for literacy is to comprehend well what one is reading.  As one of the Five Pillars of Reading, reading comprehension enables a child to predict outcomes, evaluate characters, deduce, and make connections to real-world events. 

A child’s comprehension skills can begin to develop before becoming an independent reader. One way to do this is by reading to a child and discussing the story’s main idea, characters, and setting. Explicit teaching, modeling, and guided practice of comprehension skills are also crucial. This is especially true for students whose reading comprehension skills lag behind their peers. 

Likewise, listening and processing what is being said and read is essential for academic success. We specialize working with students who have difficulties processing language, students with reading comprehension difficulties, students diagnosed with dyslexia, and students with auditory processing difficulties.

Our specialized intervention focuses on improving the student's listening and/or reading comprehension skills, vocabulary (nouns, action words), grammar (understanding complex sentences, paragraphs, directions), and improving organization to help facilitate what they heard or read.

We let the students know what we're doing, so they can be part of the process. We also take their interests, strengths and learning style into account, maximizing effectiveness and ensuring the students don't get frustrated. After all, we're not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If your child likes music and flying saucers, let's incorporate it! Drawing and imaginary animals For sure! These skills are targeted for remediation during fun activities, and they are also implemented into the student's curriculum


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