• ???$140-$175

  • $120-$155 for 45 minutes

  • $100-$135 for 30 minutes (online only)

  • ???$120-$155

  • $100-$135 for 45 minutes

  • $80-$115 for 30 minutes (online only)

?? ?????????? ????? Boerum Hill ?????? ?????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ???? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?? Homecrest ??? ????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???????



Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Shelley is a New York dual licensed Elementary Education (Pre K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-6)/Special Education teacher (K-12), earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Buffalo State College and a Masters of Science from Adelphi University. In addition, she is a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner (W.D.P). Shelley found her love for teaching by becoming involved in Special Education since an early age, working as a camp counselor in Special Ed camps, and subsequently has taught special needs children and children with reading difficulties, e.g. dyslexia, in various school settings around the country, including self-contained classrooms for elementary grades, resource room for grades K-5, and reading instruction grades 6 through 12. She has also tutored reading at children's homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

?????? ??? ?????????????????????????????? ????;???????????????K-3?????????????????????K-12????????????????????? ???????????????

????????????????????????????????????Wilson Reading??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wilson Reading????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Samuel Orton???Anna Gillingham???Orton Gillingham?????


?????? ??

???????, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island (she resides in Forest Hills).


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

????Rachel??????????????????????????????Wilson Reading System?????????Rachel????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

As a School Psychologist, Rachel has worked with a diverse population of general and special education students at the elementary and middle school levels, conducting psycho-educational assessments and providing counseling services. She also fosters collaborative relationships in which children, parents, school staff, and outside agencies can work together to maximize students potential and create the most positive school environment that is possible for them.

As a Brooklyn Letters reading tutor, Rachel uses the Wilson (Grade 3 and above) and Fundations (Grades K-2) programs to improve children's decoding, fluency, comprehension, and spelling skills. She is intent on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students so they feel most comfortable to persist and challenge themselves. She highlights students strengths by tailoring lessons to meet each student's unique learning style.

AGES: Pre-K 6th grade


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Blair has worked with a wide range of learners spanning Kindergarten through 4th grade. In her eight years of teaching, Blair has supported students with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, expressive and receptive language challenges, and students with math learning difficulties. When teaching and tutoring math, Blair is trained in the following programs: Engage NY, Investigations, Everyday Math, and Math In The City.

?????? ? across subjects, and she specializes in literacy support for struggling readers. She uses multiple systems including PAF (an Orton Gillingham program), Fundations, and Fountas and Pinnell s Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI). Blair approaches spelling and reading through direct instruction of phonics patterns. She teaches these skills through a combination of multisensory games, repetition, and sequential learning.

Additionally, Blair develops her materials custom made for her students. This approach helps her students master challenging material through achievable tasks. Blair is most comfortable working with the elementary grades; she is comfortable tutoring across subjects from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Dumbo, Greenpoint, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens areas
AGES: K???????


MS ED??NYS?????????????1-6???
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Dan is a dual certified special education teacher with over 17 years experience. He currently works as a SETSS Teacher at a public school in New York City. Dan believes relationship building is the cornerstone of a successful teaching practice and strives to quickly engage his students by exuding expertise and passion within his practice. In his 17 years as an educator, Dan has worked as a resource teacher, inclusive special education teacher, as well as a self contained special education teacher. Dan has experience working with a wide variety of students including those with specific reading, writing and math learning disabilities, speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, as well as issues with Executive Functioning. Through his experience as an educator, he has been able to find his own innovative, progressive approach, which allows him to tailor units, lessons and concepts to the individual learning needs and interests of his students.

Dan has worked with a multitude of students implementing multisensory reading instruction and specializes his instruction to students who have difficulties with decoding or dyslexia. He has experience in implementing the Corrective Reading Program, Wilson Fundations, Wilson Reading System, The Orton Gillingham Approach, Guided Reading Leveled Literacy, Novel Studies, Core-Knowledge and the Teachers College Readers Workshop. Dan also has a passion for teaching math and uses kinesthetic/tactile strategies to reach all learners. He has used Go-Math, NY Engage, Everyday Math from the University of Chicago and TERC Investigations. When teaching writing Dan uses a variety of approaches to engage his students which includes the Hochman Method and Word Study/Vocabulary Instruction using Words Their Way.

Dan earned a Master s Degree in Regular Education and Special Education from Touro college and holds a bachelor degree from High Point University in North Carolina. He holds professional teaching certificates for both regular and special education (grades 1-6).



MS??????????Orton Gillingham??
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Rachel is an early childhood (birth-grade 2) special education teacher in a New York City public school in Brooklyn. She has been teaching since 2006. Rachel has taught in the ICT setting as well as in a self-contained bridge K-2 12:1 setting. She has experience working with children with Angelman s Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, speech and language delays, ADD/ADHD, and learning disabilities. In the 2018-2019 school year, Rachel piloted New York City s first ACES (academic, career, and essential skills) inclusion program for kindergarten children who have intellectual and multiple disabilities. Teaching this class provided experience with becoming familiar teaching and communicating through AAC devices. She is passionate about discovering ways to make learning individualized and magical to the young children she teaches. Rachel believes in a hands-on approach to learning and integrates this idea across all content areas.

In 2015, Rachel worked in collaboration with teachers across New York City to write the Passport to Social Studies curriculum. Specifically, she was a writer for the kindergarten curriculum. Additionally, Rachel spent the summers of 2016-2018 facilitating professional development to teachers that would be implementing the curriculum at their schools.

Rachel received training and Orton Gillingham certification through the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education. Additionally, Rachel is trained in Sounds Sensible, Fundations, Fountas & Pinnell, Teacher s College Reading and Writing, and Go! Math. While Rachel teaches the younger grades in school, she tutors children of all ages. Rachel believes that there is nothing more satisfying than finding ways to ignite the reading fire in young children, and feed this fire with the tools needed to develop and grow as readers and writers.and Rachel has 4 years of teaching experience in the second grade, both general education and special education. Outside of school, Rachel works with elementary school children of all ages through 5th grade. She uses a variety of materials that are best suited to the age and level of the child. Rachel is experienced in preparing students in the 3rd-5th grade for the NYS ELA exam.

???????: ???????????????????????????????????? Gowanus??
EXPERTISE: Orton Gillingham, Sounds Sensible, Fundations. Fountas, Pinnell, Teacher’s College Reading and Writing, and Go! Math

Andrea P.??????

???????????????????????MS Ed
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Andrea is a tenured NYS certified teacher, she is professionally certified in General Education and Special Education grades 1-6. Andrea completed her bachelors of education with a minor in Psychology at St. John s University and graduated Cum Lade. She was also on the Dean s List all 4 years of her undergraduate program. She then completed her masters in Special Education at St. John s University. Recently Andrea furthered her education and completed her 30 and above in education through Midwest Teachers Institute.

Andrea currently works for the NYC Department of Education as a Third Grade special education self-contained teacher. She has over six years of experience teaching students with diverse needs including Autism, students with learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorders and emotional/behavioral disorders. In her 6 years of teaching: K, 1ST, 2nd, 3rd?4?. She is experienced in working with students struggling with literacy, writing and reading skills (decoding, fluency, reading comprehension). Andrea is very familiar with IEP s and working towards meeting student's specific goals.

Andrea has been trained in the Fundations program, Columbia University s Teacher s College, as well as Fountas & Pinnell. She also has 6 years of experience with the GoMath and Exemplars programs to support learning in math. Along with being trained in these programs, she provides numerous scaffolds to aide children in learning. She will provide manipulatives as well as making charts tailored to a child's specific needs.

Andrea is experienced in test preparation for the ELA and Math state tests and for preparing English language learners for NYSESLAT. When working with English Language Learners as well as students with learning disabilities, she feels it is extremely important to provide visuals to support their learning.

In her daily practice as a teacher, she uses many approaches to motivate and maintain appropriate behaviors. By getting to know her students it allows her to engage them and best learn their interests. She truly enjoys building strong relationships with her students and working with them to meet their individualized learning goals. When needed, she uses a positive reinforcement and a positive reward system to help with students confidence and self-esteem. She is also trained in applied behavior analysis approach (ABA). She is excited to help your child with his or her literacy and math skills.


Alexa S.

??????? Orton Gillingham???????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Alexa is a childhood (birth-grade 6) education teacher in a New York City public school in Brooklyn. She has been teaching since 2015. Alexa attended Iona College in New Rochelle, NY for her undergraduate education degree, with a minor in math. Following that Alexa attended Brooklyn College where she obtained her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. In addition, she is fully trained in the Orton Gillingham approach (multi-sensory approach for struggling readers/writers).

Alexa???????????????????????????????????????????ADD / ADHD???/????????????????????? Alexa????????????????????????????????/????????????????????????????????????/?????????????????????????????????????Alexa????????????????????ELL?????????????????????????????ReadyGen?Go Math?Orton Gillingham?

Alexa is patient, compassionate and creative. She will help your child grow as a reader, writer, learner, in the best way that fits their needs!

TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized instruction in reading, decoding/encoding (spelling), phonics, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and writing
EXPERTISE: Orton Gillingham, individualized lessons in decoding/encoding, Leveled Literacy Instruction, reading comprehension, writing, and math


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Lauren is a NYC Department of Education teacher and holds 5 NYS Certifications: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Pre K to Grade 12), Students with Disabilities (Birth to Grade 2), Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6), Early Childhood General Education (Birth to Grade 2), and Childhood General Education (Grades 1-6). She received her Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) from Hunter College in Manhattan. She also received a B.A. in Child Study/Mathematics from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn. Lauren is currently an ENL (English as a New Language) teacher in Brooklyn, NY. She works with English Language Learners and modifies instruction so that her diverse students can grasp the content being taught.

Lauren has experience working with many diverse cultures and backgrounds, currently working with students speaking 27 different languages. Lauren specializes in small-group guided reading instruction working on specific students’ needs. She understands that students learn in different ways and incorporates a variety of learning styles in her instruction such as, visual, linguistic, and kinesthetic. For reading struggles, Lauren uses multi-sensory instruction with various hands-on techniques (play-doh, sand writing, air writing, magnetic letter tiles) to aid in word memory and building and engages with the students in interactive shared reading.

Lauren is trained using multiple assessments and curriculum including Teacher’s College, Words Their Way, Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell, Go Math, Metamorphosis Math, and Envisions. She works with students who struggle with decoding, spelling, and writing by building on each student's current skill level. Lauren has experience working with students who have learning disabilities, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities.

??: ?????: Flatbush????????Flatbush???????????????????????????
???: Woodside?Astoria?Sunnyside?Glendale?????Forest Hills?Elmhurst?Jackson Heights
????? ENL???????????????????????????????????????????NYSESLAT??????State ELA?Math??
??? ????????????????????????????????????????
??? ??????


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Marysia is a dual-certified (Elementary & Special Education) teacher with over 14 years of teaching experience. She holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Seton Hall University. She currently teaches in a 3rd grade ESL public school classroom. She provides both whole class and small group literacy and math instruction to ESL, general education and special education students.

Over the course of her teaching career, she has worked with a diverse population of students from Grades K through 6- with a majority of those years spent in NYS testing grades 3-5. She utilizes a variety of strategies and tools to help students prepare for the state tests, as well as for the next grade level.

Since Marysia is bilingual (Polish/English), grew up in a bilingual household, and has years of experience working in an ELL classroom, she understands the needs of the ELL community . She has also worked with students with a variety of learning needs and disabilities as well as with students who need additional emotional and organizational supports.

Marysia has been trained in and is confident in using ELA programs including: Ready Gen, Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell, McGrawHill, and Teacher s College Reading and Writing Program, and iReady. She believes in a balanced approach to literacy which incorporates Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, strong Mentor texts, Writing Mechanics and Writing Content. She begins by assessing the needs of each student's decoding, fluency and reading comprehension skills. Once Marysia identifies her students literacy strengths and weaknesses, she builds individualized plans to meet those needs. For students in need of decoding and spelling intervention, she uses systematic multisensory teaching, such as Fundations to bridge gaps in phonemic awareness and spelling. She also incorporates engaging children’s literacy to address fluency and comprehension needs as well as build a love of reading. Her remedial approach helps reduce the literacy gaps evidenced in her students.

Teaching Math is one of Marysia s passions. She has been trained in and is confident in using Math programs including Go Math, Exemplars Problem Solving, EngageNY, Number Talks and Routines, and iReady to provide support in all areas of Math. She incorporates a variety of strategies, including songs, acronyms, manipulative use, spiral review, and engaging review games into her lessons to help students build a strong conceptual understanding.

TYPES OF SERVICES: Reading comprehension, literacy, writing, initial reading assessment, progressive monitoring, ESL, reading fluency, state testing prep, spelling, decoding, math
EXPERTISE: Math, phonics awareness, reading comprehension, English ESL, students with disabilities, fluent in Polish
AGES: Grade K-6


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Derek has a master s in Professional Studies a Professional Diploma in Educational Leadership from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. He has the following New York State certifications: Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6; Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Birth-Grade 2: and as a School Building and School District Leader. Derek has been teaching and tutoring for seven years in many different instructional capacities including a 3rd-5? ?? ??????2-4???4???????? grade integrated co-teaching classroom (ICT) and general education classrooms. Currently, Derek is a 4? ???????????ICT???

Derek has taught students using a multitude of literacy and mathematics programs including Teacher s College Reading and Writing Project, Ready Gen, Lit Life, Go Math, enVision Math, and the Engage NY ELA and Math modules. He has extensive literacy experience using Core Knowledge Language Arts, Orton-Gillingham, Reading A-Z, Read Works, Wilson, Fundations, as well as Edmark for supplemental ELA intervention. Additionally, he has experience with integrated instructional technology programs such as Lexia, I-Ready, and Achieve 3,000 into his daily small group and individualized classroom instruction.


Derek was also a curriculum specialist and instructor for an enrichment tutoring company where he designed, organized, and developed specialized instructional materials for K-8 grade students. His administrative work enhanced students ELA and Math critical thinking skills and improved their state test results. Derek is committed to supporting students and their academic growth.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island
TYPE OF SERVICES: Reading comprehension and fluency, reading and writing stamina, writing organization, structure, and development, spelling, phonological assessments, progressing monitoring, and data analysis
EXPERTISE: Curriculum modifications, phonological awareness, reading comprehension, writing for general education students and special education students, and data analysis
GRADES: Kindergarten thru 6? ??

Alexis WM??Orton Gillingham?Wilson??

Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Alexis holds professional teaching certificates in both general education and special education K-6th in NYS. She has a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Learning and received her Masters in Special Education from Rutgers University. She is currently working as a Learning Interventionist for an elementary charter school in downtown Brooklyn.

Alexis is certified in the Wilson Reading System and has extensive training and experience using Orton Gillingham and other research-based intervention programs. She has over 10 years experience teaching students K-12th in a variety of settings. She has experience teaching as a general education teacher, ICT teacher, and a Learning Interventionist for elementary grades. She also has experience serving as a Special Education IEP Coordinator and ELL testing Coordinator where she collaborated with both parents and teachers to get the mandated services that the students need in order for them to reach their full potential. Throughout her career, Alexis has worked with a variety of types of learning differences including dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism spectrum based behaviors and disabilities, ADD, ADHD, emotionally disturbed, physical disabilities, as well as low cognitive disabilities. Alexis has extensive knowledge of childhood development, common core standards, school curriculums, and how to differentiate the curriculum to fit the needs of each student.

Alexis believes that all students learn differently and believes that with the right teaching approach, students of all ages and levels can succeed. She has a passion for working with children to find out exactly how they learn best and to give them the tools to become independent learners. As a teacher and a mom, Alexis knows how important it is to understand each child as a whole and collaborates with families about their child's progress. For each client she works with, Alexis is committed to establishing a partnership with the families to give the child as much academic support as possible.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn.
?????Orton Gillingham?Wilson?????Wilson Fundations??????????????????????????????


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Leticia is a certified Pre-K-6 instructor with over a decade of teaching experience in the New York City school system. She holds a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Teacher s College, Columbia University, a Bilingual Certification from Bank Street College, and studied Spanish and English Literature at the University of California, Riverside. While at UCR, she provided mentorship to students in the Early Academic Outreach program. She is also a founding member of The Coalition of Latino Scholars at Teacher s College, Columbia University. In 2005 she was a scholar at Solexico Language School in Yucatan, Mexico. In 2009 she began taking courses at Teacher s College, Columbia University in Speech Pathology, and there grew her passion for language development and language based learning challenges some of these children face when acquiring literacy.


?????Orton Gillingham??????????????????????????????????????


???????????????????Orton Gillingham????????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Kristina M.??????1-6???????????????????Kristina????????????????Adelphi University???????????????????????????????Orton Gillingham???????/?????????????????????Kristina?????????????????????????????????/??????????????????????????????/??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

??????Kristina???????????????????????????????????????????????ADD / ADHD???/????????????????????Kristina??????????ICT?????????????/????????????????????????ReadyGen?Go Math?Orton Gillingham?


LOCATIONS: Brooklyn Weekdays: Bensonhurst?Bay Ridge?Dyker Heights?Sheetshead Bay?Park Slope?
??????: ???????????????????????????
Manhattan: Saturday and Sunday mornings
?????Orton Gillingham???/??????????????????????????


MS ED?????????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

???Rita????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hunter????????Harlem????????????Judith Birsh???Orton-Gillingham??????????LMUST????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Rita????????????????????????????????????????????????????ELA????????????????????????????????????????????Rita???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

? ?? ???

LOCATION: Brooklyn, Manhattan.


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Mike graduated from St. Joseph s University on Long Island with a dual bachelor s degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education for Early Childhood K- 6th grade. He also has a Masters Degree in Literacy K-6th grade from Long Island University. While working to attain his Literacy degree, he developed working knowledge of Fundations, as well as Fountas & Pinell. Before graduating from St. Josephs, Mike was an English major at Manhattanville University while studying to become a lawyer. However, he eventually realized his true passion was working with children and turned his attention to teaching. Both of Mike s parents were special education teachers. His mother taught middle and high school special education as a reading teacher, which helped expose him to years of teaching methods long before he had his own classroom. Now, Mike has over 10 years working in both general education and special education classrooms. For the past 4+ years, he has worked as a special education teacher in an I.C.T. (Integrated Co-Teaching) classroom, as well as a general education teacher at P.S. 170 in Brooklyn. One of his core beliefs is to create student engagement, which helps facilitate learning. He uses numerous multisensory and interactive techniques to enhance students writing, decoding, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills. Mike also has extensive knowledge of the NYS Common Core learning standards, which he seamlessly incorporates into each lesson. He also has over five years of sports coaching experience. He brings a passion and willingness to work with students of all learning abilities and styles.



???????????????????????? 6?????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

?????Brittany??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Alfred University?????????????????????????????????????????????Kappa Delta Pi????

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????St. Francis College???????????????????????????????????????

She uses a multi-sensory approach to teach phonics as it reaches all learning styles and gives struggling readers the visual and hands-on instruction they need. Brittany uses a variety of age-appropriate multisensory tools including writing in sand, play-doh, magnetic tiles to build words and sentences, story sticks which allow students to use sight, touch and sound to connect letters and their sounds. Her decoding practices teach children to automatically recognize individual sounds leading them to fluent reading of words and sentences, which in turn will lead to full reading comprehension. Her approach to teaching phonics is explicit and systematic and is especially effective for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Brittany customizes a tool-kit of reading comprehension strategies specific to struggling areas for students including inferring, visualization, questioning, summarizing, activating background knowledge. She uses running record assessments to isolate specific reading comprehension struggles and develop anchor charts, games and activities such as comprehension sticks to address the child's needs. In addition, she teaches students to apply their comprehension strategies into other social situations outside of the classroom.

Brittany also teaches math and use a multi-sensory approach to teaching specific mathematic skills. The use of manipulative, acronyms and mnemonic devices are an essential component of my approach to teaching students math. She also utilizes a variety of the reading comprehension tool-kit strategies in order to develop student's understanding of multi-step word problems.

AGES: Grades Kindergarten to Grade 5


MS?NYS??????? 6?????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

????Alyssa?????????Queens College???????????????????Adelphi????????Duel??????????PK-5?????????? Alyssa?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Alyssa?????????????????????????????????????????ELA??????????

????????????????????????? ? writing program. She uses the Wilson curriculum in order to help students build their decoding, fluency and phonemic awareness skills. Alyssa has training in Columbia University Teacher College s reading and writing model to help students enhance their writing and reading skills. Lastly, she is trained in Fountas ?Pinnell????????????????????

Alyssa begins the tutoring process by administering Teacher College and Fountas & Pinell assessments to better target the needs of the student. Alyssa has an innate ability to connect with and reach all of her students. She creates a risk-free learning environment and encourages student engagement. She strives to promote and provide students with differentiated instruction and to meet the needs of each student's learning style. She takes advantage of her students strengths and her students feel supported and nurtured when working with her.

Alyssa has vast experience in working with students struggling with reading skills and strategies. Prior to working for The New York City Department of Education, Alyssa worked as an Academic Intervention Services Provider. She use evidence-based intervention such as, Fundations Levels K, 1, and 2, Wilson s Just Words, and Fountas and Pinnell s Leveled Literacy Intervention grades K-5. She is experienced teaching students the strategies they need for learning to learn literacy. Alyssa s individualized, multi-sensory reading interventions target, decoding (reading), spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. She specializes in teaching letter/sound identification, phonemic awareness, spelling, reading fluency, comprehension, and writing.

Alyssa is calm, patient, nurturing, and playful. She develops relationships with all of her students and uses their specific interests to plan individualized lesson plans to maintain her students attention, engaging and keeping them excited about reading. Her ultimate goal is to create confidence in reading and writing.

AGES: Pre-K 4th Grade
Long Island Wantagh, Seaford, Bellmore, Levittown, Merrick, Massapequa, Monday through Thursday 4:30 6:30


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Joanna earned her M.A. in Elementary Education and Literacy from Bank Street College of Education in Manhattan, and her B.A. in History from the University of Colorado. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham-based multi-sensory approach Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) and has worked with dozens of struggling readers, dyslexic readers, and readers needing enrichment across New York City. Joanna has worked in many schools throughout New York City, including private schools, public schools, and charter schools, so she understands the challenges students face in different educational environments. She currently works as a Head Teacher at The Co-op School in Brooklyn.

Joanna will administer comprehensive assessments to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses. She will then create personalized sessions to target specific areas of need. Joanna focuses on building independence by teaching students to use a toolbox of skills and strategies that they can refer to as they read and write. Joanna has a calm, patient nature and a playful sense of humor that help her to connect with students on a personal level. She believes that interest and motivation are critically important in supporting more thoughtful reading.

???????: ?????Clinton Hill????????Bed Stuy???????Prospect Heights?????????????????????????

**???????????????????????????????????? http://workheights.com / . The address is 650 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 (near Franklin and st. Marks). It is accessible by the A/C/2/3/4/5 trains and is quiet and free of distractions! It's a shared co working space but you will be working at a private room for tutoring. There are even free snacks. She has blocked out time from 3:15-8:30 on Tues/Thurs.



Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Anastasiya is a New York dual licensed Childhood (birth-grade 2) General and Special Education Teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and tutoring students. She holds a bachelor of science from Brooklyn College in Speech Language Pathology, with a minor in Children s Studies, and a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education in General and Special Education from Touro College School of Education. Anastasiya is currently obtaining her second masters degree in School and District Leadership from Touro College. She is presently working as a special education teacher in an integrated NEST second grade classroom, at a highly regarded school in Brooklyn.

Anastasiya has dedicated her career to working in private and public schools, agencies, and home based intervention sites throughout all boroughs. She has experience servicing children grades K-5 with a wide range of disabilities including: speech and language impairments, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, dyspraxia, anxiety disorders, and comorbidity of these impairments. Anastasiya has also worked with many ESL students who need assistance in understanding their school s curriculum and producing grade level work. She utilizes her interpersonal skills to collaborate with teachers, therapists and parents in order to set up effective communication, which is utilized as a powerful tool in helping the child become a successful lifelong learner.

Anastasiya was trained and continues to attend professional developments for diverse programs to meet the needs of all of her students. She is trained in Orton Gillingham, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), Wilson Fundations Program, Leveled Literacy Instruction (Fountas and Pinnell), ReadyGen, Junior Great Books, TC Writing, and GoMath. She integrates a variety of these program, by creating multi-sensory and differentiated instruction for each child. Additionally, Anastasiya recognizes each child's interests and strengths and constantly strives to make learning enjoyable, exciting, and personal.

?????Orton Gillingham?ABA?????????Wilson????????????Fountas?Pinnell?????????????????????


??? NYS???1-6??
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Gretchen is a certified 1st-6th grade educator with over 7 years of experience. She is certified in both Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities. She has taught pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and middle school (grades 6-8) within those 7 years. All of these classes were inclusive classrooms with students of varied ability levels. She holds a master of sciences in Literacy from Touro College and is a certified Reading Specialist.

Gretchen currently works at a school in Brooklyn and have been teaching there since 2012. She works in a specialized program that helps children with high functioning autism in an inclusive setting gain access to the curriculum and Common Core standards. She is trained in Orton Gillingham, such as Wilson Fundations, Junior Great Books, ReadyGen, Go Math, Fountas and Pinnell, and the International Baccalaureate Program that focuses on student centered learning in all curriculum areas. Within her current school, she conducts literacy interventions for struggling readers and hosts workshops on positive behavior interventions for her colleagues.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge
?????Orton Gillingham??????????????????????????????????????????
EXPERTISE: individualized instruction, phonemic awareness, fluency, prosody, reading comprehension, reading and writing stamina, Autism


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Lana G.???????????6????????????????????????????????????? ???? ??????????????????????????????????????ICT???????????????????????

???Lana??????????????????????10?????????????????????????????????????????????K-6???????? ?? ???????????????????????Lana???ABA?????????Wilson Fundations??????????Fountas?Pinnell??ReadyGen?Junior Great Books?TC Writing?GoMath???. ?? ????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Lana???????????????????????????????????

??? ?????: ?????????????????????Lefferts-Garden?Midwood? ????????


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Ellie is a multi-certified teacher General Education (birth to 6? ????????????2??nd grade) with over 10 years of experience. She is currently an Academic Intervention Service (AIS) provider working with grades 2 through 5 to ????????. ??????????????????????????????????????ICT???????Ellie???????????????ELA?????????????????

Ellie has trained in several literacy programs, including Columbia University s Teachers College, Leveled Literacy (Fountas ? ???), Wilson s ????? ReadyGen???? ??????? Go?? enVisionMATH??????????????? ???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????Ellie?????? ??????????? ???????????????????

???Ellie????????????Bentley College?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ellie???????????????????????????????????????????Brooklyn College???????????????2007??????

TYPES OF SERVICES: Wilson s Fundations Program, Leveled Literacy Instruction, building phonemic awareness and phonics skills, reading comprehension, reading fluency, reading assessments, State Test preparation (both ELA and math), and homework help


?????? ASD????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

???????Natalie Hale??????????????1-6?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Natalie??Spalding???K-6???????????????????????????????????Natalie??????????????Wilson Fundations Program??????????????????????K-3??


????Natalie???????????????????????ADD?ADHD????????/????????/???????? Natalie???Prek-5???????????????????



MS ED???????NYS???????????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Nikki is a New York dual certified Elementary Education/Special Education teacher (grades 1-6), earning both a Bachelor of Science in Community Health and a Master s of Science Elementary and Special Education from Hofstra University. She also holds a Master s of Education Administration and Supervision from Hunter College. She has seven years of teaching experience in Manhattan and Brooklyn focusing on meeting the diverse needs of learners in her classrooms. Nikki is also an Orton-Gillingham certified instructor. She uses this multi-sensory approach to meet students individualized learning needs. These interventions target: decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), reading fluency, and reading comprehension. She specializes in teaching letter/sound identification, phonemic awareness, and writing.She has also trained with Columbia University s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and has been using the workshop model for writing with her students.


Nikki is patient, understanding and her lesson plans are fun and engaging. She enjoys building strong relationships with her students and working with them to meet their individualized learning goals. Beginning by assessing your child to determine their individual learning needs, she works diligently to plan engaging and exciting lessons custom tailoring your child's literacy goals.



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Alexandra is a certified Elementary (birth-6th) and Special Education (birth-6th) teacher with eight years experience. Alexandra is a licensed reading specialist and obtained her masters in Literacy and Cognition at St. Joseph s College. Alexandra provides reading, writing and math intervention services to students K-5. Alexandra is trained in Orton Gillingham, SPIRE (Intensive Reading Intervention for Nonreaders and Struggling Readers) Seeing Stars (Linda Moodbell), and Visualizing Verbalizing (Linda Moodbell). Alexandra provides her students with individualized, multi-sensory lessons targeted to improve students decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), fluency and reading comprehension. In terms of her teaching experience, Alexandra taught 4th grade ICT, she worked as an F status reading interventionist, and was a full-time SETSS provider (special education teacher support services). Alexandra is currently working as an IEP teacher/SETSS provider and has been in this position for the past four years. Alexandra also trains and supervises all interventionists and special education teachers at her school to ensure quality control measures. Alexandra also works closely with the guidance counselors and is on the lead team completing functional behavior analysis assessments and behavioral intervention plans for students when needed. Alexandra has experience working with students who are struggling in all areas; particularly in literacy. This includes students with learning disabilities and dyslexia, attention difficulties and processing delays. She also works with many general education students who need extra support in their classrooms.

??? ????????Bay Ridge?Dyker Heights?Benson Hurst?Park Slope?
Orton Gillingham individualized lessons in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling), Linda Moodbell Individualized lessons, reading comprehension, writing and math.


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Maddie s personal experience with her own reading struggles as a child has given her a unique understanding of the emotional and social strains that struggling readers often face. Her interest in education began in high school where she tutored elementary school students in reading at The Churchill School and Center and taught children's yoga. After receiving her B.A. in sociology from Guilford College, she began working at The Child School/Legacy High School where she gained experience teaching children with a wide range of special needs. She was trained there in the Wilson Reading Program by Shelly P. (A highly experienced and accomplished teacher and reading specialist, also at Brooklyn Letters). This training led to a position as a reading specialist at The Child School/Legacy High School where Maddie worked one-on-one and in small groups with students (K-12) who were reading below grade level to build their decoding, encoding and comprehension skills. Maddie also worked as a reading specialist at Integrative Neuropsychological Services where she gave reading lessons as part of intensive educational interventions for children (K-8) with special needs. In this position she worked closely with students other service providers (psychologists, speech and language therapists etc.) to ensure that their emotional, physical, and social development were considered in every reading lesson.

Maddie s approach to reading education is designed to build students confidence and interest in reading while simultaneously developing the skills necessary for academic success. The more she knows about her students, the better she can create lessons that meet their unique needs and areas of strength. She therefore encourages ongoing communication with parents and other s involved in the student's education.

EXPERTISE: Working with students who have learning disabilities; e.g. dyslexia and ADHD. Advancing students reading abilities who are reading below grade level. Preventative literacy skill building for young readers.
AGES: Pre-K 6th Grade


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Lizzie is certified in Literacy (K-12), Childhood Education and Special Education (K-6). She holds a dual Masters Degree in General Childhood Education and Literacy from Bank Street College of Education. She also holds an additional Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governor s University. With 8 years of experience working with diverse elementary learners, Lizzie has a passion for helping each child reach their full potential. Currently, Lizzie works as the Director of Learning Supports for an elementary charter school in Brooklyn.

Trained in Orton-Gillingham as well as a multitude of instructional approaches (Reading/writing workshop, Fountas and Pinnell, Core Knowledge Language Arts, Framing your Thinking writing, Teacher s College Writing) and various research-based intervention programs, Lizzie will individualize her approach to your child's needs. Every tutoring relationship beings with a thorough review of your child's strengths and needs as well as interests. Lizzie also identifies what motivates each particular child, whether that is a game at the end of the session, a sticker chart or fun movement breaks throughout, to keep your child engaged and inspired to do their absolute best. Lizzie also prides herself on being very knowledgeable about a variety of children's books helping your child find those they will enjoy reading no matter their skill level or interest.


Absolute belief in every child's ability and the willingness to go to great lengths to find exactly what works for him or her are the core of Lizzie s approach. She loves to collaborate with families to help them support their own child by providing games and activities parents can use in-between sessions.

LOCATION: Weekdays Brooklyn: Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Carrol Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Gravesend.
Weekends Park Slope, Gravesend, Bensonhurst
?????Orton Gillingham?????????????????????????????95%?????????????????
???k?5?? ??


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

????Josephine??2017?????????????????????????????????????????????1-6?????????K- 6???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Josephine?????????Brooklynite???????????14??????????????????

Josephine found her appreciation for a progressive and constructivist approach towards teaching very early on in her career. She has been accepted into three summer institutes and studied with Teacher s College Reading and Writing Institute with Columbia University, and works closely with a TCRWP staff developer throughout the school year. Josephine also works on diversifying her approach to teaching mathematics by working closely with a Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Community consultant throughout the school year.


For the past five years, Josephine has also working as a private tutor. Her approach towards implementing multisensory reading instruction mirrors the strategies and foundational aspects of the Orton Gillingham Approach, Wilson Fundations, as well as the Teacher s College Reading and Writing Workshop. In math, Josephine uses exploratory, kinesthetic, and hands on strategies to fuse the bridge between understanding and execution. Because of her experience teaching in an upper grade classroom, Josephine is also well versed with various strategies, tactics, and resources when it comes to preparing students to excel on both the New York State English Language Arts and Mathemetics exams.
Josephine commits to the work before her. She knows that a strong self-confidence starts with positive relationships. At her core, she believes that each student is their own individual and their path towards academic success is rooted in feeling successful, learning that mistakes are a necessary part of learning, and understanding the importance of how and why to persevere.

??????????????????????????????????????????????ELA????????????NYS ELA?????????????????????????????


?? ???????????????1-6???
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Rebecca is an elementary education teacher (grades 1-6) in the New York City Department of Education. She currently teaches 1st grade in Brooklyn. Rebecca has also worked with students in 2nd through 4th grades in both classroom and extra support roles. She received her Bachelors in Economics from Northeastern University and her Masters of Science in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Social Studies from Northwestern University. Rebecca is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach (multi- sensory approach for struggling readers/writers), Fountas and Pinnell, Teachers College Reading and Writing, Metamorphosis Math, and TERC math.

Rebecca has experience working with students with diverse needs, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, speech/language impairments, and learning disabilities. She specializes in working with students who need intervention in phonemic awareness, letter/sound identification, decoding/encoding, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing. Rebecca uses guided reading, Orton-Gillingham practices, and a multi sensory approach to support students at their current literacy levels and help them make progress in these areas. With upper elementary students, Rebecca also focuses on literacy integration and connecting reading fluency, comprehension, critical analysis, and writing skills to strengthen students literacy abilities.

????????Bay Ridge?Bensonhurst?Dyker Heights????????????


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Maria has worked with a wide range of students (grades 3-12) in her nine years as a tutor and educator. She has worked with students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, expressive and receptive language difficulties, and math learning difficulties or challenges. Maria has experience using Eureka Math (EngageNY), Terc Investigations, GO! Math, OnRamp, and Saxon Math. Maria is a Wilson trained learning specialist, with experience using Orton Gillingham, Seeing Stars to remediate students with decoding and encoding difficulties, Visualizing and Verbalizing for students with comprehension difficulties, and the Hochman method for writing. Maria began her reading remediation career working with adolescent students who needed reading support and has expanded her practice since that time. Maria also has experience using the Teachers College and Reading and Writing Workshop and Leveled Literacy Intervention. All of Maria s tutoring programs are catered to the individual student.


????Maria?????????????SAT?SSAT?ISEE?SHSAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1-6???????1-6; 7-12????????




Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

???Lauren???????????/????????????CERI / IDA???????/?????????Wilson????????????????????????????????????????

Lauren specializes in teaching critical literacy skills as well as simple mindfulness skills to ease anxiety, regain focus, and regulate their emotions. Her motto is, A Calm Mind Is a Mind that Is Ready to Learn.

Lauren tutors students in grades K through 8 who need help with reading (from decoding to comprehension) and writing (from brainstorming to revision). She has worked successfully with students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing issues, executive function deficits, ADHD, and ASD. She has also effectively supported students who are twice-exceptional, that is, gifted and also struggling learners. She provides individualized, comprehensive, multisensory, direct instruction with patience and a sense of fun. She currently tutors and teaches a remedial reading class through the PS 154 After School program, and tutors privately in students homes.

?????Mindful Schools????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Lauren has completed coursework toward an M.S. in Teaching Literacy at the Touro College Graduate School of Education, and is currently enrolled in the Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy and Language through the Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her experience raising her son, who is gifted and also has ADHD, through New York City public schools and other academic settings, has given her a deep appreciation for the great effort that struggling learners put forth every day, and also for the concern that parents harbor about how to help their child. She is a sympathetic guide through the twists and turns, both logistical and emotional, of supporting a differently-learning child. She is also a veteran children's book editor and a published author of more than 30 children's books.

?????Orton-Gillingham???????????????????????????????????????ADD / ADHD???????????????????????????????????????????????

?????Tatiana S.?

Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Tatiana specializes in inquiry-based learning and constructivist teaching methods. She implements Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile (VAKT) strategies in her lesson plans. She teaches math using a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) approach and, in reading, she is trained in Teacher s College Reading and Writing as well as Fountas & Pinnell. Tatiana s priority is always to differentiate instruction, creating lessons that are individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. Beyond the classroom, Tatiana also has experience tutoring English as a 2nd 7??????????

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3rd-5? ???????????????Bed-Stuy?







???????????????????????????????Boerum Hill???????????????????????????????????


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Lilly is an educational therapist for children, teens, and adults, from elementary school to college and further into adulthood. She has a Masters of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of College London and a Bachelor s of Arts in Psychology with a minor in pre-medicine from Chapman University, California. She is trained in Orton-Gillingham as well as several multi-sensory and evidence- based approaches.



AGES: 1st Grade College/Adults


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


David has worked for the past four years as a special education teacher in California. He just recently moved to New York! He has taught all ages of elementary students from kindergarten to sixth grade. David specializes in teaching literacy to students with special needs like Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and other learning disabilities. Success comes because David tailors his instruction to meet individual students needs. David has taught full general education classrooms, but his favorite practice is teaching small groups of special needs students, and individuals one-to-one. David believes that one of the key components to effective teaching is to build strong relationships based on mutual trust.

David earned his bachelor s degree in International Relations at the University of California, Davis. He earned his general education teaching credential at Mills College in Oakland. He earned his Masters degree in Special Education at California State University, East Bay. David is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to literacy, guided reading, Fountas and Pinnell, Barton and Sonday systems, Do the Math, reading comprehension, Assistive Technology, Executive Function and study skills, functional behavioral assessments, as well as a variety of other instructional practices for teaching English language arts, math, and behavior. When working with students with reading disabilities, David typically builds a strong foundation in phonics using a multi-sensory approach first. Then, he will help students to expand their comprehension skills through reading, questions, and dialogue. However, every student is different. He conducts informal assessments to determine the exact needs of every student.



Special Educator And Childhood Literacy Specialist, Pre-K 4th Grade, MS, PhD
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Peter is a special educator and childhood literacy specialist, pre-K 4th grade, the learning to read phase of literacy instruction. He holds permanent New York State certification in special education, a masters in special education from Hunter College (CUNY) and a PhD in urban education from the Graduate Center (CUNY). He has supervised pre-service elementary school teachers at the undergraduate level and taught literacy assessment and instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Peter currently contributes, edits, and reviews book chapters and articles on the history, philosophy, and sociology of education for various academic publications.

Peter is trained in the Wilson Reading System, one of the many Orton-Gillingham approaches to multi-sensory phonics instruction. He has taught in both inclusive and self-contained special education environments (K 2nd grade). He has learned through his experience that multi-sensory phonics instruction braided with robust comprehension modalities is the sine qua non of childhood literacy instruction. Phonics and comprehension are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they must be coupled for effective assessment and instruction.


TYPE OF SERVICES: Pre-K 4th grade Orton-Gillingham and qualitative (comprehension) literacy assessment and instruction tailored to a student's individual needs; implementing IEPs; providing test prep for the New York State ELA exam, K 4th grade.
?????Orton-Gillingham???????????????????????????????????????????????????????QRI??????? Peter???????IEP????ELA????????????
AGES: Pre-K 4th grade, ages 4 through 10 or 11.


MS ED??NYS?????????????1-6???
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Susan has worked in co-taught classrooms as a special educator and general educator for grades 3 through 5 and has provided tutoring to students in 2nd through 8th grade, students with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, math learning disabilities and struggles with executive functioning. Her approach to teaching is multi-sensory and incorporates creativity, encouraging students to, in the words of the poet Mary Oliver, pay attention, be astonished, tell about it, in their own expressive modalities including the arts and music (which Susan is personally most inspired by).

After receiving a BA in Art History from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, Susan worked in community arts education and as a children's yoga teacher, cultivating a love for teaching and a deeper appreciation for the role of educators in shaping children's lives. Working with teachers, therapists and language specialists at an organization for dyslexia, further nurtured this appreciation and led Susan to achieve an M.S.Ed in Childhood Education, grades 1-6 at Hunter College. Susan furthered her studies in special education at The College of Saint Rose.

As a tutor, Susan specializes in inquiry-based math instruction for grades 3 8, and works with EngageNY (Eureka Math), and TERC Investigations in addition to fun, interactive supplements like 3 Act Tasks and Estimation 180, which help students understand the real world applications of mathematics. Susan works with the Teachers College Reading and Writing curriculum and also designs scaffolds for readers and writers to help organize and outline their thoughts and elaborate on ideas. She has used the Wilson Reading System and Just Words programs with students as well as Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading, and Words Their Way. Additionally, she has experience with test-prep instruction.

????????BK /???????DUMBO?Ft Greene??????Boerum??Carroll???Gowanus????????????????????????????????
AGES: Grades 2 8


Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Wendy??????1-6?????????6????????????????????11???????????????????????????????????????????20?? Wendy???Wilson Reading Systems????????Fundations?????????????Orton Gillingham????????????????Orton Gillingham????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/???????????????????????????



Orton Gillingham?Lindamood-Bell?????????
Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Eva is an Educational Therapist and specializes in reading tutoring and intervention (spelling, phonemic/phonological awareness, writing, fluency, and comprehension). She has been tutoring since 2010 and has experience working with a variety of learners, including those with ADD/ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, speech and language delays, and receptive and expressive language disorders. Eva is passionate about out-of-school learning, and has worked with education-centered nonprofits in designing, leading, evaluating, and managing K-12 programs in cultural institutions and afterschool settings. From 2015-2018, she served as Associate Director at READ 718, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides reading remediation to students from low-income backgrounds. At READ 718, Eva developed a wide skillset in supporting children who are struggling with reading, as well as helping families understand and advocate for their children's learning needs.

Eva is attentive to the social processes that support each student's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional wellbeing. As a credentialed Educational Therapist, she helps students understand their learning needs, develop skills and strategies that support their success, and manage emotional issues that come up around learning. Her instruction is dynamic, strategy-based, and designed in collaboration with her student. Eva believes that enjoyment in reading is key to students success and does her best to provide reading materials that will be of interest. She enjoys collaborating with caregivers and schools to ensure that students receive the support they need, and to help demystify learning disabilities. For each of her students, Eva works closely with families to share information about student progress and help foster a literacy-rich home environment.

Eva holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in Poetry from Kenyon College, and an M.S. Ed. In Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education. As a museum educator, she has expertise in multimodal learning and informal learning environments. Since graduating, she has completed training in Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell Language Processes, Teachers College Reading & Writing, Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR), and Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD). She is dedicated to promoting children's literacy skills through participation in the arts and science, as well as fostering family literacy. Although Eva s academic background is in adolescent education, she is comfortable working with students in early elementary through high school. In addition to supporting fundamental reading and writing skills, Eva is available to tutor in English Language Arts, Social Studies, test taking strategies, study skills, and executive functions.



Reading Specialists and Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Isabel is a dual certified special education teacher. She currently works as 1st grade special education teacher at a public school in Brooklyn, NY. She has experience teaching in ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) classrooms in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. Isabel s education includes a B.A. in English from SUNY Buffalo State College and a Masters of Science in Education for General & Special Education, Grades 1-6, from Pace University. She is also an ASD Nest Certified teacher.

Isabel has been trained and has experience teaching the New York Common Core Standards and the following programs: Fountas and Pinell, Wilson Fundations, Words Their Way, Ready Gen, Teacher s College Reading & Writing, Junior Great Books, Eureka Math, Go Math, Envision Math, Number Talks, Bridges Math, VTS, iReady, and Raz Kids. Isabel s knowledge has allowed her to lead morning/afterschool intervention groups for reading, writing, math, and third grade test prep.

Isabel has worked with a variety of students. A few examples include students with: ASD, dyslexia, processing delays, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and speech and language impairments. She is familiar with the creation and implementation of students Individualized Education Plan or IEP s.

Isabel has experience differentiating and scaffolding instruction to students who have different ability levels and range of learning levels. She strives to recognize each child's interest and use that information to make learning engaging and meaningful. Her experience with Wilson and Orton Gilligham allows her to create individualized lessons that are interactive, multi-sensory, and tailored so that students feel successful in every session. This includes working with fun materials such as: magnetic tiles, activity cue cards, gel boards, and sound centers! In addition, Isabel is a fluent Spanish speaker and can also provide tutoring to students in a dual language program or students who are interested in learning Spanish.

????????????????????????Orton Gilligham???Wilson Fundations K-2?????????/??
AGES: Pre-Kindergarten 5th Grade