Brooklyn Letters consists of five psychologists: licensed Clinical Psychologists, Dr. Annette Hernandez, and Dr. Veronica Brodsky. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????



心理学家 ,布鲁克林字母

Hernandez博士是执照的临床心理学家,在治疗各个年龄段的儿童和成年人的各种困难方面都有丰富的经验。她目前在Packer大学学院担任学前和初中心理学家。她在布鲁克林的Park Slope地区有一家私人诊所。 Hernandez博士拥有十多年的临床经验,并曾在多种治疗环境中工作。她接受过认知行为疗法方面的专门培训,以治疗创伤后压力,抑郁,焦虑,恐惧症和强迫症。她还接受过辩证行为疗法和动机访谈的深入培训。 Hernandez博士的治疗干预措施来自她过去在循证治疗方面的研究经验。除了担任联邦资助的研究项目的首席研究员和协调员外,她还讲授和撰写了有关这种治疗方法的实施和修改的手稿。

She has been invited to train, supervise, and consult other clinicians on the use and implementation of evidence-based clinical practices in community-based settings. She currently works as a Senior Staff Psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and holds a voluntary faculty appointment at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Hernandez s therapy work includes practical strategies that are clear and easy to implement. Her work with children involves regular contact with parents to help them participate in and support their child's success.

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心理学家 ,布鲁克林字母

Dr. Veronica Brodsky is a founder and clinical director of Interactive Discovery Consulting and Psychological Services, P.C. She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults by providing individual as well as group work. Having a strong belief that collaborative work provides the most effective intervention; Interactive Discovery has been built using this philosophy. She utilizes a traditional as well as holistic approach to mental health by analyzing the connection between the mind and the body and emphasis on self-care. Her approach is integrative, combining psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback and existential therapy. Her clinical interests include working with children and adults who are dealing with different life transitions by helping them to cope with stressors associated with these events. She also conducts neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations.


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