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Brooklyn Math Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Rebecca is an elementary education teacher (grades 1-6) in the New York City Department of Education. She currently teaches 1st grade in Brooklyn. She received her Bachelors in Economics from Northeastern University and her Masters of Science in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Social Studies from Northwestern University.

Rebecca has experience working with first through third grade math curricula. She supports students in developing number sense, problem solving skills, and varied approaches to problems. She specializes in helping students gain a deeper understanding of the math curriculum through the use of concrete models and manipulatives. Rebecca has experience working with Go Math, TERC, and implementing Metamorphosis Math strategies.


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Her approach to math is multi-sensory, hands-on, and most importantly…fun! She has used Go Math and Envisions curriculum as well as had math trainging throught the National Training Network throughout her time teaching. She believes in using real world situations to help students get a clear idea of concepts being taught. She also combines her literacy background with her math expertise to help students comprehend what word problems are asking them to do. The students she teaches learn multiple strategies on how to approach a problem, and then reflect and decide which strategy works best for them. Her goal in tutoring your child is to build their math confidence as well as give them a clear understanding of how to use critical thinking to solve math problems.


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Brooklyn Math Tutors, Brooklyn Letters


Tatiana specializes in inquiry-based learning and constructivist teaching methods. She implements Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile (VAKT) strategies in her lesson plans. She uses a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) approach to teaching math that is rigorous and individualized to each student. Tatiana will incorporate various multi-sensory techniques, including the use of manipulatives, to develop conceptual understanding. She firmly believes that successful math instruction happens when teachers build on students innate number sense and curiosity, making math fun and accessible to all learners.








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Colleen is experienced in teaching Math in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. She is trained in GO Math!, EngageNY, Envisions and Exemplars. Colleen has taught upper elementary Math for five years. In addition to in class instruction, Colleen also works an after school New York State test prep program at her school to ensure her students achieve success. Each year the large majority of her students’ New York State test scores have improved significantly from the previous year. Colleen is trained in various Math test prep programs such as iReady, Rally, and EngageNY. Colleen’s expertise is working with students to deepen their conceptual understanding of Math. She uses a multi-sensory approach, especially when teaching students with disabilities. Colleen’s instruction includes the use of manipulatives, real world examples, hands on activities, spiral review, engaging math games and rich math discussion to teach her students. She also uses explicit instruction with the use of visuals and checklists for students to self monitor their learning. Colleen uses these various approaches to eliminate the common conception that Math is hard and boring for students. Instead she opens their minds to enjoy Math and to view it like a puzzle that is fun and engaging. Colleen is an expert in building student’s confidence through using a growth mindset. She teaches students to welcome their mistakes and to learn from them. She believes that a deep understanding of elementary Math is critical for students to achieve success.

Alexa S.

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Mike has taught math in both classroom settings, as well as in private tutoring sessions. He enjoys teaching math, as “there is always a solution to every problem”! Mike has experience with math from kindergarten through 6th grade. Based on the students’ needs, Mike will employ different strategies, a multi-sensory approach, as well as numerous manipulatives. He has taught test prep for the NYS Math state tests for grades 3-5 and currently teaches in a 5th grade classroom. Mike is also trained in GoMath!, Envisions, as well as using IXL.


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Brooklyn Math Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Susan views math instruction as a process of discovery and experimentation. Through inquiry-based instruction, Susan helps students to access prior knowledge, recognize patterns and explain their thinking using visual models and mathematical language. Susan uses real-world math applications and multi sensory teaching techniques to help students make meaningful connections and improve their mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Encouraging a growth mindset and building confidence are cornerstones to Susan s instruction. She has expertise in teaching EngageNY (Eureka Math) and Terc Investigations and tutors students in grades 2 – 6 in math and provides test prep for students in grades 3-6.


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Derek has nine years of Elementary Teaching and tutoring experience. He is currently a 4th grade teacher in Brooklyn and has been tutoring with Brooklyn Letters over the past two years. Derek has a wealth of experience working with curriculum writers in the area of math, specifically focusing on differentiating math concepts for struggling students. He has presented a multitude of math workshops primarily in the areas of math fluency, integrating math manipulatives and technology, word problem skills, and strategies for Special Education students. In this role, he supported teachers in the building with planning and differentiating lessons and finding ways to build on students math conceptual and word problem skills to be successful.


Julie S.

M.S., Dual Certification
Brooklyn Math Tutors, Brooklyn Letters

Julie is a NYS certified teacher with 19 years of teaching experience. She holds dual certification; PK- Grade 6 Common Branch/General Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6. After changing careers from business, Julie began teaching 4th grade ELA, math, science, and social studies where she also became familiar with the NY state tests in all subjects. When other opportunities arose to teach 4-5th grade math, 6-8th grade science, and 7th grade ELA came her way in the private school where she worked. Julie was excited about the opportunity to work with students at different stages in their academic lives.

Julie joined the NYC Department of Education as a Title 1 math teacher in 2007 and had the opportunity to work with students in Grades 1-8 in both Brooklyn and Queens providing small group, remedial math instruction. The students Julie was able to work with had different learning issues with math ranging from difficulties with number sense, processing/calculating/fluency, word problem language comprehension, math vocabulary, memory, applying abstract concepts to concrete situations, and anxiety and low confidence.

Julie has extensive experience with GoMath, Engage NY, Finish Line Math, using manipulatives to aid in conceptual learning, and the use of online resources to support Common Core and Next Generation Learning standards in math, Grades 1-8.

Having the experience of working with students at many grade levels has enabled her to understand the developmental needs and abilities of her students not only at their current level but also how and what they need to be prepared for and to be successful in their future grades.

Julie is passionate about the “why it makes sense” in math and not just the steps and rote procedures, and she works with her students so they have those “oh- that’s why!” moments. Her excitement is something her students see and feel from her as she encourages them to take chances and persevere. Julie also believes that ELA has a critical role to play in math instruction as students are required to read and think critically while comprehending math strategies.

Location: Queens, Nassau County, Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint
Types of Service: Assessments, math instruction, remedial math assistance, generalized tutoring (both remote and in-person), state testing preparation
Expertise: Math strategies for processing, critical thinking, scaffolding and differentiation for different types of learners
Ages: Grades 1-8.