注册营养师,理查德·卡恩(Richard Kahn)女士,打破进餐时间规则和镜像神经元 ,布鲁克林字母对于父母和孩子,有一个实用的喂养规则:保持用餐20到30分钟。大多数用餐花费的时间差不多。如果您一天中的用餐时间很困难,那么20到30分钟就足以让父母和孩子感到不适。还有时间打破20/30规则。打破规则的原因来自最近发现的镜像神经元。镜像神经元解释了我们如何在没有意识的情况下通过复制来学习。特殊的神经会用眼睛绕开我们在学校学习的单词驱动的教学方式,并继续进入成人游戏和工作。镜像神经元通过观看帮助前言婴儿学习。如果您和另一个成年人正在餐后聊天,请留在餐桌旁,这样您的孩子就能看到生活中的重要部分。关于神经元的一本好书是克里斯蒂安·凯斯(Christian Keyes)的《共情的大脑》,他是镜像神经元研究人员和屡获殊荣的科学作家。这本书激发了我重新思考一个案例是如何成功的。

Mirror neurons explain how children learn from copying physical gestures and the emotions that accompany them. One mom recently told me how fast her toddler learned the Frisbee postures and throwing gestures by watching some teenagers. Famed child psychoanalyst Theodore Gaensbauer thinks that mirror neurons explain how infants as young as three months integrate profound emotions and the movements associated with the emotions. The take home message: Enjoy your their meals together with their child as soon as their child is born. That way, children tacitly learn the pleasures of the table through modeling. The specialized nerves also pick up verbal and written cues, too. This posting focuses on how parents informed patience helps difficult eaters get on track. In many cases, actions at the table speak louder than words as happened in the following case.



After working with other therapists, the family contacted me. We worked on modeling and holding back. Sessions usually took the form of coached meals. From the outside, we just talked about nutrition, parenting during mealtimes and other topics. Internally, the parents were kept focused on the conversation and food until they got it. That is, parents and I chatted and ate. In this way, the urging, talking and worry the child experiences as stressful meals is kept to a minimum. Parents fears that manifest in actions and words interrupt the child's focus and ability to model. Modeling tapped into mirror neurons and, eventually, the girls own development drives towards mastery. At last report, the girls eat everything.

Most of us, children and adults, relish sitting around a chat filled table. Young children cannot understand their parents worries. They do, however, feel the worry. And, worry can suppress appetite. Convivial meals at home or out with family, friends and your children build a foundation for the future. Bon app tit!

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