Governments, education authorities, international organizations, and the private sector have come up with various solutions to help students cope with the effects of coronavirus on education.


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???????? ???? and tutoring to be done remotely due to the pandemic. The transition from physical classroom to a virtual classroom has been a tenuous one. Children are trying to get used to online learning while parents are attempting to balance their own stresses working from home. Educators have also been scrambling to set up the best possible classrooms online for their students.

Brooklyn Letters team of highly professional and talented speech language pathologists and learning specialists have been working around the clock to make the transition from one-to-one services to remote services a seamless experience. There have been new technologies to implement, many lessons and activities to download, and creative plans to assimilate for families. There have been glitches, which is to be expected. However, one of our learning specialists, Lauren T., was kind enough to share her personal experience with us of preparing and administering her first couple of remote tutoring sessions with a 6 year old. She has been tutoring this child in one-to-one sessions for weak phonological awareness, assistance in understanding the concepts of syllables, rhyme, and onset/rime, and boosting her reading level.


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Not only do we offer tutoring for children with learning difficulties, disabilities, and literacy and math struggles, but we also offer a menu of personalized assistance. We can do student check-ins once or twice a day or a couple of times a week, organize work to be completed and prepare plans, help with homework, and even coach parents as to how to guide their children through these transitions. Parents can speak to a therapist or learning specialist for free to share their needs, and the professional will prepare a plan to offer. We understand that not every family situation is the same and, likewise, children's needs vary. Therefore, we will create just the right, ????? for each family's needs.





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