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Brooklyn Letters PLLC provides online speech language feeding therapy, literacy and math telepractice services via the internet from the convenience of your home, school, office or work.


What equipment do I need for online speech language therapy services

You'll require a computer with high speed internet connection, and, if not built into your computer, a webcam and headset.

Who benefits from online speech language therapy services

It is most appropriate for school-age children or adults who demonstrate the ability to focus on the speech language therapy session and do not require hands-on physical cueing. The client will also have to demonstrate progress to support continuation of online speech language therapy services. We screen all clients before treatment, ensuring that the client is the appropriate candidate for online speech language therapy services.

How do I schedule an appointment

Sessions are arranged at a convenient time during the day, evening or weekends. Sessions are scheduled in advance (we need at least 24-48 hour notice). The client simply logs onto SKYPE, FaceTime, Google+ Hangout, Zoom, ooVoo, GotoMeeting, Adobe Connect, or iChat at the predetermined time. The session lengths are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. We will discuss the appropriate session length and frequency during the free initial 30-minute session.

What are the benefits of using online speech and language services

Access to high-quality speech language therapy services from New York-licensed speech language therapists/pathologists from the convenience of your computer.

What are the technical requirements

  • Computer processor of 1 GHz minimum, 2 GHz preferred. Broadband internet with minimum of 256 kbps upload (DSL or cable); 512 kbps preferred
  • Webcam (if not built into your computer)
  • Good-quality speakers (if not build into your computer)
  • Good-quality microphone or an auxiliary microphone (if not built into your computer)
  • Appropriate software, e.g. SKYPE, FaceTime, Google+ Hangout, or iChat installed onto your computer
  • Optional: a headset with microphone and speaker

Additional Requirements

  • Binder with paper, writing utensil, possibly a hole puncher and a folder
  • Record of home practice sessions; some clients will also require a therapy kit of small items
  • It is also crucial that you practice your speech language therapy homework on a consistent basis

How Do I arrange for online speech language therapy

Please call 347-394-3485 and leave a message or email [email protected] (immediate response). We will offer you a free 30-minute meet-and-greet and a brief, trial speech language therapy session to determine if you are a candidate for ongoing speech language therapy. If you are eligible following the free trial session, an appointment will be scheduled. If you haven t been recently evaluated, we may need to assess/evaluate your speech after the trial session to determine our goals.


Payment by PayPal or Venmo is required in advance of speech-language sessions. Costs are posted on our Rates page.

For more information, please click read this article from the American Speech-Language Pathology Association.


  • We are only licensed to practice in New York State. Please note that if you don't live in New York State, we need to contact your state, if you live in the United States, to confirm that your state allows for speech therapy telepractice. In other words, where you are located dictates the state laws for licensed speech language therapy. If you live in Arizona, Arizona may only allow licensed Arizona speech language therapists to work with Arizona residents. This premise is based on the need to adhere to the requirements for admission to the profession and to the standards for professional practice developed by the Legislature and Board of Regents to insure maximum public protection.
  • Also, in accordance with New York State statute, we are fully licensed with current registration and we are required to practice in New York State. All New York State-licensed professionals are responsible for adhering to the same laws, rules and regulations, and for upholding the same standards and competencies when engaging in telepractice as they are when practicing without the use of technology over a distance. This understanding is essential to ensure public protection and the integrity of the profession.
  • Telepractice should supplement, not replace, face-to-face provision of professional services when they are appropriate or desired by consumers. There is a risk that, to reduce costs, unethical or ill-prepared practitioners may cut corners in the delivery of care to New York State consumers through technology. We must ensure that the use of telepractice is not substituted for one-on-one direct service delivery when that is the more appropriate mode of care. We must also ensure that the standards used in telepractice are consistent with those employed in face-to-face professional practice.