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Brooklyn Summer Speech Language Therapy Speech Language Pathologist & Reading Remediation and Tutoring

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Now is the time to contact us, if you are currently interested in summer speech language therapy services. Once summer arrives, we will plan our fall schedules.
If you are interested in literacy help, summer is a great time for your child to continue to develop and nurture their reading and writing skills. Particularly for children with literacy delays, don’t let your child’s literacy gap widen.

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Five Tips for Students with ADHD By Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D., author of “Test Success”

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Students with ADHD are capable of great success in middle and high
school. They tend to be creative, energetic, and daring. There are,
however, some common obstacles that they have to overcome, and here
are five tried-and-true strategies that students with ADHD can use to
leverage their strengths in school. It’s particularly important for middle and high school students with ADHD to have an airtight system for keeping track of long-term assignments. Children with ADHD need to understand the contours of their own energy levels

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