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Separation and Divorce and Its Impact on Children: Part II by Dr. Veronica Brodsky

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?As mentioned in the first part of this series, divorce and/or separation, for better or for worse, has a substantial impact on most children. Depending on the child, their reactions to it can take the form of social withdrawal, low energy, somatic complaints such as headaches and stomachaches, difficulty focusing, aggressive behavior, and mood swings. How well children will adapt depends on several factors detailed herein.

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Separation and Divorce and its Impact on Children, by Dr. Veronica Brodsky PSYD, Licensed Child and School Clinical Psychologist

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Divorce and/or separation is a difficult transition for all involved, and is a major adjustment for adults and children. Dr. Veronica Brodsky outlines the psychological tasks children of divorce must accomplish when going through this difficult time. This is Dr. Brodsky?s first in a series of blogs that will address the topics of divorce and separation.

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