Shelley Padilla is an amazing reading teacher. She is a Wilson certified reading specialist who has worked in schools in New York and New Mexico literally changing the lives of the children she teaches. Ms Shelley works with two of our children and she has honestly changed their lives and ours. In our home we have five children. Three of our children read with ease and way above grade level from the start; never struggling and always enjoying the process of reading. Our youngest two came along and approached reading differently, we were at a loss for why they did not pick up reading like the others and why we could not help them. None of the strategies we used with the older kids worked. Our youngest children struggled a great deal and were frustrated whenever reading was required. Nothing was clicking or connecting for them. They both have dyslexia and despite our best efforts we could not help them- until we hired Shelley. Now they are both reading at grade level and i believe with Shelley s continued help and support they will be reading above grade level.
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Shelley Padilla was wonderful with our daughter. She started by assessing where she was in the Wilson program, as our daughter had been instructed thru Book 6 in another state. She was kind, patient and always aware of our daughter s insecurities in her own performance, and always reassured her that she was doing well. Shelley was always dependable, punctual and pleasant with us, and we miss her dearly! The only reason we discontinued tutoring is because our daughter will be going to a private school for learning disabilities.

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He started working with Shelley after I searched for a Wilson trained and certified teacher to work with my son. At the time, he was 8 years old, a third grader and struggling with reading and phonic basics. I knew I wanted Wilson, but its a tough program to find certified teachers for in NYC. Shelley s classroom and private instruction experience helps her decide when to push, how to motivate, and when its a good idea to relax and read aloud together. Shelley not only knows the program well, but can find ways to make it interesting for my reluctant-reader child.
In the last three years my son has gone from tears to reading he even enjoys reading in his free time. Honestly, I didn t think that would ever happen. He s now in 5th grade and reading at and above grade level. He is still dyslexic, so it may take him longer to read, but he s reading and enjoying his success.
Beyond my son, Shelley has become part of our routine. I look forward to touching base with her on teaching techniques, spelling rules I never mastered, as well as hearing about my son s progress.
I d highly recommend Shelley to anyone needing a tutor for their child. I m sad we are reaching the point where her work is finished with him.
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My son has been working with Shelley Padilla since March 2015, and it has been an amazing time of growth. At the time, he was in third grade and struggling with reading and phonic. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Impairment of Auditory Discrimination. Shelley s experience with classroom and private setting helped push and motivate him. She s kind, patient and always aware of our son s insecurities. Shelley always reassured him that he was doing well. Nico looked forward to their time together. We have seen a tremendous change in Nico since they began working together. He s more confident and happier thanks to Shelley and the skills she has taught him. Now he s in 5th grade and reading on his own. I m sad that we reached the point where her work with Nico has finished.
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