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Our professionals who provide specialized literacy services for kids or for children or for students are like the Olympic coaches of language arts. We specialize in the complete literacy remediation package: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

When we’re working with students (preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high school), we focus on all areas of language such as written and verbal skills or reading and listening comprehension. After all, you can’t have one without the other, since that would be like peanut butter minus the jelly.

We also offer in-home visits. Our team can travel to your home or child’s school for sessions, if you re unable to come to our ?????. Most of us are Brooklyn based but some of us travel to Queens and Manhattan. How’s that for customer service

*Our reading specialists (Susan Littman, Jo-Ann Kalb, and Shelley Padilla) are important members of our team and their training includes Orton-Gillingham (PAF), Wilson Reading, Sounds in Motion, and Great Leaps.

* Our language ??????????? provide specialized intervention, remediation, and alternative learning services for struggling students (preschoolers through adolescents) including those with language processing difficulties and students with dyslexia; we also work with home schooled families. Our language specialists are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach (40 plus hours of systematic decoding and encoding training)

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Sharing is caring. We let the students in on what we’re doing so they can be part of the process. We also take their interests, strengths and learning style into account maximizing effectiveness and ensuring that the students don’t get frustrated. After all, we’re not trying to fit any square pegs into round holes. So, if your child likes music and flying saucers, they’re in! Drawing and imaginary animals For sure!

Literacy is fun. We have a veritable toolbox to help your child. We will make them feel oh-so-good about literacy.


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