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Jo-Ann Kalb, Brooklyn Letters reading specialist, provides Online Reading Tutoring support. She will provide all the materials necessary to make these SKYPE sessions productive, and you will learn how to help your child read as well.

The best outcomes for teaching young struggling readers are the results of intensive, structured, direct instruction, coupled with lots of practice. You will see more improvement with increased practice.

By attending the Online Reading Tutoring SKYPE session, you will be prepared to work with your child productively between sessions and reduce the length of time your child will need tutoring. There is no doubt that practice really helps.

The rate for a SKYPE session is $85 (sessions are approximately 60 minutes) and the recommendation is at least twice a week. It is necessary to have an introductory SKYPE evaluation, which is free, and one in person session, to set up routines and materials, costing $115.