Comportamento dirompente e impostazione dei limiti di Annette Hernandez, Ph.D., psicologa clinica

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Alcuni punti da ricordare quando si gestiscono comportamenti distruttivi

1) I limiti di prova sono appropriati E Sano per il tuo bambino:

In order for your child to grow functionally and emotionally, he/she must learn to test limits. Much of your child's interpersonal functioning comes from how he/she learns to relate to, have an effect on, and use his or her behavior to change/effect the behavior of others around them.

2) Il tuo ruolo di genitore (indossare cappelli multipli):

As a parent you serve three major roles in your relationship to your child. These roles are TEACHER COACH LIMITSETTER, in that order. Why We TEACH our child through direct instruction and through modeling. We COACH our child to shape behaviors to fit standards consistent with our moral, cultural, and social values. We SET LIMITS when correcting behaviors that stray from those values.

3) L'impostazione dei limiti offre sicurezza:

I limiti danno ai bambini un senso di sicurezza, anche quando si ribellano contro di loro. Quando tuo figlio ? arrabbiato e perde il controllo del suo comportamento, la tua risposta ? fondamentale. Tuo figlio ti guarda per aiutarlo a sviluppare i controlli poich? spesso trova la perdita di controllo abbastanza spaventosa. Inoltre, consentire a tuo figlio di provare la sua frustrazione per l'impostazione del limite aumenta il comfort con le emozioni negative e il conflitto all'interno delle relazioni.

4) spingere Il tuo livello di comfort durante l'impostazione dei limiti:

Tieni presente che tu, tuo figlio e la tua relazione siete abbastanza forti da tollerare anger, disappointment, and frustration. Be prepared for your child's wrath and possibly the words, I HATE YOU!! at some point in your parenting tenure. One of the biggest obstacles to overcoming problematic behaviors in your child is expecting validation from your kid. Needing validation from our children almost always leads to disappointment. Seek validation from being able to change how you parent and being able to correct disruptive or inappropriate behaviors.

5) Preparati per le raffiche di estinzione !:

What are those When we try new behavior management strategies, our children will try upping the ante to let us know a) how unhappy they are that we are trying something different and b) to test how likely we are to stick with the plan. This phenomenon is what behaviorist call extinction bursts and this describes the tendency for an undesirable behavior to increase when the expected response to the behavior changes. Consistency as noted in another Brooklyn Letters blog is critical. Staying the course and working through these bursts while enable you and your child to make long-term gains.

Annette is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has a private practice in Park Slope and works with children with developmental delays and treats children/adolescents suffering from traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and related disorders. She incorporates cognitive-behavioral interventions with diverse clinical populations. She offers individual psychotherapy that focuses on building a child's existing strengths and developing new ways of coping with difficult situations. She can be reached at: annette@brooklynletters.com o per telefono al 917-519-3082.


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