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Assessment (NYU) for Children & Adolescents with Symptoms Related to Autism and ADHD

By May 17, 2011March 18th, 2012No Comments

This study is for children and adolescents who have symptoms related to autism (such as little or no ability to form friendships, poor communication skills, or intense absorption in unusual subjects/activities) and ADHD (such as trouble paying attention, difficulty waiting his or her turn, fidgeting excessively or running around a lot).

To know more about this study, please contact: Jessica at (212) 263-4723 or sunshj01@nyumc.org or Rebecca at (212) 263-4684 or langer06@nyumc.org

No-cost assessment includes an evaluation of the child or adolescent s general abilities, academic skills, and behavior. Compensation is provided.


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