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 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

i-Ready Assessment and Program

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 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Brooklyn Letters is now offering i-Ready math and literacy assessments and fun, child-directed online programs to help supplement your child’s math and literacy curriculum. As you know, many students are falling behind with their math and literacy skills.

los i‑Ready experience begins with students taking the online adaptive diagnostic assessment to be taken on your own time. Brooklyn Letters will email you the instructions and the results.  Based on diagnostic results, i‑Ready reports provide detailed information on student performance by domain, clear instructional recommendations, including a personalized instructional path, and aggregate data for spotting trends across groups of students. Here is the research behind i-Ready. You will receive a one-time initial in-depth literacy and/or math report(s). You will then receive i-Ready Personalized Instruction. Log in whenever you want!

For the first 10 parents to sign up for this program, we will waive our $500 annual year subscription fee and offer each program with each assessment for only $100 per year! If you want both literacy and math, it is only $150 per year. If you are not satisfied with this program within the first two weeks of purchase, we will fully refund you back minus the $25 administrative fee.

Please note that this does not include a Brooklyn Letters teacher supporting your child. Brooklyn Letters does offer supplemental and remedial literacy and math in-person and remote instruction independent of i-Ready. Our staff: literacy y math



Manhattan, Connecticut, Westchester, & New Jersey Rates
Tasas de alfabetizaci?n y tutor?a de matem?ticas
  • $150-$185 Per Hour

  • $130-$165 for 45 minutes

  • $100-$135 for 30 minutes
    (online only)

Tarifas de Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Nueva Jersey
Tasas de alfabetizaci?n y tutor?a de matem?ticas
  • $130-$165 Per Hour

  • $110-$145 for 45 minutes

  • $90-$115 for 30 minutes (online only)

Tutor?a privada de alfabetizaci?n de pago en el hogar y en la escuela de Brooklyn para estudiantes en edad escolar. Trabajamos con estudiantes de todas las edades en escuelas p?blicas y privadas que ense?an descodificaci?n, ortograf?a, fluidez de lectura y habilidades de comprensi?n lectora.
Bay Ridge Bedford Stuyvesant Bensonhurst Colina Boerum Parque de la ciudad Alturas de Brooklyn Bushwick Jardines Carroll Clinton Hill Cobble Hill Alturas de la corona El centro de Brooklyn Dumbo Alturas de Dyker Flatbush Fuerte verde Gowanus Gravesend Punto verde Homecrest Kensington Jardines Lefferts Madison Playa de manhattan Midwood Cuenca del molino Navy Yard Park Slope Alturas de la perspectiva Prospect Park South gancho rojo Bah?a Sheepshead Parque Sunset Williamsburg Windsor Terrace y m?s!

Learning his or her ABCs is your child’s first step towards mastering reading and writing. But sometimes, teaching such an important skill can be confusing for parents. Do you start with the letter names or the letter sounds first? Is there a right way to teach a child the alphabet? Click here to read what speech-language pathologist Dr. Jan Wasowicz has to say on our blog!

Learning pods are not entirely new. But with the new school year approaching and Covid-19 cases still on the rise in many places across the country, more and more families are turning to learning pods to ensure the current health crisis does not hurt their children’s schooling even further. Click here to learn more and find out why pod parents find this new learning method appealing.

For many parents, pod learning is a great way to ensure academic growth without risking their children’s health and safety. If you’re wondering if pod learning is the right option for your family, we’re here to help. Brooklyn Letters and Themba Tutors Director Nicole, a homeschooling mom of four, talks to us about the benefits of pod learning and how to prepare your family for it. Click here to know more!

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

The Five Pillars of Reading


Just like a house needs strong support and foundation, developing literacy skills in young learners requires the Five Pillars of Reading. Recognized by the National Reading Panel as the “best approach to reading instruction,” these pillars include:

  • La conciencia fonol?gica
  • F?nica
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Fluidez

Backed by studies and scientific research, these five pillars make up the essential building blocks of reading. And by combining these techniques, teachers and parents can effectively introduce the concept of reading and language.

Here is a closer look at how the Five Pillars of Reading work to ensure successful reading instruction:


Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding that words are built from and can be broken apart into smaller segments of a sound called phonemes. Phonemic awareness is one’s ability to hear, recognize, and manipulate sounds heard in words- think of it as the ears to brain connection. 

Phonemic awareness can be taught even before a child learns to read or identify printed letters. When babies are born, they are processing phonemes when parents speak and sing to their bundle of joy. In the English language, phonemic awareness means being able to identify its approximately 44 phonemes. Additionally, teaching letter sounds with letter names is an effective way for students to grasp the concept of phonemes.



Whereas phonemic awareness refers to one’s ability to recognize sounds or phonemes in words, phonics mastery means understanding that letters (graphemes or printed letters) of the alphabet represent sounds (phonemes)- think of it as the ears, eyes, and brain connection. A child who has mastered phonics can sound out new or unfamiliar words on their own. The child is “cracking the code” and is receiving feedback by listening to oneself sound out words. 

Teaching phonics is all about establishing the relationship between sounds and printed letters or printed letter combinations. Starting with the printed letter-sound correspondence, a child then learns how to match sounds to letters and uses this relationship to understand printed words. 



Vocabulary refers to one’s understanding of words, including their definitions and context. Vocabulary is broken up into oral (speaking), understanding (listening), and print (reading vocabulary).

Needless to say, vocabulary is crucial in strengthening reading comprehension and fluency. In most instances, poor vocabulary can limit and interrupt a child’s learning and reading experience. And while it can grow naturally from daily reading and conversations, it is just as important to explicitly teach and expand vocabulary.

Strategies in teaching vocabulary can include word mapping (graphic display of words/concept relationships), word substitutions, semantic relationships (how words are related), acting out meanings, and focusing on word structure (root words and its derivations).



Learners achieve fluency when they recognize and read words with accuracy, intonation, fluidity, and speed, whether while reading aloud or silently to oneself. Hence, fluent readers are able to read automatically without needing to pause to decode words or look up definitions.

Fluency plays a key role in comprehension and is essential in keeping young learners motivated. When children are reading fluently, it frees up mental resources to allow them to improve their comprehension of what they are reading. 

When developing reading fluency, it is crucial to provide a child with frequent oral reading opportunities and to monitor progress. This involves reading out loud while being guided and receiving feedback from an adult. It is important to provide the student with opportunities to self-correct. This combination of consistent practice and regular feedback is critical in promoting fluency.



The ultimate goal for literacy is to comprehend well what one is reading.  Reading comprehension enables a child to predict outcomes, evaluate characters, deduce, and make connections to real-world events. 

A child’s comprehension skills can begin to develop before becoming an independent reader. One way to do this is by reading to a child and discussing the story’s main idea, characters, and setting. Explicit teaching, modeling, and guided practice of comprehension skills are also crucial. This is especially true for students whose reading comprehension skills lag behind their peers.

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Jill M.

M.S., Literacy Specialist and Dyslexia Interventionist
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Jill is an experienced literacy specialist with 18 years of service in public education where she is certified in Bilingual Elementary Education (Pre-K-4), English Language Arts and Reading (4-8), Special Education (EC-12), and Principal (EC-12). Additionally, she is MTA certified (Multi-Sensory Teaching Approach) for assisting students with dyslexia remediation.

Jill earned a Master of Science in Education Law from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Reading Education from Texas Woman’s University to have a greater impact in schools and the community in the area of literacy.

Throughout her career she has worked with students across grade levels with diverse language and cultural backgrounds and specific learning needs such as dyslexia. Teaching students to become fluent readers and skilled writers is her passion. She incorporates a variety of hands-on instructional strategies, interventions, and teaching methods to scaffold instruction so that your child can gain the foundational skills necessary to build confidence in their abilities and to become successful academically. She believes that learning should be fun and strives to motivate kids to reach their greatest potential. Jill’s specialties include spelling and decoding, word-solving strategies, phonological awareness, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

Her teaching style can be described as individualized, hands-on, and engaging. Jill utilizes a variety of resources to meet the needs of her students such as Words Their Way, MTA, Fountas & Pinnell, Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI), Reading A-Z, Writing Without Tears, and much more.

Jill believes in celebrating each child’s strengths and creating a nurturing environment where students can grow and feel empowered to take ownership of their learning as partners in their education.

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TYPE OF SERVICES: Reading and writing intervention.
EXPERTISE: Reading intervention including phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, encoding, word-solving strategies, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.

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Shelley P.

Educador Especial y Educaci?n Primaria y Especialista Certificado en Lectura Wilson
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Shelley is a New York dual licensed Elementary Education (Pre K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-6)/Special Education teacher (K-12), earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Buffalo State College and a Masters of Science from Adelphi University. In addition, she is a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner (W.D.P). Shelley found her love for teaching by becoming involved in Special Education since an early age, working as a camp counselor in Special Ed camps, and subsequently has taught special needs children and children with reading difficulties, e.g. dyslexia, in various school settings around the country, including self-contained classrooms for elementary grades, resource room for grades K-5, and reading instruction grades 6 through 12. She has also tutored reading at children's homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

Shelley obtuvo la certificaci?n Wilson Estado de instructor (muy pocos han obtenido este estado en la ciudad de Nueva York), incluido el entrenamiento en el Wilson Programa de Fundaciones; un programa basado en fon?tica para ni?os peque?os (K-3), y maestros apoyados que usan este programa. Adem?s, Shelley capacit? a otros maestros en el Programa de Lectura Wilson en Educaci?n Especial K-12 colegio, la escuela infantil, ubicada en la isla Roosevelt.

El sistema de lectura Wilson ense?a directa y sistem?ticamente a los estudiantes a lograr el ?xito en la lectura. A diferencia de los programas tradicionales de fon?tica, la instrucci?n Wilson Reading es muy interactiva y multisensorial, por lo tanto, ense?a la construcci?n total de palabras y no solo la fon?tica. Los estudiantes aprenden a codificar (deletrear) y aprenden a decodificar (separar palabras) como parte de su proceso de lectura. La evidencia muestra que cuando un maestro experto en Wilson Reading implementa h?bilmente una instrucci?n sistem?tica directa basada en c?digo, es el enfoque m?s efectivo para los lectores problem?ticos. Este sistema se basa en las t?cnicas y principios del lenguaje multisensorial descritos por primera vez por el Dr. Samuel Orton y Anna Gillingham (filosof?a de Orton Gillingham)

Shelley se destaca en cambiar las vidas de los ni?os que tienen dificultades para leer al permitirles ver c?mo ser mejores lectores puede afectar muchas ?reas de sus vidas, especialmente en educaci?n. Shelley utiliza sus habilidades para colaborar con maestros, terapeutas y padres para maximizar los logros de los estudiantes en sus necesidades educativas y emocionales. Shelley realmente sabe c?mo hacer que aprender a leer sea divertido y emocionante, al mismo tiempo que muestra a sus alumnos todas las posibilidades disponibles cuando aprenden a apreciar el mundo de la lectura.

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UBICACI?N: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens y Long Island (ella reside en Forest Hills).
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaci?n inicial de lectura e intervenci?n de lectura.
EXPERIENCIA: Trabajar con ni?os que tienen dificultades para decodificar (descifrar letras al leer), fluidez de lectura, comprensi?n de lectura y / o problemas de codificaci?n (ortograf?a), incluido trabajar con estudiantes con dislexia.
EDADES: jard?n de infantes hasta secundaria

Dan B.

MS ED., NYS Certified Educaci?n general y especial de la infancia (Grados 1-6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Dan is a dual certified special education teacher with over 17 years experience. Dan believes relationship building is the cornerstone of a successful teaching practice and strives to quickly engage his students by exuding expertise and passion within his practice. In his 17 years as an educator, Dan has worked as a resource teacher, inclusive special education teacher, as well as a self-contained special education teacher. Dan has experience working with a wide variety of students including those with specific reading, writing and math learning disabilities, speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, as well as issues with Executive Functioning. Through his experience as an educator, he has been able to find his own innovative, progressive approach, which allows him to tailor units, lessons and concepts to the individual learning needs and interests of his students.

Dan has worked with a multitude of students implementing multisensory reading instruction and specializes his instruction to students who have difficulties with decoding or dyslexia. He has experience in implementing the Corrective Reading Program, Wilson Fundations, Wilson Reading System, The Orton Gillingham Approach, Guided Reading Leveled Literacy, Novel Studies, Core-Knowledge and the Teachers College Readers Workshop. Dan also has a passion for teaching math and uses kinesthetic/tactile strategies to reach all learners. He has used Go-Math, NY Engage, Everyday Math from the University of Chicago and TERC Investigations. When teaching writing Dan uses a variety of approaches to engage his students which includes the Hochman Method and Word Study/Vocabulary Instruction using Words Their Way.

Dan obtuvo una maestría en educación regular y educación especial de la universidad Touro y posee una licenciatura de la High Point University en Carolina del Norte. Posee certificados de enseñanza profesional para educación regular y especial (grados 1-6).

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Vinegar Hill, Flatbush, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens
Todo Manhattan
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Instrucci?n de lectura multisensorial, administraci?n e interpretaci?n de evaluaciones formales e informales de lectura y matem?ticas, instrucci?n y remediaci?n matem?tica, funcionamiento ejecutivo, habilidades de estudio, ayuda b?sica para la tarea.
EXPERIENCIA: Trabajar con ni?os que tienen dificultades para decodificar (leer palabras correctamente), incluidos aquellos con dislexia, leer con fluidez, dificultades de ortograf?a, mostrar comprensi?n de lectura, instrucci?n de escritura narrativa y expositiva, instrucci?n matem?tica correctiva y de grado, ayuda con la tarea, tutor?a b?sica com?n, construcci?n funciones ejecutivas.
EDADES: jard?n de infantes hasta octavo grado

Derek B.

MA, NYS Certified Pre-K-6th Grade, NYS Certified Childhood Education y estudiantes con discapacidades
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Derek has a master's in Professional Studies a Professional Diploma in Educational Leadership from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. He has the following New York State certifications: Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6; Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Birth-Grade 2: and as a School Building and School District Leader. Derek has been teaching and tutoring for seven years in many different instructional capacities including a 3rd-5th grado aula aut?noma, un consultor educativo para los grados 2-4 y 4th grade integrated co-teaching classroom (ICT) and general education classrooms. Currently, Derek is a 4th maestra de TIC en una escuela p?blica de la ciudad de Nueva York en Brooklyn.

Derek has taught students using a multitude of literacy and mathematics programs including Teacher s College Reading and Writing Project, Ready Gen, Lit Life, Go Math, enVision Math, and the Engage NY ELA and Math modules. He has extensive literacy experience using Core Knowledge Language Arts, Orton-Gillingham, Reading A-Z, Read Works, Wilson, Fundations, as well as Edmark for supplemental ELA intervention. Additionally, he has experience with integrated instructional technology programs such as Lexia, I-Ready, and Achieve 3,000 into his daily small group and individualized classroom instruction.

Derek tiene una gran comprensi?n de c?mo apoyar a los ni?os con necesidades especiales a trav?s de su trabajo con los padres y otros maestros de educaci?n especial. Su experiencia incluye asesorar a los padres sobre los servicios apropiados para sus hijos; liderando talleres para maestros de educaci?n general y educaci?n especial enfocados en diferenciar la instrucci?n en el aula; y presentando talleres para padres sobre estrategias de comprensi?n lectora y alfabetizaci?n que proporcionaron una gran cantidad de estrategias para apoyar a sus hijos en el hogar.

Derek was also a curriculum specialist and instructor for an enrichment tutoring company where he designed, organized, and developed specialized instructional materials for K-8 grade students. His administrative work enhanced students ELA and Math critical thinking skills and improved their state test results. Derek is committed to supporting students and their academic growth.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: comprensión y fluidez de lectura, resistencia en lectura y escritura, organización, estructura y desarrollo de la escritura, ortografía, evaluaciones fonológicas, monitoreo progresivo y análisis de datos
EXPERTISE: Curriculum modifications, phonological awareness, reading comprehension, writing for general education students and special education students, and data analysis
GRADES: Kindergarten thru 6th grado

Tatiana S.

MS Educaci?n Primaria, Certificado en Educaci?n Infantil (Grados 1-6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Tatiana es una maestra certificada con un historial de ?xito en los ex?menes estatales de Nueva York y m?s de 7 a?os de experiencia en las escuelas de Nueva York. Se gradu? con honores de la Universidad de Notre Dame y es alumna de Teach for America. Durante su tiempo como miembro del cuerpo de TFA, complet? una Maestr?a en Educaci?n Primaria de la Escuela de Educaci?n de Graduados de Relay y posee un Certificado Profesional en Educaci?n Infantil (grados 1-6).

Tatiana se especializa en aprendizaje basado en la investigación y métodos de enseñanza constructivistas. Implementa el diseño universal para el aprendizaje (UDL) y las estrategias visuales, auditivas, kinestésicas y táctiles (VAKT) en sus planes de lecciones. Enseña matemáticas utilizando un enfoque de Instrucción Cognitiva Guiada (CGI) y, en lectura, se capacita en Lectura y Escritura de la Universidad del Maestro, así como en Fountas & Pinnell. La prioridad de Tatiana es siempre diferenciar la instrucción, creando lecciones individualizadas para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de cada estudiante. Más allá del aula, Tatiana también tiene experiencia en tutoría de inglés como 2Dakota del Norte lenguaje para ni?os de 7 a?os en adelante.

Recientemente acept? un papel como consultora educativa, entrenando a maestros y l?deres en el uso de datos para impulsar la instrucci?n y las mejores pr?cticas para una diferenciaci?n efectiva. Antes de esto, ella ense?? 3rd-5th grado en el Upper West Side de Manhattan, luego en Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Tatiana tiene una amplia experiencia con el material de preparaci?n para ex?menes y est? profundamente familiarizada con las matem?ticas y los est?ndares estatales b?sicos comunes de ELA. Logr? una tasa de aprobaci?n de 100% en la Prueba de Matem?ticas del Estado de Nueva York durante tres a?os consecutivos, excediendo el promedio estatal en 60%.

Ubicaci?n: Centro de Manhattan y Brooklyn (preferencia por Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Carroll Gardens y Cobble Hill)

Tipos de servicios: instrucci?n y remediaci?n individualizada de lectura y matem?ticas, desarrollo y fortalecimiento del conocimiento de conceptos matem?ticos (grados 3-6), desarrollo de habilidades de estudio, apoyo con la tarea, preparaci?n para ex?menes de matem?ticas y ELA

Experiencia: instrucci?n de matem?ticas para los grados 3-6, pr?cticas de ense?anza constructivista, preparaci?n para ex?menes de matem?ticas y ELA

Edades: 3 ? a 6 ? grado

Tatiana tiene una amplia experiencia con el material de preparaci?n para ex?menes y est? profundamente familiarizada con las matem?ticas y los est?ndares estatales b?sicos comunes de ELA. Logr? una tasa de aprobaci?n de 100% en la Prueba de Matem?ticas del Estado de Nueva York durante tres a?os consecutivos, excediendo el promedio estatal en 60%.

UBICACIONES: Centro de Manhattan y Brooklyn (preferencia por Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Carroll Gardens y Cobble Hill)
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: instrucci?n y remediaci?n individualizada de lectura y matem?ticas, desarrollo y fortalecimiento del conocimiento de conceptos matem?ticos (grados 3-6), desarrollo de habilidades de estudio, apoyo con la tarea, preparaci?n para ex?menes de matem?ticas y ELA
EXPERIENCIA: instrucci?n de matem?ticas para los grados 3-6, pr?cticas de ense?anza constructivista, preparaci?n para ex?menes de matem?ticas y ELA
EDADES: 3 ? a 6 ? grado

Peter W.

Special Educator And Childhood Literacy Specialist, Pre-K 4th Grade, MS, PhD
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Peter is a special educator and childhood literacy specialist, pre-K 4th grade, the learning to read phase of literacy instruction. He holds permanent New York State certification in special education, a masters in special education from Hunter College (CUNY) and a PhD in urban education from the Graduate Center (CUNY). He has supervised pre-service elementary school teachers at the undergraduate level and taught literacy assessment and instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Peter currently contributes, edits, and reviews book chapters and articles on the history, philosophy, and sociology of education for various academic publications.

Peter is trained in the Wilson Reading System, one of the many Orton-Gillingham approaches to multi-sensory phonics instruction. He has taught in both inclusive and self-contained special education environments (K 2nd grade). He has learned through his experience that multi-sensory phonics instruction braided with robust comprehension modalities is the sine qua non of childhood literacy instruction. Phonics and comprehension are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they must be coupled for effective assessment and instruction.

Peter tambi?n tiene experiencia en artes. Tiene una licenciatura en literatura dram?tica de la Universidad de Nueva York y se form? como actor y m?sico (bajo el?ctrico). Ha impartido cursos de artes en educaci?n a nivel de pregrado. Le gusta pensar que aporta una cierta cantidad de creatividad a su trabajo que se basa en una pedagog?a de la compasi?n y el coraz?n abierto.

UBICACI?N: Manhattan, Brooklyn o Queens disponibles los s?bados, domingos, lunes y martes, todo el d?a hasta las 10 p.m.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Pre-K 4th grade Orton-Gillingham and qualitative (comprehension) literacy assessment and instruction tailored to a student's individual needs; implementing IEPs; providing test prep for the New York State ELA exam, K 4th grade.
EXPERIENCIA: evaluaci?n e instrucci?n de alfabetizaci?n basada en Orton-Gillingham (decodificaci?n y codificaci?n) y todo lo que implica comenzar con conciencia fon?mica y terminar con fluidez; evaluaci?n de alfabetizaci?n e instrucci?n para la comprensi?n, por ejemplo, el Inventario de lectura cualitativa (QRI) y la ense?anza rec?proca, respectivamente. Peter tiene experiencia escribiendo e implementando IEP y usando el ELA Common Core como gu?a para la instrucci?n.
AGES: Pre-K 4th grade, ages 4 through 10 or 11.

Tamara C.

NY State Early Childhood and Students with Disabilities (B-2)

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Tamara is a veteran early childhood educator with over 25 years of experience in the field. She holds an MST and MsEd from Fordham University, an MBA, and an Ed.D from Johns Hopkins University where she researched the impact adults have on children’s social/emotional development.

Tamara taught kindergarten for over 10 years, with experience in Pre-K, and first grade. She has also worked one-on-one with students from 2 to 20 years old in all areas of literacy acquisition, including phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, fluency and comprehension. She has been trained in Wilson, Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell, the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, Reading Rescue and Reading Recovery and is currently the Associate Director of Professional Learning for Reading Rescue.

Tamara’s methods of instruction focus on the reading science through a multisensory approach to instruction, as well as on the fun. She prides herself on students LOVING her sessions. She works with students on not only their literacy skills, but also focusing on their self-esteem and comfort level so they are prepared to take their learning back to their classrooms.  She has experience working with students with various needs including ADHD, autism, anxiety, behavior disorders, and dyslexia.

Tamara has experience working with pre-K through fifth-grade math curricula. She supports students in developing all aspects of mathematics using a multi-sensory approach. Students use real-world situations and manipulatives to not only learn the HOW of math concepts, but also the WHY. Tamara has experience working with Everyday Math, Go Math, Singapore Math, and state test prep.

In addition to literacy support, Tamara provides test prep, executive functioning skills coaching, as well as study skills.


 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Drew is an early childhood educator with over fifteen years of teaching experience in New York City schools. He is certified by New York State to teach children from birth to second grade. Drew studied philosophy and studio art at Skidmore College, and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. While he has worked primarily with Pre-K students, Drew has also taught students in kindergarten and first grade. He has spent his career teaching in independent schools that utilize emergent curriculums. This involves developing classroom activities and learning experiences based upon the natural interests of the child. Drew has a deep appreciation for the enthusiasm and creativity that are involved in this child-centered approach to learning.

Drew believes that the early childhood years are crucial in helping students create a solid educational foundation and a love of learning. He thoughtfully develops activities to address the social and academic needs of each child.

Drew has used Handwriting Without Tears, Sounds in Motion, and inventive spellings strategies to address reading and writing skills. He also supports the development of math skills by exploring patterns, geometry, basic addition and subtraction, skip counting, one-to-one correspondence, simple fractions, measuring, and time concepts. Additionally, Drew has implemented the RULER and Mood Meter systems, developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, to help his students recognize their own feelings as well as the emotions of others.

In his classrooms, Drew has worked with many students with special needs, including students who were receiving speech/language therapy, occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), and psychological counseling. By collaborating with SEITs and therapists during the school year, Drew has been able to address the different learning needs of each student across all developmental domains.

LOCATION: New York City (remote services)
TYPES OF SERVICES: individual sessions, group sessions, parent consultation, remote learning assistance
EXPERTISE: Early childhood years- beginning reading, writing, math skills, social-emotional development, creative arts (drawing, painting, sculpting) science and nature, fine motor development
AGES: 3 to 7 years old

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Bachelor of Science in Childhood and Special Education (Grades 1-6) and MSEd in Behavioral Disorders
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Erica graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor of Science in Childhood and Special Education (Grades 1-6). Afterward, she completed her MSEd in Behavioral Disorders at Hunter College. Erica has nine years of teaching experience in various educational settings with students of different abilities and needs for k-5th grades. She has a strong understanding of the needs of students with ADD, ADHD, and students who have difficulty with executive functioning. Her expertise is in grades 3-5. In math, Erica is familiar with TERC Investigations, Engage NY (Eureka Math) and interactive supplements like 3-Act Tasks. She is familiar with various problem-solving methods and helps students use the method that works best for them and their understanding. Erica also works with students to break down multi-step word problems in a way that helps the student understand the problem. Additionally, Erica also incorporates a variety of instructional strategies in reading and writing. Erica teaches with a strong emphasis on modeling and guided practice to support students with skills such as elaboration and organization. Erica also supports students with homework help and test prep in math and ELA.

Erica has strong training in Columbia University Teachers College’s reading and writing curriculum. This program relies on using modeling and inquiry to help students improve their reading and writing skills. Erica is also trained in the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment program that helps students work on specific strategies to improve their ability to answer direct and inferential questions in fiction and nonfiction texts.  Erica begins the tutoring process by getting to know the students on a personal level. Erica strives to create a calm learning environment so each learner feels comfortable and safe. She takes the time to observe and learn about each student’s learning style and create a personalized learning experience. This helps her students feel supported and encouraged while working with her. 

Erica has experience working with students who have different academic backgrounds and needs. Prior to working for the New York City Department of Education, Erica worked as a looping teacher (stayed with the same class for three years) for a Charter School in Harlem, New York. She traveled with her class from first grade to third grade. Currently, Erica is working as a 4th grade English teacher in a French Dual Language program. 

Erica is calm, energetic, and enthusiastic. She makes it a priority to develop positive relationships with all of her students. Erica makes learning about her students a priority and uses their specific interests to plan individualized lesson plans to keep learning fun and engaging. Her goal is to make her students gain more confidence in taking risks and working through the hard parts of learning to get to the sweet parts!

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill  

TYPES OF SERVICES: Individualized reading and math instruction and remediation, building and strengthening knowledge of math concepts (grades 3-5), developing study skills, support with homework, test prep for math, and ELA.

PERICIA: Inquiry-based math remediation, reading comprehension and writing about reading, teaching elaboration and writing organization techniques for expository and narrative writing, homework help, test prep.

AGES: 3rd- 5th Grade


Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Kaitlyn is a childhood (Grade 1- Grade 5) special education teacher at a public school in Brooklyn. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) from The College of Staten Island. She continued at The College of Staten Island to obtain a Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6). Kaitlyn recently completed the CITE program through The College of Saint Rose to obtain advanced certifications in School Building Leadership and School District Leadership. Kaitlyn has six years of experience working with students with diverse backgrounds. She has experience working with students with ADHD, autism, speech and language impairments, and dyslexia. She prides herself in differentiating her instruction to meet her students’ unique needs. She has experience teaching the Common Core Standards and newly adapted Next Generation Learning Standards. Kaitlyn incorporates the Wilson/Fundation program in her teaching and applies the Orton-Gillingham approach. She is currently teaching in a 4th grade ICT setting as the special education teacher and also has experience as a 1st grade special education teacher. Kaitlyn worked at A+ Academy as a 4th and 5th grade test prep teacher specializing in math instruction and summer school for the Department of Education during the summers of 2018-2019.

Kaitlyn works with a student-centered approach celebrating their accomplishments and building their self-confidence. Kaitlyn teaches with the use of manipulatives and scaffolds. She specializes in teaching test preparation skills in reading, writing, and math. Kaitlyn provides support to students with phonics instruction, decoding, developing comprehension skills using a variety of sources. She has experience using the programs Go-Math, NY Engage, Envisions, and Everyday Math. She teaches strategies for students to apply classroom learning to real life.

Kaitlyn teaches that communication is key for forming meaningful relationships with teachers, parents, and service providers in order to support student’s wellbeing and development. Every student is a success story!

LOCATION: Brooklyn: All Areas, Lower Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey

TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial Reading Evaluation, Individualized reading, writing, and math intervention, Multisensory Reading, Executive Functioning

EXPERTISE: Working with students with disabilities and building their executive functioning, improving  phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension, improving understanding of math concepts using manipulatives and real world connections

AGES: Kindergarten-6th Grade

TEST PREP: Grades 3-5 ELA and Math State Tests


M.S. Literacy
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Lynsey graduated from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelors Degree in Childhood Education (1-6) and graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Masters of Science Degree in Literacy (Birth-6). Lynsey has over 5 years of teaching experience and has taught first-grade general education and is currently teaching in a fourth-grade inclusion classroom (integrated co-teaching with general and special education students). This has provided her with experiences involving students with a wide range of intellectual, emotional, and behavioral disabilities. Being that she works in an inclusion classroom, she works closely with special education students and has practice differentiating and scaffolding lessons to meet their needs. Lynsey has taught summer school the last 3 years for the NYC DOE where she has taught second, third, and sixth grade, focusing specifically on literacy and math. Lynsey also taught a STEM after-school program for 3 years, helping students use digital tools and devices to complete enrichment projects.  Lynsey’s mother and father are both teachers, as well as her sister, who is a Special Education teacher. Lynsey has been exposed to teaching practices from an early age and comes from a family of educators. Lynsey strongly believes in the importance of understanding that every student learns differently, and it is imperative to find strategies and skills to help students succeed. Lynsey incorporates hands-on, interactive manipulatives to help students meet educational, emotional, and behavioral goals. Lynsey also has extensive knowledge of the NYS New Common Core learning standards, as well as training in social-emotional support. She brings a passion and creative eye to her work with families and students of all learning abilities.

Lynsey has helped students achieve literacy skills such as decoding, spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension skills, and writing skills by using visuals, hands-on manipulatives, and digital applications to help students learn and stay engaged. Lynsey strongly believes in evaluating each student to see which strategies he or she would best benefit from, whether it is practice with sounding out words or forming paragraphs. Students need repetition and lots of practice when learning new mathematical skills. Lynsey believes in constant and continuous engagement in fun, digital ways to help students learn their number lines, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and more. Since Lynsey works in an ICT classroom, she has had many students in the past with attention, behavioral, and emotional learning issues. Lynsey believes it is imperative to get to know each student, learning about their strengths, needs, and areas of improvement. Once she has developed a deeper understanding of each child’s needs, she is able to provide the most beneficial and appropriate strategies and materials necessary to achieve each child’s educational and emotional goals. Social-emotional support is her strong suit, and she uses many digital applications and SEL (social-emotional learning) strategies to make the students feel welcomed, safe and supported.


M. Ed. in Special Education, B.S. Elementary Education & Psychology
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Kathleen is an elementary school teacher within the charter network of NYC. Her education includes a B.S. in Elementary Education and Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education from Keene State College, Keene State College has been an NCATE accredited institution since 1954; each education program option meets national standards.

Kathleen has been working within the charter network of NYC for the past five years with experience in grades 1-4 along with experience teaching in ICT classrooms. In the ICT classroom setting she has worked with students with ADHD, autism, and speech and language impairments. She works hard to meet the individual needs of all her students while building upon and celebrating their strengths.

Kathleen uses informal and formal assessments to collect data and learn more about each students’ individual needs then creates goals for students to work towards during tutoring sessions. She can support students with phonics, decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension using a variety of resources including Wilson/Fundations programs and Fountas & Pinnell. Kathleen has experience teaching math through Context of Learning, a math program designed to teach the Common Core Standards within the context of students’ lives, creating a hands-on, stimulating learning environment. By meeting the needs of each individual student and celebrating their strengths and growth Kathleen had 96% of her students from the 2018-2019 school year pass the NYS ELA State Exam and 100% pass the NYS Math State Exam.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Boerum Hill, Bed-Stuy, Borough Park, Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Crown Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Gowanus, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Williamsburg, and Navy Yard

TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized instruction in decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, writing, math and literacy test prep

EXPERTISE: Improving decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing skills, providing students with strategies to understand and solve math world problems

AGES: 1st-4th grade

Rachel H.

Psic?logo Escolar y Especialista en Lectura
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Rachel es psic?loga escolar del Departamento de Educaci?n de la Ciudad de Nueva York y certificada en el Sistema de Lectura Wilson. A Rachel le apasiona trabajar con ni?os para promover su crecimiento acad?mico, social y emocional. Su educaci?n incluye una licenciatura en mercadotecnia de la Rutgers School of Business y una maestr?a en educaci?n con un certificado avanzado en psicolog?a escolar de CUNY Brooklyn College.

As a School Psychologist, Rachel has worked with a diverse population of general and special education students at the elementary and middle school levels, conducting psycho-educational assessments and providing counseling services. She also fosters collaborative relationships in which children, parents, school staff, and outside agencies can work together to maximize students potential and create the most positive school environment that is possible for them.

As a Brooklyn Letters reading tutor, Rachel uses the Wilson (Grade 3 and above) and Fundations (Grades K-2) programs to improve children's decoding, fluency, comprehension, and spelling skills. She is intent on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students so they feel most comfortable to persist and challenge themselves. She highlights students strengths by tailoring lessons to meet each student's unique learning style.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope; Ella reside en williamsburg
Manhattan: todas las ?reas
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaciones iniciales de lectura, intervenci?n individualizada de lectura y ortograf?a e instrucci?n
EXPERIENCIA: Evaluaci?n e intervenci?n para ni?os que luchan con la decodificaci?n, comprensi?n de lectura, fluidez y ortograf?a; desarrollar e implementar planes de intervenci?n de comportamiento
AGES: Pre-K 6th grade


Bachelor’s of Education with a Minor in Psychology, Masters’s in Educational Leadership
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Danielle is a New York State certified teacher, professionally certified in General Education grades 1-6. Danielle completed her Bachelor’s of Education with a Minor in Psychology at St. John’s University and graduated Cum Laude. She also has a Masters’s in Educational Leadership from Mercy College in the Bronx. She has over ten years of experience teaching students with diverse needs. In her ten years of experience, she has taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. She is experienced in working with students struggling with literacy, writing, and reading skills (decoding, fluency, reading comprehension). Danielle is very familiar with IEPs and working towards meeting student’s specific goals. She has worked with various types of curriculum that support strengthening kids’ academic skills in reading (decoding, fluency, comprehension), writing (sentence structure, handwriting, essay writing), and mathematics.

Danielle is experienced in test preparation for the ELA and Math NYS tests and for preparing English language learners for NYSESLAT. Danielle is able to provide manipulatives for tutoring sessions.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn

TYPES OF SERVICES: Developing individualized and effective literacy and math instruction, individualized reading instruction, helping with homework.

EXPERTISE: Strengthen reading comprehension and mathematical reasoning

AGES: 2nd-5th grade

Rachel M.

MS Ense?anza de Estudiantes con Discapacidades; Especialista certificado de Orton Gillingham
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Rachel is an early childhood (birth-grade 2) special education teacher in a New York City public school in Brooklyn. She has been teaching since 2006. Rachel has taught in the ICT setting as well as in a self-contained bridge K-2 12:1 setting. She has experience working with children with Angelman s Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, speech and language delays, ADD/ADHD, and learning disabilities. In the 2018-2019 school year, Rachel piloted New York City s first ACES (academic, career, and essential skills) inclusion program for kindergarten children who have intellectual and multiple disabilities. Teaching this class provided experience with becoming familiar teaching and communicating through AAC devices. She is passionate about discovering ways to make learning individualized and magical to the young children she teaches. Rachel believes in a hands-on approach to learning and integrates this idea across all content areas.

In 2015, Rachel worked in collaboration with teachers across New York City to write the Passport to Social Studies curriculum. Specifically, she was a writer for the kindergarten curriculum. Additionally, Rachel spent the summers of 2016-2018 facilitating professional development to teachers that would be implementing the curriculum at their schools.

Rachel received training and Orton Gillingham certification through the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education. Additionally, Rachel is trained in Sounds Sensible, Fundations, Fountas & Pinnell, Teacher s College Reading and Writing, and Go! Math. While Rachel teaches the younger grades in school, she tutors children of all ages. Rachel believes that there is nothing more satisfying than finding ways to ignite the reading fire in young children, and feed this fire with the tools needed to develop and grow as readers and writers.and Rachel has 4 years of teaching experience in the second grade, both general education and special education. Outside of school, Rachel works with elementary school children of all ages through 5th grade. She uses a variety of materials that are best suited to the age and level of the child. Rachel is experienced in preparing students in the 3rd-5th grade for the NYS ELA exam.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, South Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Ft. Greene, Gowanus
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaci?n inicial de lectura, intervenci?n de lectura y escritura e intervenci?n matem?tica.
EXPERIENCIA: Orton Gillingham, Sounds Sensible, Fundations. Fountas, Pinnell, Teacher's College Lectura y escritura, y Go! Matemáticas
EDADES: todas

Andrea P., MS Ed.

NYS Certified Childhood General and Special Education Teacher, MS Ed
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Andrea is a tenured NYS certified teacher, she is professionally certified in General Education and Special Education grades 1-6. Andrea completed her bachelors of education with a minor in Psychology at St. John s University and graduated Cum Lade. She was also on the Dean s List all 4 years of her undergraduate program. She then completed her masters in Special Education at St. John s University. Recently Andrea furthered her education and completed her 30 and above in education through Midwest Teachers Institute.

Andrea actualmente trabaja para el Departamento de Educación de Nueva York como maestra autónoma de educación especial de tercer grado. Tiene más de seis años de experiencia enseñando a estudiantes con diversas necesidades, incluyendo autismo, estudiantes con discapacidades de aprendizaje, TDAH, dislexia, trastornos de ansiedad y trastornos emocionales / de comportamiento. En sus 6 años de enseñanza: K, 1S t, 2Dakota del Norte, 3rdy 4th. She is experienced in working with students struggling with literacy, writing and reading skills (decoding, fluency, reading comprehension). Andrea is very familiar with IEP s and working towards meeting student's specific goals.

Andrea has been trained in the Fundations program, Columbia University s Teacher s College, as well as Fountas & Pinnell. She also has 6 years of experience with the GoMath and Exemplars programs to support learning in math. Along with being trained in these programs, she provides numerous scaffolds to aide children in learning. She will provide manipulatives as well as making charts tailored to a child's specific needs.

Andrea is experienced in test preparation for the ELA and Math state tests and for preparing English language learners for NYSESLAT. When working with English Language Learners as well as students with learning disabilities, she feels it is extremely important to provide visuals to support their learning.

In her daily practice as a teacher, she uses many approaches to motivate and maintain appropriate behaviors. By getting to know her students it allows her to engage them and best learn their interests. She truly enjoys building strong relationships with her students and working with them to meet their individualized learning goals. When needed, she uses a positive reinforcement and a positive reward system to help with students confidence and self-esteem. She is also trained in applied behavior analysis approach (ABA). She is excited to help your child with his or her literacy and math skills.

UBICACI?N: Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Administraci?n de evaluaciones de lectura y escritura, desarrollo de instrucci?n de alfabetizaci?n individualizada y efectiva, instrucci?n de lectura individualizada, creaci?n de conciencia fonol?gica y habilidades fon?ticas, ayuda con la tarea.
EXPERIENCIA: trabajando con todos los estudiantes con discapacidades, mejorando las habilidades de decodificaci?n y la fluidez de lectura. Fortalecer la comprensi?n de lectura y la evaluaci?n e intervenci?n de escritura para ni?os que luchan con la decodificaci?n, la comprensi?n de lectura y la fluidez.
EDADES: preescolar-6to grado

Alexa S.

Maestr?a en Educaci?n Elemental; Orton Gillingham entrenado y experimentado
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Alexa is a childhood (birth-grade 6) education teacher in a New York City public school in Brooklyn. She has been teaching since 2015. Alexa attended Iona College in New Rochelle, NY for her undergraduate education degree, with a minor in math. Following that Alexa attended Brooklyn College where she obtained her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. In addition, she is fully trained in the Orton Gillingham approach (multi-sensory approach for struggling readers/writers).

Alexa comenz? su carrera docente en una escuela primaria en Brooklyn como maestra de segundo grado. Ella tiene experiencia trabajando con ni?os con retrasos en el procesamiento, dificultades de aprendizaje, ADD / ADHD y problemas del habla / lenguaje. Alexa diferencia para cada uno de sus alumnos utilizando lecciones multisensoriales que ayudan a los alumnos que luchan con la decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, fluidez, matem?ticas, lectura y comprensi?n de lectura. Se especializa en la ense?anza de la conciencia fonol?gica, identificaci?n de letras / sonidos, mezcla de sonidos, lectura guiada, habilidades de comprensi?n lectora y escritura. Alexa ha estado ense?ando en un aula de educaci?n general durante los ?ltimos 4 a?os, cada a?o ha tenido una clase de ELL (Aprendizaje del idioma ingl?s), que va desde estudiantes principiantes de ELL hasta avanzados. Dentro de su escuela, ella ense?a ReadyGen, Go Math y Orton Gillingham.

Alexa es paciente, compasiva y creativa. ¡Ella ayudará a su hijo a crecer como lector, escritor, aprendiz, de la mejor manera que se adapte a sus necesidades!

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Carrol Gardens, Cobble Hill, Marine Park, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend y Borough Park
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Instrucción individualizada en lectura, decodificación / codificación (ortografía), fonética, comprensión de lectura, fluidez de lectura y escritura.
EXPERIENCIA: Orton Gillingham, lecciones individualizadas en decodificación / codificación, instrucción de alfabetización nivelada, comprensión de lectura, escritura y matemáticas
EDADES: desde el nacimiento hasta la escuela primaria

Lauren C.

MA y NYS certificados en TESOL (ense?anza de ingl?s para hablantes de otros idiomas), educaci?n especial, educaci?n infantil y educaci?n infantil
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Lauren es maestra del Departamento de Educación de Nueva York y posee 5 certificaciones del estado de Nueva York: enseñanza de inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas (Pre K a 12 ° grado), estudiantes con discapacidades (desde el nacimiento hasta el 2 ° grado), estudiantes con discapacidades (Grados 1-6), temprano Educación general de la infancia (desde el nacimiento hasta el grado 2) y Educación general de la infancia (grados 1-6). Recibió su Maestría en TESOL (Enseñanza de inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas) de Hunter College en Manhattan. También recibió una licenciatura en Estudios Infantiles / Matemáticas de St. Joseph's College en Brooklyn. Lauren actualmente es maestra de ENL (inglés como nuevo idioma) en Brooklyn, NY. Ella trabaja con los estudiantes del idioma inglés y modifica la instrucción para que sus diversos alumnos puedan comprender el contenido que se les enseña.

Lauren tiene experiencia trabajando con muchas culturas y orígenes diversos, actualmente trabaja con estudiantes que hablan 27 idiomas diferentes. Lauren se especializa en instrucción de lectura guiada en grupos pequeños que trabaja en las necesidades específicas de los estudiantes. Ella entiende que los estudiantes aprenden de diferentes maneras e incorpora una variedad de estilos de aprendizaje en su instrucción tales como visual, lingüística y kinestésica. Para las dificultades de lectura, Lauren utiliza instrucción multisensorial con varias técnicas prácticas (play-doh, escritura en arena, escritura al aire, mosaicos de letras magnéticas) para ayudar en la memoria de palabras y la construcción y se involucra con los estudiantes en lectura interactiva compartida.

Lauren is trained using multiple assessments and curriculum including Teacher’s College, Words Their Way, Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell, Go Math, Metamorphosis Math, and Envisions. She works with students who struggle with decoding, spelling, and writing by building on each student's current skill level. Lauren has experience working with students who have learning disabilities, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Flatbush (Ditmas Park, Flatbush Park South), Williamsburg, Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Bay Ridge, Sunset Park
Reinas: Woodside, Astoria, Sunnyside, Glendale, Middle Village, Forest Hills, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights
TIPO DE SERVICIO: Soporte de ENL, administraci?n de evaluaciones de lectura y escritura, trabajo de fon?tica, instrucci?n de lectura individualizada, asistencia en matem?ticas, desarrollo del lenguaje, instrucci?n de vocabulario, preparaci?n para ex?menes NYSESLAT y ex?menes estatales de ELA y matem?ticas
PERICIA: Trabajar con los estudiantes del idioma ingl?s y ayudarlos a desarrollar el lenguaje. Intervenci?n para ni?os que luchan con la decodificaci?n, la comprensi?n y la fluidez.
SIGLOS: Preescolar-4to Grado

Alexis WM., Orton Gillingham, Certificado Wilson

MS Ed., NYS Certified Educaci?n primaria y especial K-6
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Alexis holds professional teaching certificates in both general education and special education K-6th in NYS. She has a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Learning and received her Masters in Special Education from Rutgers University. She is currently working as a Learning Interventionist for an elementary charter school in downtown Brooklyn.

Alexis is certified in the Wilson Reading System and has extensive training and experience using Orton Gillingham and other research-based intervention programs. She has over 10 years experience teaching students K-12th in a variety of settings. She has experience teaching as a general education teacher, ICT teacher, and a Learning Interventionist for elementary grades. She also has experience serving as a Special Education IEP Coordinator and ELL testing Coordinator where she collaborated with both parents and teachers to get the mandated services that the students need in order for them to reach their full potential. Throughout her career, Alexis has worked with a variety of types of learning differences including dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism spectrum based behaviors and disabilities, ADD, ADHD, emotionally disturbed, physical disabilities, as well as low cognitive disabilities. Alexis has extensive knowledge of childhood development, common core standards, school curriculums, and how to differentiate the curriculum to fit the needs of each student.

Alexis believes that all students learn differently and believes that with the right teaching approach, students of all ages and levels can succeed. She has a passion for working with children to find out exactly how they learn best and to give them the tools to become independent learners. As a teacher and a mom, Alexis knows how important it is to understand each child as a whole and collaborates with families about their child's progress. For each client she works with, Alexis is committed to establishing a partnership with the families to give the child as much academic support as possible.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn.
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Orton Gillingham, Sistema de lectura Wilson, Fundamentos Wilson, intervenci?n fonol?gica, comprensi?n lectora, lectura de palabras, evaluaciones de alfabetizaci?n equilibrada y ayuda con la tarea.
EXPERIENCIA: conciencia fon?mica, comprensi?n de lectura y estudiantes con discapacidades basadas en el lenguaje.
EDADES: desde el nacimiento hasta la escuela primaria

Leticia S.

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Leticia es una instructora certificada de Pre-K-6 con más de una década de experiencia docente en el sistema escolar de la ciudad de Nueva York. Tiene una Maestría en Artes en Educación Primaria de Teacher's College, Columbia University, una certificación bilingüe de Bank Street College, y estudió literatura española e inglesa en la Universidad de California, Riverside. Mientras estaba en la UCR, ella brindó tutoría a los estudiantes en el programa Early Academic Outreach. También es miembro fundador de The Coalition of Latino Scholars en Teacher's College, Columbia University. En 2005 fue becaria en Solexico Language School en Yucatán, México. En 2009 comenzó a tomar cursos en Teacher's College, Universidad de Columbia en Patología del Habla, y allí creció su pasión por el desarrollo del lenguaje y los desafíos de aprendizaje basados en el lenguaje que enfrentan algunos de estos niños cuando adquieren alfabetización.

Leticia actualmente trabaja como maestra de escuela primaria en una escuela p?blica de Brooklyn, y posee certificaciones en los programas de fon?tica Fundaciones (K-2) y Wilson Nivel 1 (Grados 3-6) y Nivel 2 (7-12). Adem?s, est? entrenada en el programa Great Leaps. Sus especializaciones de ense?anza incluyen intervenci?n de alfabetizaci?n para ni?os con discapacidades de aprendizaje, intervenci?n fon?tica, pedagog?a de doble inmersi?n, proyectos multidisciplinarios basados en estudiantes y biling?ismo en el aula multicultural. Tambi?n ha facilitado talleres para familias interesadas en adquirir pr?cticas fundamentales de alfabetizaci?n para sus hijos.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Park Slope, Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, Prospect Lefferts-Garden
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Orton Gillingham individualiz? lecciones de decodificaci?n (lectura) y codificaci?n (ortograf?a), comprensi?n de lectura, escritura y h?bitos de estudio.
EXPERIENCIA: conocimiento fon?mico, fluidez, prosodia, comprensi?n de lectura, resistencia de lectura y escritura

Kristina M.

Maestr?a En Educaci?n Primaria Y Especial; Orton Gillingham entrenado y experimentado
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Kristina M. es una maestra con certificaci?n m?ltiple en Educaci?n Infantil (1-6) y Educaci?n Especial. Kristina asisti? a la Universidad Adelphi en Garden City, Nueva York, donde obtuvo su Maestr?a en Educaci?n Primaria y Especial. Adem?s, est? completamente capacitada en Orton Gillingham (enfoque multisensorial para lectores / escritores con dificultades). Kristina diferencia para cada uno de sus alumnos el uso de lecciones multisensoriales que ayudan a los alumnos que luchan con la decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, fluidez y comprensi?n de lectura. Se especializa en ense?ar conciencia fon?mica, identificaci?n de letras / sonidos, mezclar sonidos y escribir. Tambi?n asisti? a un taller llamado Escritura a mano sin l?grimas, donde puede proporcionar instrucci?n apropiada para el desarrollo de la escritura a mano.

Kristina comenz? su carrera docente en una escuela primaria en Brooklyn como maestra de primer grado. Ella tiene experiencia trabajando con ni?os con autismo, retrasos en el procesamiento, dificultades de aprendizaje, ADD / ADHD y problemas del habla / lenguaje. Kristina ha estado ense?ando en un aula de TIC durante los ?ltimos 3 a?os, diferenciando para estudiantes que van desde alto funcionamiento / nivel de grado superior, a estudiantes con dificultades acad?micas. Dentro de su escuela, ella ense?a a diario ReadyGen, Go Math y Orton Gillingham.

Kristina es paciente, amable, amorosa y cari?osa. Ella trata a cada ni?o como si fuera suyo, y siempre se esfuerza por hacer que el aprendizaje sea divertido. Est? extremadamente motivada y conf?a en que ayudar? a su hijo a crecer en cualquier ?rea de necesidad.

UBICACIONES: Brooklyn Weekdays: Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Sheepshead Bay, Park Slope y
BrooklynWeekends: Centro de Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill
Manhattan: sábados y domingos por la mañana
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Orton Gillingham, lecciones individualizadas en decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, instrucci?n de alfabetizaci?n nivelada, comprensi?n de lectura, escritura y matem?ticas

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Rita C.

MS ED., Alfabetizaci?n certificada por el estado de Nueva York
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Rita es especialista en alfabetizaci?n certificada con una maestr?a de Bank Street College of Education y una licenciatura en literatura de Bard College. Ha practicado la evaluaci?n y la tutor?a en entornos privados y cl?nicos. Rita ha tenido experiencia en el aula en la escuela primaria Hunter, as? como en las escuelas primarias p?blicas de Queens y Harlem. Ha completado la Parte I de Alfabetizaci?n a trav?s de la ense?anza multisensorial (LMUST), un plan de estudios de Orton-Gillingham desarrollado por Judith Birsh. Al crecer con una hermana disl?xica en un momento en que las dificultades de aprendizaje eran menos entendidas, ella ha sido testigo personalmente de los desaf?os que enfrentan los lectores y escritores con dificultades. Tambi?n ha tenido una amplia experiencia en m?sica e inform?tica y ha trabajado en noticias en l?nea y en dise?o y desarrollo web. Rita combina su experiencia en las artes, las computadoras y la educaci?n para ense?ar habilidades de alfabetizaci?n, como descodificaci?n y estrategias de comprensi?n. Tambi?n ha tenido ?xito ayudando a los estudiantes a prepararse para los ex?menes ELA del estado de Nueva York. Sus alumnos se divierten siguiendo una serie de ejercicios cortos y atractivos mientras aprenden las habilidades que necesitan. Rita se esfuerza por ayudar a sus alumnos a ganar confianza ense??ndoles a dirigir sus fortalezas particulares hacia el objetivo de convertirse en estudiantes m?s independientes y lectores y escritores exitosos.

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UBICACIÓN: Brooklyn, Manhattan.
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaciones de lectura formales e informales (conciencia fonol?gica, asociaci?n de s?mbolos de sonido, estrategias de decodificaci?n, fluidez y comprensi?n de lectura, ortograf?a); desarrollo de programas de intervenci?n para abordar las necesidades.
EXPERIENCIA: Desarrollo de remediaci?n individualizada y prescriptiva para lectores con dificultades
EDADES: desde preescolar hasta secundaria

Mike W.

MA, NY State Early Childhood & Childhood (Birth-Grade 6), NY State Students with Disabilities (Birth-Grade 6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Mike graduated from St. Joseph s University on Long Island with a dual bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education for Early Childhood K- 6th grade. He also has a Masters Degree in Literacy K-6th grade from Long Island University. While working to attain his Literacy degree, he developed working knowledge of Fundations, as well as Fountas & Pinell. Before graduating from St. Josephs, Mike was an English major at Manhattanville University while studying to become a lawyer. However, he eventually realized his true passion was working with children and turned his attention to teaching. Both of Mike s parents were special education teachers. His mother taught middle and high school special education as a reading teacher, which helped expose him to years of teaching methods long before he had his own classroom. Now, Mike has over 10 years working in both general education and special education classrooms. For the past 4+ years, he has worked as a special education teacher in an I.C.T. (Integrated Co-Teaching) classroom, as well as a general education teacher at P.S. 170 in Brooklyn. One of his core beliefs is to create student engagement, which helps facilitate learning. He uses numerous multisensory and interactive techniques to enhance students writing, decoding, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills. Mike also has extensive knowledge of the NYS Common Core learning standards, which he seamlessly incorporates into each lesson. He also has over five years of sports coaching experience. He brings a passion and willingness to work with students of all learning abilities and styles.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Instrucci?n individualizada en lectura, decodificaci?n / codificaci?n (ortograf?a), comprensi?n de lectura, fluidez de lectura y escritura.
EXPERIENCIA: Trabajar con estudiantes con y sin discapacidades de aprendizaje que necesitan apoyo especializado de alfabetizaci?n individual,
EDADES: Escuela primaria y secundaria

Alyssa B.

MS, NYS Certified (Grado de nacimiento 6) Educaci?n general y especial
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Alyssa se gradu? de Queens College con una licenciatura en ingl?s y se gradu? de Adelphi con un t?tulo de Duel Masters of Science en Educaci?n Infantil y Educaci?n Especial para la Primera Infancia PK-5to grado. Alyssa tiene m?s de ocho a?os de experiencia en la ense?anza, influenciando y enriqueciendo a estudiantes con diferentes necesidades. Ella tiene una fuerte comprensi?n de las necesidades de los estudiantes con discapacidades f?sicas y de aprendizaje. Ense?a a los estudiantes a mejorar su escritura y lectura (decodificaci?n, fluidez, comprensi?n de lectura y codificaci?n). Alyssa incorpora un m?todo multisensorial para ayudar a involucrar y ense?ar eficazmente a sus alumnos. Su experiencia incluye tareas, curr?culo escolar y preparaci?n de ex?menes para ex?menes estatales de ELA.

Alyssa est? entrenada en Wilson Fundations, una lectura efectiva y programa de escritura Ella usa el plan de estudios Wilson para ayudar a los estudiantes a desarrollar sus habilidades de decodificación, fluidez y conciencia fonológica. Alyssa tiene capacitación en el modelo de lectura y escritura de la Universidad de Maestros de la Universidad de Columbia para ayudar a los estudiantes a mejorar sus habilidades de escritura y lectura. Por último, ella está entrenada en Fountas & Pinnell evaluaci?n de lectura, que ayuda a los ni?os a alcanzar sus objetivos de lectura.

Alyssa begins the tutoring process by administering Teacher College and Fountas & Pinell assessments to better target the needs of the student. Alyssa has an innate ability to connect with and reach all of her students. She creates a risk-free learning environment and encourages student engagement. She strives to promote and provide students with differentiated instruction and to meet the needs of each student's learning style. She takes advantage of her students strengths and her students feel supported and nurtured when working with her.

Alyssa tiene una vasta experiencia trabajando con estudiantes que luchan con habilidades y estrategias de lectura. Antes de trabajar para el Departamento de Educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York, Alyssa trabajó como Proveedor de Servicios de Intervención Académica. Ella utiliza intervención basada en evidencia como, Fundamentos Niveles K, 1 y 2, Palabras Justas de Wilson y Intervención de Alfabetización Nivelada de Fountas y Pinnell grados K-5. Tiene experiencia enseñando a los estudiantes las estrategias que necesitan para aprender a aprender a leer y escribir. El objetivo de las intervenciones de lectura individualizadas y multisensoriales de Alyssa es la decodificación (lectura), la ortografía, la fluidez de lectura y la comprensión de lectura. Se especializa en la enseñanza de la identificación de letras / sonidos, conciencia fonémica, ortografía, fluidez de lectura, comprensión y escritura.

Alyssa is calm, patient, nurturing, and playful. She develops relationships with all of her students and uses their specific interests to plan individualized lesson plans to maintain her students attention, engaging and keeping them excited about reading. Her ultimate goal is to create confidence in reading and writing.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Fort Green, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Bed Stuy
Long Island: Condado de Nassau
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: instrucci?n e intervenci?n individualizadas de lectura, escritura y ortograf?a, conciencia fon?mica, decodificaci?n, reconocimiento de palabras visuales, fluidez, comprensi?n de lectura e intervenciones de alfabetizaci?n nivelada.
EXPERIENCIA: Lectores tempranos y emergentes, conciencia fon?mica, decodificaci?n, ortograf?a, comprensi?n de lectura y escritura.
AGES: Pre-K 4th Grade
Long Island Wantagh, Seaford, Bellmore, Levittown, Merrick, Massapequa, Monday through Thursday 4:30 6:30

Joanna B.

Especialista en lectura certificado por el estado de Nueva York y certificado en educaci?n infantil
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Joanna es especialista en lectura certificada por el estado de Nueva York, maestra de educaci?n infantil y primaria con siete a?os de experiencia en la ense?anza y tutor?a en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Joanna earned her M.A. in Elementary Education and Literacy from Bank Street College of Education in Manhattan, and her B.A. in History from the University of Colorado. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham-based multi-sensory approach Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) and has worked with dozens of struggling readers, dyslexic readers, and readers needing enrichment across New York City. Joanna has worked in many schools throughout New York City, including private schools, public schools, and charter schools, so she understands the challenges students face in different educational environments. She currently works as a Head Teacher at The Co-op School in Brooklyn.

Joanna will administer comprehensive assessments to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses. She will then create personalized sessions to target specific areas of need. Joanna focuses on building independence by teaching students to use a toolbox of skills and strategies that they can refer to as they read and write. Joanna has a calm, patient nature and a playful sense of humor that help her to connect with students on a personal level. She believes that interest and motivation are critically important in supporting more thoughtful reading.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy, Prospect Heights, pies. Greene, el centro de Brooklyn, Park Slope, el centro de Manhattan.
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaci?n inicial de lectura, instrucci?n e intervenci?n de lectura individualizada, instrucci?n e intervenci?n de escritura y ortograf?a.
EXPERIENCIA: lectores tempranos, evaluaci?n e intervenci?n para ni?os que luchan con la decodificaci?n, comprensi?n de lectura, fluidez y escritura
EDADES: K-5to Grado

**Horas de oficina: Los martes y jueves, Joanna se complace en ofrecer tutor?a en su oficina en las alturas de trabajo. / . The address is 650 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 (near Franklin and st. Marks). It is accessible by the A/C/2/3/4/5 trains and is quiet and free of distractions! It's a shared co working space but you will be working at a private room for tutoring. There are even free snacks. She has blocked out time from 3:15-8:30 on Tues/Thurs.

* Se podr?an aplicar tarifas adicionales por trabajar con ella en su oficina.

Anastasiya K.

MA, NYS Certified (Birth-Grade 2) Educaci?n general y especial
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Anastasiya es una maestra de educación general y especial de la infancia de Nueva York con doble licencia (grado de nacimiento 2) con más de 10 años de experiencia en la enseñanza, tutoría y tutoría de estudiantes. Tiene una licenciatura en ciencias de Brooklyn College en Patología del Habla y Lenguaje, con una especialización en Estudios de Niños y una Maestría en Ciencias en Educación Infantil en Educación General y Especial de Touro College School of Education. Anastasiya actualmente está obteniendo su segundo título de maestría en Liderazgo Escolar y de Distrito de Touro College. Actualmente trabaja como maestra de educación especial en un aula integrada de segundo grado de NEST, en una escuela de gran prestigio en Brooklyn.

Anastasiya ha dedicado su carrera a trabajar en escuelas privadas y públicas, agencias y sitios de intervención basados en el hogar en todos los condados. Tiene experiencia en el servicio a niños de grados K-5 con una amplia gama de discapacidades que incluyen: impedimentos del habla y del lenguaje, discapacidades de aprendizaje, autismo, dislexia, TDAH, trastorno del procesamiento auditivo, dispraxia, trastornos de ansiedad y comorbilidad de estos impedimentos. Anastasiya también ha trabajado con muchos estudiantes de ESL que necesitan ayuda para comprender el plan de estudios de su escuela y producir trabajo a nivel de grado. Ella utiliza sus habilidades interpersonales para colaborar con maestros, terapeutas y padres para establecer una comunicación efectiva, que se utiliza como una herramienta poderosa para ayudar al niño a convertirse en un exitoso aprendiz de por vida.

Anastasiya was trained and continues to attend professional developments for diverse programs to meet the needs of all of her students. She is trained in Orton Gillingham, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), Wilson Fundations Program, Leveled Literacy Instruction (Fountas and Pinnell), ReadyGen, Junior Great Books, TC Writing, and GoMath. She integrates a variety of these program, by creating multi-sensory and differentiated instruction for each child. Additionally, Anastasiya recognizes each child's interests and strengths and constantly strives to make learning enjoyable, exciting, and personal.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Park Slope, Prospect Lefferts-Garden, Sunset Park, Marine Park, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Queens y Long Island.
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Orton Gillingham, ABA (An?lisis de Comportamiento Aplicado), Programa de Fundamentos Wilson, Instrucci?n de Alfabetizaci?n Nivelada (Fountas y Pinnell), evaluaciones informales iniciales, medianas y finales de lectura y escritura.
EXPERIENCIA: Trabajar con estudiantes con discapacidades de aprendizaje, aprendices del idioma ingl?s, instrucci?n individualizada en conciencia fon?mica, fon?tica y estrategias de decodificaci?n; lectura de fluidez e instrucci?n de comprensi?n; instrucci?n de escritura, apoyo adicional en todas las ?reas de contenido, ayuda con la tarea, desarrollo de h?bitos de estudio positivos.

Gretchen M.

SRA. NYS Certified 1st -6th Grade
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Gretchen es un educador certificado de 1º a 6º grado con más de 7 años de experiencia. Está certificada tanto en Educación Infantil como en Estudiantes con Discapacidades. Ella ha enseñado pre-k, kindergarten, primer grado, segundo grado, tercer grado y escuela intermedia (grados 6-8) dentro de esos 7 años. Todas estas clases eran aulas inclusivas con estudiantes de variados niveles de habilidad. Tiene una maestría en ciencias en alfabetización de Touro College y es especialista en lectura certificada.

Gretchen actualmente trabaja en una escuela en Brooklyn y ha estado enseñando allí desde 2012. Trabaja en un programa especializado que ayuda a los niños con autismo de alto funcionamiento en un entorno inclusivo a obtener acceso al plan de estudios y a los estándares básicos comunes. Está capacitada en Orton Gillingham, como Wilson Fundations, Junior Great Books, ReadyGen, Go Math, Fountas y Pinnell, y el Programa de Bachillerato Internacional que se enfoca en el aprendizaje centrado en el estudiante en todas las áreas del plan de estudios. Dentro de su escuela actual, realiza intervenciones de alfabetización para lectores con dificultades y organiza talleres sobre intervenciones de comportamiento positivo para sus colegas.

UBICACIÓN: Brooklyn: Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Orton Gillingham lecciones individualizadas en decodificaci?n (lectura) y codificaci?n (ortograf?a), comprensi?n de lectura, estrategias de organizaci?n y estudio, ayuda acad?mica
EXPERIENCIA: instrucción individualizada, conciencia fonémica, fluidez, prosodia, comprensión lectora, resistencia en lectura y escritura, autismo

Natalie H.

Educador especial; Maestro certificado de ASD
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Natalie Hale es una educadora especial con licencia del estado de Nueva York (Grados 1-6). Recibi? su Maestr?a en Ciencias en la Ense?anza de Estudiantes con Necesidades Especiales de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York en el Brooklyn College y su Licenciatura en Ciencias en Psicolog?a de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York en el Brooklyn College.

Natalie est? entrenada y certificada en The Spalding Method (K-6), un enfoque multisensorial para ense?ar lectura, escritura y ortograf?a. Natalie tambi?n est? capacitada en el Programa de Fundaciones Wilson: un programa basado en fon?tica para ni?os peque?os (K-3).

Natalie ha completado entrenamientos vigorosos sobre el trastorno del espectro autista (TEA) en la Universidad de Nueva York, as? como directamente a trav?s del Departamento de Educaci?n de Nueva York. Ella ha sido nombrada maestra principal para el Programa ASD Horizon en su escuela p?blica.

Natalie ha pasado la mayor parte de su carrera apoyando a estudiantes con autismo, TDA, TDAH, discapacidades de aprendizaje, retrasos en el habla / lenguaje y desaf?os del lenguaje expresivo / receptivo. Natalie se especializa en intervenci?n de lectura para lectores con dificultades en el grado Prek-5.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Carroll Gardens
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaciones iniciales de lectura, intervenci?n de lectura individualizada e instrucci?n.
EXPERIENCIA: Apoyar a los ni?os que luchan con la decodificaci?n, fluidez, comprensi?n, habilidades de funcionamiento ejecutivo, habilidades de escritura expresiva y desarrollo del lenguaje expresivo / receptivo.
EDADES: Prek-5

Maddie K.

MS. Educaci?n infantil temprana y educaci?n especial
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Maddie es una tutora de lectura para ni?os de prek?nder a sexto grado. Tiene una doble maestr?a en educaci?n infantil y educaci?n especial. Ella es instructora certificada de lectura de Wilson y ha completado 11 cr?ditos de posgrado por separado en el programa Wilson. Maddie tiene experiencia trabajando con una poblaci?n diversa de estudiantes, especialmente aquellos con discapacidades de aprendizaje; por ejemplo, dislexia y TDAH.

Maddie s personal experience with her own reading struggles as a child has given her a unique understanding of the emotional and social strains that struggling readers often face. Her interest in education began in high school where she tutored elementary school students in reading at The Churchill School and Center and taught children's yoga. After receiving her B.A. in sociology from Guilford College, she began working at The Child School/Legacy High School where she gained experience teaching children with a wide range of special needs. She was trained there in the Wilson Reading Program by Shelly P. (A highly experienced and accomplished teacher and reading specialist, also at Brooklyn Letters). This training led to a position as a reading specialist at The Child School/Legacy High School where Maddie worked one-on-one and in small groups with students (K-12) who were reading below grade level to build their decoding, encoding and comprehension skills. Maddie also worked as a reading specialist at Integrative Neuropsychological Services where she gave reading lessons as part of intensive educational interventions for children (K-8) with special needs. In this position she worked closely with students other service providers (psychologists, speech and language therapists etc.) to ensure that their emotional, physical, and social development were considered in every reading lesson.

Maddie se especializa en intervenci?n de lectura y prevenci?n. Ella usa los programas Wilson Reading System y Fundations para crear lecciones individualizadas para ense?ar habilidades de lectura, ortograf?a, comprensi?n y escritura. Estos programas utilizan un enfoque multisensorial para ense?ar sistem?ticamente a los estudiantes c?mo decodificar (dividir palabras en sonidos para leer) y codificar (juntar sonidos para deletrear). Este enfoque multisensorial de la lectura garantiza que todo tipo de alumnos (por ejemplo, auditivo, kinest?sico) puedan acceder f?cilmente a los conceptos que se ense?an. Al trabajar con estudiantes m?s j?venes, Maddie incorpora muchas actividades basadas en el movimiento en las lecciones, como la rayuela con sonido de letras. Estas actividades no solo hacen que aprender un nuevo concepto de lectura o ortograf?a sea divertido, sino que tambi?n hacen que los nuevos conceptos sean m?s memorables.
Maddie s approach to reading education is designed to build students confidence and interest in reading while simultaneously developing the skills necessary for academic success. The more she knows about her students, the better she can create lessons that meet their unique needs and areas of strength. She therefore encourages ongoing communication with parents and other s involved in the student's education.

UBICACIONES: Manhattan. Queens: Long Island City, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights. Brooklyn: Greenpoint, Williamsburg.
TIPO DE SERVICIOS: Evaluaciones de lectura y consultas. Intervenci?n y prevenci?n de lectura.
EXPERTISE: Working with students who have learning disabilities; e.g. dyslexia and ADHD. Advancing students reading abilities who are reading below grade level. Preventative literacy skill building for young readers.
AGES: Pre-K 6th Grade

Services Pages:

LITERACY CLASSES (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade)

MATH CLASSES (1st and 2nd Grade)

READING CLASS (4 and 5 year-olds)

Lizzie S.

MS Ed., NYS Certified Childhood General, Educaci?n Especial, Alfabetizaci?n
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Lizzie está certificada en Alfabetización (K-12), Educación Infantil y Educación Especial (K-6). Tiene una doble maestría en educación general infantil y alfabetización de Bank Street College of Education. También posee una Maestría adicional en Currículo e Instrucción de la Universidad del Gobernador del Oeste. Con 8 años de experiencia trabajando con diversos alumnos de primaria, a Lizzie le apasiona ayudar a cada niño a alcanzar su máximo potencial. Actualmente, Lizzie trabaja como Directora de Apoyos de Aprendizaje para una escuela charter primaria en Brooklyn.

Trained in Orton-Gillingham as well as a multitude of instructional approaches (Reading/writing workshop, Fountas and Pinnell, Core Knowledge Language Arts, Framing your Thinking writing, Teacher s College Writing) and various research-based intervention programs, Lizzie will individualize her approach to your child's needs. Every tutoring relationship beings with a thorough review of your child's strengths and needs as well as interests. Lizzie also identifies what motivates each particular child, whether that is a game at the end of the session, a sticker chart or fun movement breaks throughout, to keep your child engaged and inspired to do their absolute best. Lizzie also prides herself on being very knowledgeable about a variety of children's books helping your child find those they will enjoy reading no matter their skill level or interest.

Adem?s del conocimiento integral para apoyar las necesidades de aprendizaje de alfabetizaci?n (fon?tica, decodificaci?n, comprensi?n de lectura, escritura), a Lizzie tambi?n le encanta brindar apoyo a los estudiantes de primaria que luchan con conceptos matem?ticos. Ya sea que trabaje con fluidez, como conocer sus datos num?ricos o ayudar a los estudiantes a descifrar el c?digo para resolver problemas de palabras, Lizzie utiliza una variedad de enfoques para ayudar a los estudiantes a dominar esta ?rea de aprendizaje a menudo desafiante. Ayudar a los ni?os a comprender informaci?n en materias de contenido (ciencias, estudios sociales) es otra ?rea de especializaci?n.

Absolute belief in every child's ability and the willingness to go to great lengths to find exactly what works for him or her are the core of Lizzie s approach. She loves to collaborate with families to help them support their own child by providing games and activities parents can use in-between sessions.

LOCATION: Weekdays Brooklyn: Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Carrol Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Gravesend.
Weekends Park Slope, Gravesend, Bensonhurst
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Instrucci?n multisensorial Orton Gillingham, conciencia fon?mica, comprensi?n lectora, visualizaci?n y verbalizaci?n (comprensi?n), comprensi?n grupal y fon?tica 95%, apoyo matem?tico, instrucci?n de escritura
EXPERIENCIA: reunir recursos y experiencia para dise?ar instrucci?n individualizada para cada estudiante en decodificaci?n, comprensi?n, escritura y matem?ticas (K-5), trabajando con estudiantes que tienen dislexia, TDAH y otras discapacidades de aprendizaje
EDADES: pre-k hasta 5th grado

Rebecca M.

SRA . Educaci?n primaria, maestro elemental certificado (Grados 1-6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Rebecca is an elementary education teacher (grades 1-6) in the New York City Department of Education. She currently teaches 1st grade in Brooklyn. Rebecca has also worked with students in 2nd through 4th grades in both classroom and extra support roles. She received her Bachelors in Economics from Northeastern University and her Masters of Science in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Social Studies from Northwestern University. Rebecca is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach (multi- sensory approach for struggling readers/writers), Fountas and Pinnell, Teachers College Reading and Writing, Metamorphosis Math, and TERC math.

Rebecca has experience working with students with diverse needs, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, speech/language impairments, and learning disabilities. She specializes in working with students who need intervention in phonemic awareness, letter/sound identification, decoding/encoding, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing. Rebecca uses guided reading, Orton-Gillingham practices, and a multi sensory approach to support students at their current literacy levels and help them make progress in these areas. With upper elementary students, Rebecca also focuses on literacy integration and connecting reading fluency, comprehension, critical analysis, and writing skills to strengthen students literacy abilities.

UBICACIONES: Brooklyn: Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Downtown Brooklyn y Park Slope
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Orton-Gillingham, decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, reconocimiento de palabras a primera vista, instrucci?n de alfabetizaci?n nivelada, fluidez y comprensi?n de lectura, escritura, matem?ticas
EXPERIENCIA: Orton-Gillingham, soporte de decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, mejora la fluidez y comprensi?n lectora, fortalece las habilidades de escritura
EDADES: desde el nacimiento hasta la escuela primaria

Lauren T., CAS Lit & Lang

Tutor de alfabetizaci?n / dislexia

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Lauren is an independent literacy/dyslexia tutor and instructor. She has earned the Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy and Language from the MGH Institute of Health Professions. She is also a CERI/IDA Certified Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist, a Certified Wilson Reading System instructor, and a Certified Mindfulness Instructor (Mindful Schools). She is also trained in the Preventing Academic Failure program.

Lauren specializes in teaching critical literacy skills as well as simple mindfulness skills to ease anxiety, regain focus, and regulate their emotions. Her motto is, “A Calm Mind Is a Mind that Is Ready to Learn.”

Lauren tutors students in grades K through 8 who need help with reading (from decoding to comprehension) and writing (from brainstorming to revision). She has worked successfully with students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing issues, executive function deficits, ADHD, and ASD. She has also effectively supported students who are twice-exceptional, that is, gifted and also struggling learners. She provides individualized, comprehensive, multisensory, direct instruction with patience and a sense of fun. 

Ella tambi?n est? certificada por Mindful Schools para ense?ar mindfulness a ni?os y j?venes. Ella ha descubierto que la atenci?n plena es una herramienta especialmente poderosa para los ni?os que regularmente experimentan frustraci?n debido a sus diferentes formas de aprender y comprender el mundo. Cada sesi?n comienza y termina con el sonido de una peque?a campana y una breve pr?ctica de mindfulness apropiada para la edad. ?A los ni?os les encanta esa campana!

Lauren’s experience raising her son, who is gifted and also has ADHD, through New York City public schools and other academic settings, has given her a deep appreciation for the great effort that struggling learners put forth every day, and also for the concern that parents harbor about how to help their child. She is a sympathetic guide through the twists and turns, both logistical and emotional, of supporting a differently-learning child. She is also a veteran children’s book editor and a published author of more than 30 children’s books.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Park Slope, South Slope, Windsor Terrace, parts of Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, and Clinton Hill. She lives in Windsor Terrace.

TIPOS DE SERVICIO: Evaluaci?n inicial de lectura informal; instrucci?n individual del Sistema de Lectura Wilson basada en Orton-Gillingham, que incluye instrucci?n individualizada en conciencia fon?mica, fon?tica y estrategias de decodificaci?n / codificaci?n; instrucci?n individualizada en fluidez de lectura e instrucci?n de comprensi?n; instrucci?n de escritura, incluido el proceso recursivo de lluvia de ideas, organizaci?n, revisi?n, edici?n y presentaci?n final; instrucci?n gramatical contextual.

EXPERIENCIA: intervenciones de alfabetizaci?n basadas en Orton-Gillingham. Trabajar con ni?os que tienen discapacidades de aprendizaje basadas en el lenguaje y estudiantes con problemas de funci?n ejecutiva y dificultades de atenci?n (ADD / ADHD). Fortalecer el conocimiento fon?tico, mejorar la fluidez, ense?ar estrategias de comprensi?n, ense?ar a escribir, incluidos los g?neros expositivos, narrativos y de poes?a.

EDADES: K hasta 8? grado

David K.

M?ster en Educaci?n Especial. Credencial de ense?anza en m?ltiples materias (educaci?n general, primaria K-6) y educaci?n especial (discapacidades leves a moderadas). Formado en el enfoque de alfabetizaci?n de Orton-Gillingham.
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

David worked for four years as an elementary school special education teacher in California. In New York, David focused on supporting individual students to succeed in school. He worked with all ages of students from elementary to teenager. He specializes in teaching literacy to students with special needs like Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and other learning disabilities. Success comes because David tailors his instruction to meet individual students’ needs. David has taught full general education classrooms, but his favorite practice is teaching small groups of special needs students, and individuals one-to-one. David believes that one of the key components to effective teaching is to build strong relationships based on mutual trust.

David earned his bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of California, Davis. He earned his general education teaching credential at Mills College in Oakland. He earned his Masters degree in Special Education at California State University, East Bay. David is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to literacy, guided reading, Fountas and Pinnell, Barton and Sonday systems, Do the Math, reading comprehension, Assistive Technology, Executive Function and study skills, functional behavioral assessments, as well as a variety of other instructional practices for teaching English language arts, math, and behavior. When working with students with reading disabilities, David typically builds a strong foundation in phonics using a multi-sensory approach first. Then, he will help students to expand their comprehension skills through reading, questions, and dialogue. However, every student is different. He conducts informal assessments to determine the exact needs of every student. David also supports students in writing by building skills such as handwriting, spelling, sentence structure, editing, pre-writing planning, paragraph structure, story structure, essay structure, grammar, and developing complex ideas.


TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Tutor?a individual, grupos peque?os (2-5 estudiantes), consulta de IEP

EXPERTISE: Literacy and writing for students with dyslexia and/or ADHD, Orton-Gillingham, Executive Function, struggling readers, multi-sensory math, making learning fun and rewarding

AGES: Pre-K through 12th grade

Susan V.

MS ED., NYS Certified Educaci?n general y especial de la infancia (Grados 1-6)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Susan es una maestra de educaci?n especial con doble certificaci?n que trabaja al servicio de estudiantes con discapacidades de aprendizaje desde 2007. Actualmente trabaja como maestra de cuarto grado en una escuela p?blica en Brooklyn. Antes de ense?ar, Susan trabaj? para una organizaci?n de dislexia que proporciona informaci?n, apoyo de defensa y programas de tutor?a a estudiantes de todas las edades. Susan cree que conectarse con los estudiantes sobre sus intereses o pasiones y ayudarlos a aprovechar la riqueza del conocimiento que ya poseen son pasos cruciales para construir una relaci?n de ense?anza confiable y fruct?fera.

Susan has worked in co-taught classrooms as a special educator and general educator for grades 3 through 5 and has provided tutoring to students in 2nd through 8th grade, students with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, math learning disabilities and struggles with executive functioning. Her approach to teaching is multi-sensory and incorporates creativity, encouraging students to, in the words of the poet Mary Oliver, pay attention, be astonished, tell about it, in their own expressive modalities including the arts and music (which Susan is personally most inspired by).

After receiving a BA in Art History from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, Susan worked in community arts education and as a children's yoga teacher, cultivating a love for teaching and a deeper appreciation for the role of educators in shaping children's lives. Working with teachers, therapists and language specialists at an organization for dyslexia, further nurtured this appreciation and led Susan to achieve an M.S.Ed in Childhood Education, grades 1-6 at Hunter College. Susan furthered her studies in special education at The College of Saint Rose.

As a tutor, Susan specializes in inquiry-based math instruction for grades 3 8, and works with EngageNY (Eureka Math), and TERC Investigations in addition to fun, interactive supplements like 3 Act Tasks and Estimation 180, which help students understand the real world applications of mathematics. Susan works with the Teachers College Reading and Writing curriculum and also designs scaffolds for readers and writers to help organize and outline their thoughts and elaborate on ideas. She has used the Wilson Reading System and Just Words programs with students as well as Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading, and Words Their Way. Additionally, she has experience with test-prep instruction.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn: Downtown BK / Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Ft Greene, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Midwood, Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant
Manhattan: al sur de la calle 23
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: comprensi?n de lectura y remediaci?n de decodificaci?n, instrucci?n de escritura, instrucci?n y remediaci?n de matem?ticas, funcionamiento ejecutivo, habilidades de estudio, preparaci?n para ex?menes, grupos (2-3 ni?os)
EXPERIENCIA: Remediaci?n matem?tica basada en la investigaci?n, comprensi?n de lectura y escritura sobre lectura, elaboraci?n de la ense?anza y t?cnicas de organizaci?n de la escritura para la escritura expositiva y narrativa, dificultades de ortograf?a, ayuda con la tarea, preparaci?n para el examen
AGES: Grades 2 8

Isabel F.

MS Education for General & Special Education, NYS Certified Educator of Childhood General & Special Education
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Isabel es profesora de educación especial con doble certificación. Actualmente trabaja como maestra de educación especial de primer grado en una escuela pública en Brooklyn, NY. Ella tiene experiencia enseñando en las aulas de TIC (co-enseñanza integrada) en 1er, 2do y 3er grado. La educación de Isabel incluye una licenciatura en inglés de SUNY Buffalo State College y una Maestría en Ciencias en Educación para Educación General y Especial, Grados 1-6, de la Universidad Pace. Ella también es maestra ASD Nest Certified.

Isabel se ha capacitado y tiene experiencia en la enseñanza de los Estándares Básicos Comunes de Nueva York y los siguientes programas: Fountas y Pinell, Fundaciones Wilson, Words They Way, Ready Gen, Teacher's College Reading & Writing, Junior Great Books, Eureka Math, Go Math, Envision Math, Number Talks, Bridges Math, VTS, iReady y Raz Kids. El conocimiento de Isabel le ha permitido dirigir grupos de intervención matutinos / después de la escuela para lectura, escritura, matemáticas y preparación para exámenes de tercer grado.

Isabel has worked with a variety of students. A few examples include students with: ASD, dyslexia, processing delays, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and speech and language impairments. She is familiar with the creation and implementation of students Individualized Education Plan or IEP s.

Isabel has experience differentiating and scaffolding instruction to students who have different ability levels and range of learning levels. She strives to recognize each child's interest and use that information to make learning engaging and meaningful. Her experience with Wilson and Orton Gilligham allows her to create individualized lessons that are interactive, multi-sensory, and tailored so that students feel successful in every session. This includes working with fun materials such as: magnetic tiles, activity cue cards, gel boards, and sound centers! In addition, Isabel is a fluent Spanish speaker and can also provide tutoring to students in a dual language program or students who are interested in learning Spanish.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn (Red Hook, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Borough Park, Fort Hamilton)
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: intervenci?n de alfabetizaci?n nivelada, decodificaci?n / codificaci?n, fluidez, reconocimiento de palabras / vocabulario, comprensi?n de lectura, fortalecimiento de la resistencia de lectura / escritura, ayuda acad?mica / tarea, evaluaciones informales, tutor?a en espa?ol, tutor?a de matem?ticas para grados K-3, tercer grado preparaci?n de prueba
EXPERIENCIA: trabajando en el campo de la Educaci?n Especial, instrucci?n individualizada, diferenciada y expl?cita de Orton Gilligham, Fundamentos de Wilson, grados K-2, marco / plan de estudios de escuelas p?blicas
AGES: Pre-Kindergarten 5th Grade


Masters in Education – MD/DC Certified in Elementary Education and TESOL
(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – (In Process of NYS
Reciprocity) ; Trained in Wilson Fundations (Phonics Instruction)
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Fabiola is currently an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn. Fabiola has worked with a wide range of learners in K-12 in the US and abroad. In her seven years of teaching, Fabiola has supported students with a wide range of needs and has taught in ICT classrooms. When teaching and tutoring math, Fabiola is trained in the following programs: Engage NY, Investigations, and Everyday Math.

Fabiola tutors and teaches across subjects, and specializes in literacy support for struggling readers. She uses multiple systems including Fundations, and Fountas and Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI). Fabiola approaches spelling and reading through direct instruction of phonics patterns. She teaches these skills through a combination of multisensory games, repetition, and sequential learning.

Fabiola tutors and teaches across subjects, and specializes in literacy support for struggling readers. She uses multiple systems including Fundations, and Fountas and Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI). Fabiola approaches spelling and reading through direct instruction of phonics patterns. She teaches these skills through a combination of multisensory games, repetition, and sequential learning.

Fabiola uses many approaches to motivate and maintain constructive behaviors. By getting to know her students it allows her to engage them and best learn their interests. She truly enjoys building strong relationships with her students and families and working with them to meet their individualized learning goals. She also develops materials custom made for her students.

LOCATION: Brooklyn and Manhattan
TIPOS DE SERVICIOS: Administraci?n de evaluaciones de lectura y escritura, desarrollo de instrucci?n de alfabetizaci?n individualizada y efectiva, instrucci?n de lectura individualizada, creaci?n de conciencia fonol?gica y habilidades fon?ticas, ayuda con la tarea.
EXPERTISE: assessment and intervention for children needing to improve decoding skills and reading fluency. Strengthen reading comprehension, and writing assessment and intervention for children struggling with decoding, reading comprehension, and fluency; Elementary Math Tutoring
AGES: 1st Grade – 4th grade


M.S. Educational Technology, Elementary Education K-6
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Ashley is a seasoned professional with 10 years of teaching experience in a variety of grades and subjects, most recently teaching coding, 3D printing, and digital citizenship at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School. She earned a BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in math and science from Grove City College and an MS in Educational Technology from Duquesne University. Ashley is passionate about incorporating STEAM and project-based learning, empathy building, and mindfulness throughout her curriculum. Her experience ranges from working one-on-one with a preschooler on the Autistic Spectrum developing fine motor, math, and reading skills, to differentiating learning in a second-grade classroom for a variety of ability levels including some identified as highly gifted.

She spent most of her career teaching language arts to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, including many students who were diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. A pod with Ashley would be active and engaging, incorporating student interest when possible. In her teaching and tutoring, she uses ongoing informal and formal assessments to inform her teaching, addressing areas of need on an individualized basis. Ashley is ready to take necessary precautions to provide in-person or virtual instruction to individuals or small groups of up to 6 children from Pre-K to 6th grade. She is local to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and also willing to commute to nearby neighborhoods.

LOCATION: Brooklyn- Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, Dyker Heights, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Cobble Hill; Lower Manhattan or Staten Island on a case-by-case basis
TYPE OF SERVICES: individual tutoring, group/pod learning (2-6 children), in-person or virtual
EXPERTISE: early childhood and elementary general education, technology
AGES: birth to 6th grade


Masters’ of Education for Students with Disabilities, Certified Special Education K-12
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Jessie is a certified Special Education teacher with experience working in a multitude of classroom settings. Jessie has over seven years of childcare experience and has taught, tutored, and assessed students from ages four to twenty-one. Jessie is a member of the New York City Teaching Fellows Program’s Cohort 29. She has taught in and developed learning plans for typically developing elementary students in a variety of settings including summer camps, religious schools, after-school programs, and in-home tutoring. Jessie deeply values social-emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching, and culturally responsive educational plans. She believes in a constructivist approach where students are actively involved in their own learning and become critical, independent thinkers. Through the creation of student portfolios, students working with Jessie will be able to track their ongoing progress and have a role in goal-setting for their own future achievements. She understands that the traditional classroom setting and emphasis on formal assessment can create difficulties for students processing trauma, coping with life changes, or for students who have had negative classroom experiences in the past. Jessie strives to create calming, student-centered spaces in which students’ emotions and backgrounds are prioritized throughout their educational journey. She employs a multitude of strategies to reach students including scaffolded assignments, lessons redesigned around student interests, multisensory lessons, mood boards, using texts leveled to current reading ability, and goal setting and tracking within units. Coming from a musical and theatrical background, she implements song, dance, visual art, and music into the classroom experience.

Jessie holds a Masters of Education for Students with Disabilities from Pace University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies from CUNY Hunter College. She has met a wide range of student needs including ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, and intellectual disabilities. She has experience teaching in District 75, a district of specialized schools in New York City for students with moderate to severe disabilities and has been trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and trauma response for teenagers. She has written and implemented Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), held IEP meetings with families, and has developed a student-facing IEP guide to help students understand their own IEPs. Jessie has been trained in the Great Leaps Reading Fluency Program. For middle school students, she teaches math, social studies, science, and English. For high school students, she teaches English and social studies.

UBICACI?N: Brooklyn
TYPE OF SERVICES: special education services, reading fluency, reading comprehension, IEP implementation, small group tutoring, individualized tutoring, social-emotional lessons, leveled literacy instruction, writing instruction
EXPERTISE: special education teaching, co-teaching, self-contained teaching, IEP writing, and implementation, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching, reading comprehension, writing
AGES: K-12

Marcy M.

Certified Orton-Gillingham, M. Ed. in Special Education, Certified Special Education
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Marcy is a Reading Specialist at a school for students with dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities in Brooklyn. Marcy is certified in Orton-Gillingham and is experienced in applying the methodology to address each learner’s literacy skill deficits while continuing to build upon his or her strengths. She is passionate about structured literacy and the science of reading. She believes an explicit, systematic and multisensory instructional approach is essential for helping readers build phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills needed for literacy success.

Marcy is certified in special education and has more than nine years of teaching and tutoring experience. She studied psychology and sociology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. She holds a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As part of her master’s program, she completed a research project titled Effects of Orton-Gillingham Strategies on Basic Reading Skills of African American Students with Disabilities. She taught elementary special education for six years in Charlotte, NC, and two years in Charlottesville, VA, before relocating to New York City.

Marcy has experience teaching reading, writing, and math with students in kindergarten through sixth grade. She has worked with students with a wide range of needs including autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, emotional/behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic impairments, speech-language impairments, and developmental delays. Marcy has implemented a wide variety of literacy and mathematics programs, including Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI), Corrective Reading, Great Leaps Fluency, Reading Mastery, Words Their Way, Writing Workshop, Expeditionary Learning, Reading A-Z, Investigations, DreamBox, and Eureka Math.

Marcy is knowledgeable about effective practices for building relationships with students and cultivating a supportive learning environment. She has been trained by CT3 in the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach. Marcy can reach and motivate learners who are feeling discouraged and helps them become increasingly comfortable being challenged and taking risks. Marcy believes in making learning as fun and engaging as possible and often incorporates games into lessons. Every success is celebrated, and her students take an active role in tracking progress toward their goals.

LOCATION: Manhattan, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope)
TYPE OF SERVICES: Administering formal and informal literacy assessments; Individualized instruction in phonological awareness, decoding/encoding (spelling), phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and writing
EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham, structured literacy, multisensory strategies, dyslexia, language-based learning disabilities
AGES: Grades K-6


 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Darielle is an elementary school Principal within the charter network in NYC. She is an NYS certified teacher for grades 1-6 in General and Special Education. Her education includes a B.S. in Childhood Education from SUNY Oneonta and a Masters in General and Special Education (grades 1-6) from Touro College. She is passionate about working with kids and supporting them in any way she can.

Darielle has taught grade 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 10th grade but has worked in grades K-7 and 9-12 within her career. She has tutored in elementary grades K-6 as well. She has worked with students with different needs such as ADHD, autism, and speech and language impairments.

Darielle can help students struggling with decoding/encoding, fluency, reading, reading comprehension, and mathematics. She works mainly with scholars needing support in phonemic awareness; letter/sound identification, blending sounds, as well as, guided reading, reading comprehension skills, and writing. She is trained in Success For All (which is a literacy program) to help with phonemic awareness and has been highly trained on best practices in regards to guided reading. As for math, she uses a progressive, hands-on approach which will help your scholar learn how to critically think about mathematics rather than just memorize an equation to solve!

LOCATIONS: Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Flatbush. Manhattan: Downtown area, Lower East or West Side, Financial District

Joanna K.

Dual Certified Educator, Master’s in Early Childhood and Special Education
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Joanna Kamouh is a NY State dual-certified educator specializing in Early Childhood and Special Education. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University and her Master’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education from NYU Steinhardt.

Joanna has been working with students in general and special education settings for three years, most recently teaching kindergarten in NYC public schools. Her lessons are student-centered, using both assessment data and students’ personal interests to form targeted lessons that are relevant and engaging. Joanna believes that students learn best through exploration and experience and therefore create learning experiences that are multimodal and interactive, utilizing hands-on and movement-based activities as often as possible.

Joanna particularly enjoys helping students in the area of literacy – not only improving their literacy skills but finding the joy in reading independently. She has a strong belief that phonemic and phonological awareness is the foundation of early literacy and has provided phonics intervention to students from grades K-2.

LOCATION: Remote, Brooklyn
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual Therapy, Small Group/Pods (2-4 clients)
EXPERTISE: Early Childhood Literacy (Reading and Written Language), Phonics Intervention, Decoding/Encoding, Reading Fluency, Math, Number Sense, Common Core Tutoring, Special Education
AGES: Pre-K through 2nd Grade

Services Page:



Saadia M.

M.S. in Elementary Education, Certified Teacher, TESOL/ESL Teacher
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Saadia is a skillful elementary teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience in the public and private sectors of education. For the past 3 years, she has been serving as a TESOL/ESL teacher for a company that teaches English to students who live overseas. Saadia has taught grades K to 5 and served as a Title 1 teacher to provide interventions and academic support to 5th graders at risk of being retained. She believes that instructional practices should be individualized and the data should be the number one factor to determine a student’s academic path to success.

Saadia has designed and implemented multi-faceted lesson plans to reflect the ever-changing tapestries of student growth. As a kindergarten teacher, her students experienced reading and math success one and sometimes even two years above their grade level, due to her belief in the multiple intelligence theories of learning and her varied instructional strategies that satisfied all modalities of learning. Saadia has served as a mentor teacher to individuals in their Master’s program and trained new teachers within her classroom, when she worked in Brooklyn, on inquiry-based learning/executive functioning skills and curricular alignment with the Common Core State Standards.

Saadia holds her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Justice System Services from Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During her undergraduate studies, she became a member of the NIKE P.L.A.Y Corps (Participate in the Lives of American Youth) and the Black Women in Sports Foundation under the direction of Tina Sloan Green. Within the program, Saadia was guided and mentored under the leadership of WNBA basketball legend, Dawn Staley.

As an Autism Specialist, Saadia designed and implemented behavioral treatment plans for students in the home, school, and community environments. She attended training on Functional Behavior Assessments and Comprehensive Assessment Planning, which allowed her to systematically collect data about children’s behaviors, consequences of the behavior, and actions prior to the behavior (A-B-C) to determine the best course of treatment planning. Saadia believes learning should be fun, engaging, attainable, and accessible to all students. She shares former president, John F. Kennedy’s belief that “Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or an equal motivation, but children have the equal right to develop their talent, their ability, and their motivation.”

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how thrilled we are to be working with Saadia. She brings a depth of clinical expertise that is beyond what I envisioned in this process, and she has a great way with my daughter – a spirited kid who can change modes without warning. My kids have had some good teachers but Saadia is clearly on another level.

Location: Online
Type of Services: Multiple Intelligence services/varied instructional practices/executive functioning skills/working memory/ESL/ELL instruction/Formal/Informal Assessments/ASD interventions/reading interventions/math interventions/homework assistance
Expertise: Multisensory strategies/balanced literacy/neuropedagogy/data driven instruction/differentiated instruction/reading intervention/math interventions/inquiry and critical thinking skills/behavioral treatment plan writing and implementation/response to intervention/IEP assistance/healthy lifestyle and positive self image
Ages: Pre K to 5th




Kaaren E.

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Kaaren is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Therapist. She graduated from Brooklyn College with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. Kaaren holds a New York State certificate as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD), as well as a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Kaaren has provided speech, language, and learning support services for upper elementary and middle-school-aged students within the NYC Department of Education (DOE) and in private practice. She treats students with receptive and expressive language differences, delays, and other language-learning disorders, including those with various developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, reading and writing learning disabilities, and executive function difficulties. She works to help her students better access their curriculum by improving their decoding, reading comprehension, writing, and executive function skills. In supporting preteen and teen students at the middle school and high school levels to meet the Speaking, Listening and Language components of the NYS Common Core State Standards, Kaaren helps support her students at various levels. Kaaren facilitates the development of her students’ reading comprehension. She teaches her students to break down multisyllabic words and target their vocabulary learning through prefix, suffix, root-word understanding, and teaching annotation of text. She uses Dr. Anita Archer’s REWARDS Reading Program. This program is geared towards students in grades 4–12 who struggle reading long, multisyllabic words and comprehending content-area text. Furthermore, Kaaren provides instruction on writing. She models and provides guided scaffolding to teach students how to construct a wide range of sentence types. Teaching grammar and organization includes teaching basic simple (noun plus verb) sentence level, increasing to compound and complex sentences (involving appositives), and culminating in the planning, outlining execution, and editing (explicitly teaching the mechanics of writing). While working for the NYC DOE, Kaaren helped many students by incorporating Dr. Hochman’s Writing Revolution, where thinking, reading, and writing intersect. She addressed issues from capitalization and punctuation to organization, perspective-taking, and knowing what information to include/exclude when writing.

Kaaren also has experience working with adults, conducting evaluations, and providing short-term therapy for language rehabilitation, primarily to persons who had recently suffered strokes. Additionally, Kaaren provides accent modification services to clients for personal and professional purposes. Kaaren is committed to using evidence-based practices and understands the importance of being part of the interdisciplinary team consisting of other professionals and family members to help clients advance toward their individual goals. While always professional, she keeps her clients at ease with her breezy charm. She affirms that the sooner treatment can begin and with the consistency of service, including caregiver engagement, the greater the likelihood of developing communicative and language learning competence and confidence.

LOCATION: Brooklyn – Flatbush, Flatlands, Kensington, Marine Park, Midwood, Park Slope, Prospect Park, Manhattan – downtown locations
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group therapy (2-3 children) speech/language evaluations, parent/caretaker consultations, and training
EXPERTISE: Receptive/Expressive Language Delays and Disorders, Decoding, Phonological Awareness/Literacy development, Vocabulary Development, Oral and Written Language Development, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Fluency/Stuttering, Accent Modification, Articulation
AGES: upper elementary, preteen, through adult

Nicole M.

M.A. in Secondary Education English Teacher Specialization
 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Nicole is currently a New York State certified Middle School English Teacher in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked with many different types of budding scholars from 5th graders through undergraduate college students. Her master’s degree was obtained at CUNY Brooklyn, where she graduated with distinction. Also, Nicole graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seton Hall University with a B.A. in English Honors. Her personal teaching philosophy is rooted in the words of the late, great educator Rita Pierson, “every child deserves a champion.” Nicole strives for a classroom that is inclusive, built on respect and rapport, and serves as a safe space for all learners. Each child deserves an equitable education that meets his or her needs.

Heading into her eight-year teaching, she has supported students with autism, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, visual processing disorders, dysgraphia, and struggling readers and writers. Nicole has been trained in the following programs: Engage NY, Google Apps for Education, and Expeditionary Learning.

She is a Level 1 Google Certified Educator who alpha and beta tested Google Classroom in its inception in 2013. In school, her classroom is marked by students’ intrinsic motivation to learn, the inquiry process, student-centered learning, technology implementation, and fun!

Nicole specializes in English Language Arts, NYS English Regents Prep, and standardized test prep tutoring. Through patience, understanding, and conversation, she seeks to elevate all of her students. Each student will receive individualized instruction that challenges him or her through the usage of leveled texts. Every student’s program will be designed with his or her interests in order to establish a common ground and appropriate entry point for the material. Additionally, each student’s progress will be assessed to ensure the lessons are data-driven. Her students will gain comprehension through dialogue, questioning the text, making self-to-text connections, annotation, chunking, and summary. Vocabulary skills will be strengthened through practice, usage, and connotation study.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Park Slope, Mill Basin, Sheepshead Bay, Bergen Beach, Marine Park areas/communities
Staten Island: Bay Terrace, West Brighton, Castleton Corners, Old Town, Great Kills, Westerleigh, Historic Richmondtown, Grymes Hill, and Todt Hill areas/communities
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessments, individualized reading intervention and instruction, essay writing assistance, test prep
EXPERTISE: Assessment and intervention for those struggling with reading comprehension and writing
AGES: 6th grade to undergraduate college students

Lora G.

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Lora is a certified paraprofessional with over 5 years of experience working one-to-one with children with Individualized Education Plans. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Health Education and Promotion while working full-time during her undergraduate years. She is currently enrolled in New York University for her Masters in Occupational Therapy. 

Lora is passionate about working with students with different neurological, behavioral, physical, cognitive, psychological and developmental disabilities. She believes that behind every amazing teacher is a supportive and knowledgeable paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals work very closely with students and give students more one-to-one assistance while the teacher is mainly focused on the class as a whole. On the job, she has worked with different students/groups every year with many different strengths and weaknesses. She has taken many courses and workshops on how to approach students who are struggling with learning disabilities. She is passionate about encouraging students by highlighting their strengths and working on their weaknesses.

As a paraprofessional, she assisted students academically and socially inside as well as outside of the classroom.

She also accompanied students to multiple Speech therapy sessions where she gained knowledge on speech therapy as well as the students she was working with. She has learned programs for literacy such as Fundations and SIPPS. She also assisted in Math programs such as GoMath and Envisions. Her main goal was to assist students and teachers to successfully complete lesson goals.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan
TYPES OF SERVICES: Homework help, individualized reading and writing instruction, phonic skills, math problem-solving skills, reading and math comprehension
EXPERTISE: Working one-on-one with students of all different kinds of disabilities, improving reading, writing and math skills
AGES: Preschool-4th grade

In addition to literacy support, Tamara provides test prep, executive functioning skills coaching, as well as study skills.
LOCATION: Brooklyn: Downtown Brooklyn, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights; Manhattan: Upper West Side, Midtown West, Chelsea, The Village, Financial District;  Staten Island; Bronx; New Jersey: Bergen and Hudson counties
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized reading instruction, test prep, executive functioning, study skills, parent consultation and coaching
EXPERTISE: Early childhood education, special education, early literacy acquisition, social/emotional development
EDADES: desde el nacimiento hasta la escuela primaria

Kathleen F.

M.S. Childhood Education, Orton Gillingham Specialist

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn

Kathleen is a New York State certified teacher and is actively working for the NYC Department of Education in the Autism Spectrum Disorders Nest program. Though she is currently teaching in a special education classroom, she is also certified to teach general education, both in early childhood (birth-2) and elementary level (grades 1-6); having both of these certifications she can serve the needs of all learners. She received her B.S. in Human Development from Binghamton University and her M.S in Childhood Education from Brooklyn College. Throughout her decade-long career, she has spent most of that time working with students with Autism as well as students with various learning needs, working in Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms as well as a Substantially Separate classroom. She has worked with students with reading disabilities. Kathleen is able to adapt lessons to meet the needs of all students by using visual supports, graphic organizers, and reading comprehension strategies. Kathleen believes in the use of visuals and tactile supports to help students develop independence within reading and writing. She has received in-service Orton Gillingham training and has experience using OG in her Kindergarten classroom. Kathleen was able to use OG for both large groups and 1:1 work to help her students with phonics and phonemic awareness. Kathleen has been trained in OG for students in grade K-2; she uses these strategies to help her students build a strong foundation in decoding and encoding. She uses this foundation to help build strong and confident writers and readers. She also has experience with Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Remote & Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, and Long Island: Western & Southern Nassau Country
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual sessions, group (2-3 children)
EXPERTISE: Autism, Literacy Support
AGES: Birth through Elementary School

Anthony B.

 Especialistas en lectura y tutores  Letras de Brooklyn
Anthony is an experienced elementary educator with 8 years of service in both private and public education. He is certified in Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-6). Anthony earned a Master of Science in Childhood Special Education from St. John’s University. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Educational Leadership Certificate to obtain his School Building Leader License.
Throughout his career he has worked with students across grade levels in both mainstream classroom settings as well as small group instructional settings. He has worked with students with diverse learning disabilities such as students with social difficulties, executive functioning and attention hyperactivity disorders, math and literacy learning issues. Teaching students to embrace the connections between math concepts and literacy strategies through increased awareness is his biggest asset. He incorporates a variety of hands-on, manipulative and activity based instructional strategies and myriad teaching methods to scaffold instruction to establish foundational skills in core subject areas. Learning is dynamic and fun and he strives to build confidence to motivate students to reach their greatest potential by building strong interpersonal relationships with his students.
His teaching style can be described as engaging, hands-on, and individualized. Anthony uses a variety of resources to meet the needs of his students such as IXL Learning, Go Math, i-Ready Assessments, to name a few. He is perceptive to the educational scaffolds needed to maintain a child’s focus and productive output through his experiences as a pod and one-on-one teacher/tutor. Developing individual educational plans based on learning style, social-emotional needs, and foundational skills are the core elements to his educational philosophy.
Anthony believes in creating a nurturing environment where students can grow and feel confident to take the next step in their learning process while developing independence.


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