As your child moves up through the grades, their class work relies increasingly on supplemental reading materials for content areas in addition to explicit teaching and lecturing. Good reading comprehension skills is what it's all about, yet teaching reading comprehension strategies continues to receive little attention in the majority of classrooms despite the past thirty plus years of research that has provided proven strategies for students to improve their skills. Brooklyn Letters implements these strategies to advance reading comprehension skills for children and adolescents, at all levels.

La investigaci?n ha revelado que las actividades que fortalecen la comprensi?n de lectura incluyen:

  • Prediciendo
  • Pensar en voz alta (monitoreo de la comprensi?n)
  • Construir im?genes mentales de lo que se est? leyendo (es decir, im?genes mentales)
  • Resumiendo
  • Responder preguntas sobre el texto
  • Vista previa del texto antes de leer
  • Construyendo, revisando y cuestionando significados hechos mientras se lee
  • Determinar los significados de palabras y conceptos desconocidos
  • Sacar, comparar e integrar el conocimiento de fondo con lo que se lee
  • Monitorear la comprensi?n y hacer los ajustes necesarios
  • Usar diferentes enfoques para g?neros de texto espec?ficos.
  • Prestar atenci?n a los personajes y escenarios mientras lee narraciones (por ejemplo, entender la historia y la estructura del texto)
  • Construir y revisar res?menes mientras lee el texto expositivo
  • Utilizando organizadores gr?ficos y sem?nticos.

Explicit teaching, modeling and guided practice of these skills are crucial, particularly when a student's reading comprehension skills lag behind their peers.

At Brooklyn Letters we make use of these strategies and tailor them to your child's individual needs. We want your child to not only understand what he or she is reading, but to learn to love reading and appreciate the knowledge derived from it. Whether your child is young or an adolescent, we will take the appropriate steps to help him or her become a stronger and more confident reader.