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We are pleased to introduce our newest friend, Jai, to the Brooklyn Letters community! Jai and his mother, Varuna, reside in Delhi, India where Jai attended an English speaking school. For the next two months, they temporarily relocated to New York City and Jai will receive intensive speech-language therapy with a focus on literacy development: Craig provides services 1 day per week in his home-based office and Sarah provides services 4 days per week (sessions last 3 hours) in the family's Manhattan apartment. Jai is a happy, bright, curious, and creative young boy who enjoys reading books, building with legos, playing computer games, and playing with Craig s very cool pirate ship.
Jai recently participated in an evaluation in Delhi and it was recommended that he receive individualized speech-language and literacy intervention. Jai s parents were unable to find adequate therapy services in India; they sought out therapy services in the U.S. and Varuna s friend, in New Jersey, recommendeded Brooklyn Letters. Varuna spoke with Craig and Sarah and they felt that they were an excellent match for Jai. At the beginning of therapy, Jai s interests, learning style, and strengths and deficits were assessed and baseline skill levels were established. Jai s individualized treatment plan was developed and the overall goals of therapy are as follows:
Facilitate Jai s overall language and literacy skills.
Work with Jai s mother to teach strategies to support Jai s learning, provide activities and materials for work at home, and increase her knowledge of language, literacy, and learning. Click aqu to see a video of Varuna explaining Jai’s homework.
Provide suggestions for Jai s teachers in India to implement in the classroom setting.
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Los objetivos espec?ficos de intervenci?n incluyen:
1. Increase pre-literacy and literacy skills. To include sound/symbol awareness, auditory discrimination, and rhyming.
2. Increase expressive language skills by using 3-4 word utterances to request, protest, comment, and ask for help.
3. Increase accuracy of comprehension and use of spatial concepts and prepositions (in, out, on, under, next to, behind, in front)
4. Increase memory skills and use of strategies to increase visual and auditory memory.
5. Increase accuracy and speed of word retrieval and recall of information.
6. Increase accuracy of following 2 and 3-step directions.
7. Increase accuracy of response to WH question forms and open-ended questions.
8. Increase accuracy of use of age-appropriate syntactic/grammatical forms (plurals, regular and irregular past tense verbs).
9. Increase categorical and descriptive vocabulary skills.
10. Increase sustained attention to focused tasks.

Within the first week of therapy, Jai made significant progress with his language, literacy skills, and focus. He is producing utterances of increased length, using more complex language forms, and is more confident in his overall abilities. He increased his phonemic awareness skills and is able to identify words that begin with a specific sound. He is demonstrating improved learning readiness by increasing attention to structured tasks, self-monitoring his own level of engagement during activities, and learning spatial concepts, e.g. “under.”
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?Estamos entusiasmados de tener la oportunidad de trabajar con Jai y esperamos unirnos a ?l en su viaje continuo de aprendizaje, crecimiento y desarrollo de habilidades! ?Buen trabajo, Jai!

Sarah es un pat?logo del habla y el lenguaje que brinda servicios de evaluaci?n y terapia en el hogar en los vecindarios Park Slope y Carroll Gardens de Brooklyn, NY. Se especializa en trabajar con ni?os y adolescentes que tienen dificultades con la articulaci?n, fonolog?a, lenguaje, fluidez / tartamudeo, desarrollo de habilidades de alfabetizaci?n, pragm?tica y lenguaje social. Sarah desarrolla planes de terapia individualizados y basados en evidencia que incluyen una colaboraci?n frecuente y continua con padres, cuidadores, maestros y educadores para maximizar el potencial de cada ni?o. Ella puede ser contactada en sarah@brooklynletters.com o www.brooklynletters.com

To learn more about Jai’s progress, please read the following blog- https://brooklynletters.com/2010/11/blog/part-ii-india-comes-to-brooklyn-by-sarah-stuntebeck-m-s-ccc-slp-speech-language-pathologist/