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Reading Literacy Decoding Spelling Assessment Evaluation – We offer a wide range of literacy assessments provided by our literacy specialists and staff. Based on your child’s needs, we will determine which assessment tools work best for your child. These evaluations are offered remotely and in-person. These evaluations identify the Dekodierung (putting written sounds together) and Codierung (breaking apart sounds in words) strengths and areas of growth for each student and to measure phonemic awareness, fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. With early readers, literacy teachers focus on letter and sound identification in isolation and within words. Students will identify initial, medial, and final sounds in various single and multi-syllabic words. They are also asked to read so teachers can check for fluency, expression, prosody, and word accuracy.  Our specialists also take a closer look at spelling by giving students a list of words that fall under these categories, decodable words (words that follow the spelling rules), nonsense words (words that follow the spelling rules but are made up), and sight words (words that do not follow the spelling rules). Our reading specialists then create a plan for how to help each student improve his or her spelling.

Students are assessed using several researched-based programs, such as the Dibels or EasyCBM. We also use the WADE to identify goals. The Words Their Way assessment gauges encoding ability by building in complexity as the assessment progresses, helping to identify the sounds and spelling patterns that are presenting as a difficulty for the student being assessed.

We also use the i-Ready assessment to supplement and to fill in for learning gaps you might need to be addressed to supplement your child’s academics. When you sign up for lessons through Brooklyn Letters, you will have access to the i-Ready Personalized Instruction offering your child engaging online lessons, intuitive instructional reports, and a motivating student dashboard that encourages student involvement, ownership of learning, and a growth mindset.

Here’s an example of an  i-Ready assessment you will receive for your child.

Additional literacy assessments can be conducted by our language pathologists/therapists if the child is experiencing expressive, receptive language difficulties, and reading comprehension difficulties when decoding skills are intact.


Für Alphabetisierungsunterricht durch unsere Alphabetisierungslehrer, einen nicht therapeutischen Dienst, benötigen wir aktuelle Ziele. Alphabetisierungsunterricht durch unsere Alphabetisierungsspezialisten hat keinen Anspruch auf Versicherungserstattung.

If the literacy intervention cannot be justified by an ICD-10 code (see above), the literacy intervention is considered educational and can be performed by our literacy teachers. New York State believes the ICD-10 code for dyslexia is educational (learning) and not as a Communicative Disorder, e.g. Language Disorder. One day New York State will update their position on dyslexia. Please note that most neuropsychological evaluations do not include decoding and encoding (spelling goals); they mention the need for decoding and encoding intervention. If literacy goals are not included in the neuropsychological evaluation, our first session(s) will include creating these goals. Also, many schools use their methods or commercialized products for creating literacy goals. Unfortunately, some of these tools are not up-to-date with current scientific standards (it's Corporate America ). Fortunately, we use up-to-date assessment tools to reliably identify where your child needs help. Overall, you are in good hands with us, and we will guide you along the way!

Wenn Sie über aktuelle Bewertungen / Einschätzungen und Ziele verfügen, können Sie den Rest dieser Seite höchstwahrscheinlich überspringen.

Wenn Sie nicht an unseren Interventionsdiensten interessiert sind, sondern nur eine Bewertung / Bewertung / Beratung benötigen, bieten wir auch Bewertungsdienste an!

TIER 1 EVALUATIONS & ASSESSMENTS (Home, School) Performed by Literacy Specialists/Teachers

Dekodierungs- und Rechtschreibprüfungen

$200-$300 Dekodierung und Rechtschreibung (Kodierung)

Dazu gehören mindestens ein einstündiger Hausbesuch, bei dem wir Sie und Ihr Kind treffen, eine Überprüfung früherer Berichte, Tests usw. und innerhalb von zehn Werktagen ein 1,5- bis 3-seitiger Bericht mit professionellen Eindrücken, Empfehlungen, und Ziele (wenn Dienstleistungen empfohlen werden). Diese Auswertungen sind nicht diagnostischer Natur und eignen sich am besten für Nachhilfezwecke zum Erstellen von Dekodierungs- und Rechtschreibzielen. Niedrige Testergebnisse weisen darauf hin, dass die Eltern einen Psychologen zu weiteren Tests aufsuchen sollten (wir können sie Ihnen empfehlen!).

Unsere Alphabetisierungslehrer können keine ICD-10-Codes erstellen, da sie keine lizenzierten Therapeuten sind.

i-Ready Assessment and Program

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Reading Literacy Decoding Spelling Assessment Evaluation, Brooklyn Letters

Reading Literacy Decoding Spelling Assessment Evaluation, Brooklyn Letters

Reading Literacy Decoding Spelling Assessment Evaluation, Brooklyn Letters