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Bronx Literacy and Math Tutoring

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters
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Bronx 1:1 In-home Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary School-Aged Students | Free Consultations and Meet-and-Greets With Our Staff | Our Literacy and Math Tutors Travel Throughout the Bronx

The Bronx Riverdale

Bronx 1:1 In-home Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary School-Aged Students

Envision receiving exceptional tutoring within the comfort of your own home. This is precisely what our Bronx-based one-on-one home tutors offer. Their teaching transcends mere instruction in math and reading; it encompasses fostering self-confidence and transforming learning into an exhilarating experience.

A key highlight of our approach is our focus on reading and mathematics, fundamental pillars of academic success. However, our methodology extends beyond the simple memorization of formulas. It is about nurturing a passion for reading and developing adeptness in problem-solving.

Our objective is not solely to improve grades; it is to instill a lifelong love for learning in children. We are committed to providing every student in the Bronx with the opportunity to excel in their studies and cultivate a robust belief in their potential.

Bronx Home Tutoring Services

Here’s how our Bronx 1:1 in-home literacy and math tutors can help your child:

  • Phonics: We’re all about cracking the secret code of letters and sounds. That’s your ticket to acing reading and spelling like a boss!
  • Vocabulary: Ever wanted a word vault that’s overflowing? We’ll help you build that. It’s not just words; it’s about slinging them like a language ninja!
  • ComprehensionDive deep into stories and texts. We’ll show you the secret passages to understand what they’re saying. It’s like decoding a secret message!
  • Decoding & Spelling: Get ready for word wizardry! We’ll break down words in ways that’ll make reading and spelling a breeze.
  • Reading FluencySpeed, accuracy, and comprehension are all bundled up. Let’s turn reading into a lightning-fast adventure!
  • Reading ComprehensionEver felt like a detective while reading? We’ll teach you the ropes of analyzing texts, getting the juiciest bits, and making sense of everything.
  • HandwritingFancy making your writing look straight out of a storybook? We’ve got the secret sauce for neat and tidy writing!
  • Writing: Crafting stories and essays? Let’s sprinkle that creativity and structure to make your words dance off the page!
  • ELA Tutoring: It’s like having a language coach by your side, covering everything from grammar tricks to mastering the art of language. Communication game: upgraded!
  • Math Munchies: Ever wanted to conquer numbers like a pro? We’ll dive into adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing like it’s a super fun puzzle!
  • Fraction FiestaFractions and decimals, anyone? We’ll make them your new BFFs, helping you understand their tricks and use them like a champ!
  • Geometry Jam: Shapes, sizes, and measurements are our playground. Let’s explore them like treasure maps and unlock their secrets!
  • Word Problems Bonanza: Real-life puzzles in math form? Yes, please! We’ll tackle word problems together, turning them into a breeze!
  • Fluency in Math: Just like reading, let’s speed up those calculations without breaking a sweat. It’s all about becoming a math speedster!
  • Order of Operations Quest: Ever felt like math had a secret code? We’ll crack it and figure out the right sequence to solve those tricky equations!
  • Multisensory Math: Math is more than just numbers; it’s hands-on fun! Get ready for activities that make math feel like an adventure!
Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

The Advantages of Selecting Brooklyn Letters

Opting for Brooklyn Letters for literacy and math home tutoring equates to a significant advantage in your child’s educational journey. Our Bronx-based tutors specialize in in-home literacy and math instruction, providing a tailored approach. Our educators use multisensory techniques to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

Moreover, our tutors are experts in literacy and mathematics for elementary-level students, encompassing a range of skills from reading strategies to mastering complex decimals and word problems. Our focus extends beyond mere academic performance; we aim to foster self-confidence, enabling students to excel academically. With our tutors, your child’s at-home learning experience is transformed remarkably.

Who Are We?

Established in 2010, our team has been instrumental in fulfilling our mission to deliver outstanding one-on-one in-home and online tutoring services. We are a group of diverse, enthusiastic math and literacy tutors dedicated to customizing each session to address the unique needs of our students.

Our expertise in methodologies such as Orton Gillingham/Wilson for reading and writing equips us to offer specialized, individualized approaches to literacy development. Additionally, our math specialists engage students in multisensory math activities, catering to learners from PreK through 5th grade, to ensure a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts in a stimulating way.

Beyond our dedication to personalized education, our tutors maintain a strong presence in Bronx area schools and surrounding communities. This involvement allows us to deliver our specialized knowledge directly to your home and integrate our services within school environments, ensuring a consistent and effective learning experience for our students.

Math & Literacy Adventures: Transforming Learning

Our math tutoring sessions blend engagement with comprehension at the forefront. We strive to reveal the deeper meanings of the world through numbers, employing a hands-on, interactive approach designed for PreK to 5th graders. Our goal transcends mere instruction; we endeavor to ignite a genuine passion for math and enhance problem-solving abilities. In literacy, we unravel the enchantment of language.

Utilizing Orton Gillingham/Wilson’s methodologies, we tailor each session to individual learning styles, delving into the nuances of storytelling. Our approach fosters a deep appreciation for language, enhancing creativity and effective communication skills through captivating activities and skill development, extending beyond traditional reading and writing.

Experience boundless learning opportunities! We provide flexible, pay-as-you-go options and customizable session timings to accommodate your family’s schedule. Begin with a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation and an introductory meeting with our team!

Craig Selinger, Owner

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters
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Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Anyelis T.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Dual Masters in Science of Education in General and Special Education for grades 1-6

Anyelis graduated from the College of Mount Saint Vincent with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She then joined The Center of Autism and Related Disorder, where she conducted Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also coached therapists and families on how to conduct ABA and created individualized programs for scholars, while obtaining her Dual Masters in Science of Education in General and Special Education for grades 1-6. Anyelis taught Kindergarten for over 5 years with experience in Pre-K, and then became the first Multilingual Learner Specialist in her school.

During this time, she has taught socio-emotional learning, writing, math, science, social studies, read aloud, math stories and targeted literacy in both the General and Special Education setting. In her numerous roles, Anyelis has offered growth to all students in various settings including the classroom, in small group and one-on-one intervention. This includes students who struggle with reading, writing, and math as well as those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), executive functioning disorders, behavioral challenges, and speech and language impairment. Individualizing and fostering great joy on school curricula to match the requirements and problems of the clients with whom she works is one of Anyelis’ most amazing abilities.

She has been trained and has experience with the following Math and Language Arts programs like Amplify, CKLA, iReady, NWEA, STEP tool, F&P, and Zearn to analyze and target instruction to student needs. Anyelis is also trained on data collection of academic progress and behavioral progress, as well as creating Behavioral Intervention Plans and collecting Functional Behavioral Analysis data. Her experience broadened her understanding of teaching techniques as well as her capacity for adaptability, individualization, acceptance and appreciation for a variety of cultures, beliefs, and learning styles.

Through enthusiastic affirmation of each student’s unique potential, Anyelis thrives to inspire all of her students to pursue lifelong learning. Anyelis has witnessed how this approach promotes independence and ownership in students. She uses a range of tactics through tailored training to fulfill the requirements of her students. She works with children to improve not just their literacy abilities but also their confidence and self-esteem so they are ready to use what they have learned back in their classes.

Anyelis enjoys going to museums, trying out new restaurants, doing adventures activities, event decorating and crafting.

LOCATION: MANHATTAN – Battery Park City, Central Midtown, Chelsea, Chinatown, Clinton, East Village, Financial District, Flatiron District, Garment District, Gramercy Park, Greenwich Village, Harlem Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Square, Kips Bay, Little Italy, Lower East Side, Midtown, Murray Hill, SOHO, Sutton Place, Theatre District, Times Square, TriBeCa, Turtle Bay, Union Square, Upper East Side, West Village
BROOKLYN: Williamsburg
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, literacy and math instruction for individual students and groups (2-3 children), ABA therapy
EXPERTISE: Early childhood education, special education, social/emotional development. Early Literacy: Phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling fluency, reading comprehension, writing and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
AGES: birth through elementary school

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Derycka S.


Master’s in Special Education, New York State certifications in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6

Derycka has a master’s in Special Education from Grand Canyon University and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Special Education. She has New York State certifications in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities in Grades 1-6. Derycka is also a literacy curriculum specialist, where she designs, organizes, and develops specialized instructional materials for 2nd-grade scholars. Her administrative work enhances scholars’ ELA critical and inferential thinking skills. Derycka has taught and tutored for nine years in various instructional capacities, including a first-grade self-contained classroom, a kindergarten to 2nd-grade integrated co-teaching classroom (ICT), and general education classrooms. Derycka is a 2nd-grade ICT teacher in a New York City Charter School in the Bronx. Derycka has taught students using many literacy and mathematics programs, including Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, Bridges Mathematics, Ready Gen, Go Math, and the Engage NY ELA and Math modules. She has extensive literacy experience using Orton-Gillingham, Read Works, Wilson, and Fundations for supplemental ELA intervention. Additionally, she has experience with integrated instructional technology programs such as Lexia, Dream Box, Epic, and I-Ready in her daily small group and individualized classroom instruction. Derycka strongly understands how to support children with special needs through her work with parents and other special education teachers. Her experience includes: advising parents on appropriate services for their children, leading workshops for general education and special education teachers focused on differentiating instruction in the classroom, and presenting workshops for parents on reading comprehension and literacy strategies, which provides a plethora of strategies to support their children at home. Derycka is committed and will continue to help students and their academic growth.

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Gabrielle M.


Master’s in General Education (1-6), Special Education certification (1-6)

Gabrielle is an experienced special education teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. She has taught kindergarten – 5th grade in general education, integrated co-teaching, and self contained settings. She has a Master’s in General Education (1-6) and Special Education certification (1-6) from Hunter College: School of Education. She is in school for her School Building Leader and District Leader Certification through the CITE program at The College of St.Rose.

Gabrielle is an elementary school teacher (K-5) with experience tutoring students (one-on-one and in small groups) and mentoring novice teachers. She provides a nurturing and caring learning experience that allows students to engage in productive struggles and become critical thinkers. She teaches students with diverse backgrounds and abilities (Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Speech and Language Impairment) and has a strong rapport with students and families. She believes all students can and will learn and thrive in society when provided with excellent instruction, tools, and resources based on their needs. She gives students skills that can be transferable to different areas of their everyday lives.

Gabrielle’s expertise includes phonics, phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and math instruction for individual and small groups (2-3 students). She is trained in Fountas and Pinnell administration, Fundations, Acadience, Reading Rescue, SPIRE, Phonics for Reading, Reading Mastery, Teacher’s College Reading and Writing, Wit and Wisdom, Envisions, Eureka Math, Amplify Science, iReady, Zearn.

In addition to her instructional experience as an educator, she is a curricula planner, grade leader, instructional leadership, and school leadership team member. She is committed to student growth and providing them with the skills needed to be successful. She is adventurous and enjoys learning new things, traveling, trying different foods, hiking, biking, skating, and dancing.

MANHATTAN: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Bronx, Riverdale, Yonkers, Westchester;
NEWJERSEY: Newark, Irvington, East Orange, West Orange, Bloomfield, Montclair, Belleville, Livingston, Millburn, Bogota, Edgewater, Fort Lee, East Rutherford, Hackensack, Paramus,
TYPE OF SERVICES: Administration and interpretation of literacy and math informal and formal assessments, literacy and math instruction for individuals and groups (2-3 students), Response to intervention services, reading fluency and comprehension, progress monitoring, writing instruction, building strength and knowledge of math concepts (grades k-3)

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Jenna P.


M.S. Education

Jenna is a certified educator with over ten years of experience working with students in Grades 1-6. She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology. She also has her Students with Disabilities certification in New York. Jenna has training and experience working with students with Autism, behavior management, and teaching students with learning differences. Her experience helps her understand the best ways to address students’ specific needs.

Jenna has experience in Manhattan providing one-to-one instruction and small group instruction, as well as SEIT work in various schools. She has worked with children with a diverse range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, speech/language delays, and other learning differences. She focuses on creating a personalized and supportive relationship with each student while targeting their specific needs and goals. She identifies what motivates each child and uses reinforcers and breaks throughout her sessions to maintain engagement and focus.

Jenna is skilled in providing literacy support, as well as helping with math concepts and problem-solving. She uses a variety of approaches and modifications based on the student’s learning styles to help them tackle these commonly challenging content areas. Jenna provides multi-sensory math support through the use of tactile methods including using manipulatives and visual aids to represent numerical values. This helps support math skills such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Jenna also uses various multisensory and interactive techniques to help improve literacy skills such as reading fluency, reading comprehension, sight word recognition, decoding, and spelling. To teach sight words and spelling, Jenna uses a “read it, build it, write it” technique, as well as air writing, word recognition games, and focus on segmenting and blending to help the students connect in various ways to what the words they are learning. To support reading comprehension skills, Jenna encourages the student to create pictures in their head or visualizations as they read, use context clues, and locate keywords to help them understand the text. Jenna evaluates each student to see what strategies would work best and ways to modify the learning to best support the child.

Executive functioning skills can be difficult for many students and can impact their academic success, as well as their ability to build strong social relationships. Jenna helps students strengthen these skills by focusing on organizational skills, planning, time management, self-control, flexibility, attention, and working memory. Some techniques used to improve these areas are creating schedules to set expectations, teaching and practicing routines, using timers, playing games and songs to improve memory and recall, and using reinforcers and breaks to help improve impulse control and self-regulation. For improvement with working memory deficits, students are shown how to use notes, lists, and other visuals to help them retain and store learned information and use it in other areas. To help build social skills, Jenna uses social stories to demonstrate different conversation starters and appropriate topics when in a social setting. Modeling, role-playing, and videos are also used to help students gain confidence to improve their social relationships.

TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized literacy instruction, math problem-solving skills, homework help, executive functioning skills, and building social skills.
EXPERTISE: Working one-to-one with students with learning differences in all content areas.
AGES: Grades 1-6

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Kara W.


Certified Elementary, Special Education Teacher

Kara, a Certified Elementary, Special Education Teacher and Dyslexia Practitioner has been working in the public school setting for the past 6 years. She graduated with her Masters of Science in Education with a speciality in learning and behavior disorders from CUNY Hunter College.

Kara is certified in the Wilson Reading Program that specifically works to target language-based learning disabilities like dyslexia. She is also trained in several other multisensory reading and writing programs. Kara is currently a special education teacher in Westchester County working with students that have learning disabilities, executive functioning difficulties, ADHD, and autism. Kara also helps students with test prep for local and state exams.

When not teaching or tutoring, Kara enjoys spending time with her husband and 1-year-old daughter, Avery. Kara also enjoys exercising and loves working with The Girls on the Run running program!

LOCATION: Westchester/Lower Hudson Valley
TYPE OF SERVICES: individual & group sessions, evaluations, parent consultations, etc.
EXPERTISE: Language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.
AGES: Kindergarten-6th Grade

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Rachel G.


M.S.Ed. in Literacy Education, Teacher

Rachel is a New York State licensed teacher, with a dual certification in early childhood and childhood education. She earned her Masters of Education in Literacy at SUNY Oneonta and holds a Bachelor of Science from SUNY Cortland.

Rachel is a tenured teacher and has been teaching for the Department of Education for five years. Rachel currently teaches in an ICT first-grade classroom and has previously taught kindergarten as well. She has worked with diverse groups of students, working to meet the needs of English language learners, students diagnosed with learning disabilities, and general education students. Rachel is responsible for creating and implementing individualized instruction across academic domains to meet the specific needs of students with a variety of learning and physical disabilities. She uses multisensory-based teaching methods to teach phonics, reading, writing, and math to her first graders. Rachel believes in an explicit approach to teaching students to read using tools such as decodable texts, play-doh, sound boxes, and magnet chips.

This means that students first learn to decode words by moving counters or playdoh for the sounds they hear. Once they are able to break down sounds, they can then read an unknown word. Through this work, she has helped students with dyslexia, ADHD, speech and language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other reading disabilities learn to read. In math, this approach includes using manipulatives such as cubes, counters, and playdoh to make learning hands-on. Students are able to see the math problem “come to life.” She has experience working with students one on one both at home and remotely, working with students to build their skills and also confidence in themselves.

Rachel believes that all students are able to learn and it is up to the teacher to modify the curriculum to meet the needs of the student. Just as important as academic content, is the child’s social-emotional needs. Rachel works to develop a relationship with each of her students, ensuring they feel comfortable learning with her and proud of their successes.

TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual and group instruction in reading, writing, phonics, math instruction (levels: pre-k through second grade)
EXPERTISE: phonics and reading intervention, Wiley Blevins/ Science of Reading-based approach
AGES: pre-k through elementary school

Bronx 1:1 Literacy and Math Tutoring for Elementary Students, Brooklyn Letters

Melissa L.


B.S. in Human Development, M.S. in Early Childhood and Certificate for Students with Disabilities aged from Birth to Grade

Melissa graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. She later received a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. She holds a Certificate for Students with Disabilities aged from Birth to Grade 2 and specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis as a teaching method for children with Autism.

Melissa has worked in the classroom as a Teacher’s Assistant, Lead Instructor, and Co-Teacher for 7 years and previously worked as a SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) providing 1:1 services for preschool-aged children who have an IEP. Her passion is working with children with special needs with a diagnosis of Autism, Down Syndrome, and ADHD.

In her experience across different classrooms and with children who have varying needs, Melissa is well-versed in working with challenging behaviors, assessing and creating individual teaching plans for children, and supporting them in their learning in unconventional ways (e.g., incorporating brain breaks throughout work sessions, working on the carpet vs. a desk to support students, and creating visuals and schedules for learning sessions).

Melissa is a strong believer that children are most successful when they feel most comfortable and when their needs are being met. In order to ensure that her students are set up for success, she supports them beyond learning school material and teaches them skills that they will use in their lifetime.

As an educator, Melissa is energetic, motivated, and innovative. When she is not in the classroom or with children, she enjoys watching Netflix, doing yoga, and being with her family. Those things keep her balanced and ready to take on every day as the best educator she can be!

TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual therapy (ABA), group therapy (2-3 children), parent consultations, ELA (e.g., reading comprehension, Fundations [phonics], writing), Math
EXPERTISE: Autism Spectrum Disorder
AGE: Birth-Grade 2

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