Voice Disorders (Dysphonia) in Children & Adolescents

Voice disorders result in changes to pitch, loudness, and overall vocal quality. Most childhood voice problems result from vocal abuse, e.g. yelling, shouting, and/or inappropriate vocal strain. Voice problems are also medically based, such as allergies or reflux. These changes tend to interfere with communicative abilities. Parents might say their child has lost his/her voice, voice sounds hoarse or raspy, or that their child seems to be using a lot of effort to speak. Research reports that children and adolescents felt their voice disorders resulted in negative attention and limited their participation in activities.

Intervention for voice disorders will include a full assessment (subjective and objective data collection), indirect and/or direct treatment (depending on the age of the child), and teaching of strategies for improved voice use, elimination of vocal abuse, and management of voice related medical conditions (reflux). Parent education and training is a crucial part of voice therapy, as parents will be responsible for implementing behavioral programs in the home for best voice recovery.

Lisa Rubin M.S. CCC-SLP is a licensed speech-language pathologist specializing in voice disorders. She provides assessment and treatment services for children from birth through adolescence who exhibit various forms of communication disorders (voice, speech, language, and fluency (stuttering). She received her Bachelors of Science in Communication Disorders at Boston University and then earned her Masters of Science in Communication Science from Hunter College (CUNY). Lisa holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and is licensed to practice in the state of New York. Currently employed by The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Lisa brings a medical focus to behavioral intervention. In addition, Lisa has held the position of Adjunct Professor of Communication Sciences at Hunter College since 2006, where she has taught courses in the anatomy and physiology of speech production, speech science, phonetics, and voice disorders. Currently, Lisa works with children ages birth to three years for speech and language stimulation therapy, the pre-school aged population (3-5 years) for speech, language, voice, and fluency intervention, and the school-aged and adolescent population for fluency and voice intervention.

Lisa Rubin M.S. CCC-SLP travels to your Manhattan home (Upper East Side, Midtown East, Murray Hill, Gramercy, Union Square, East Village, Soho, Upper West Side, Midtown, Chelsea, and West Village) and she makes Brooklyn home visits (Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights). She involves the family in the treatment process as much as possible and she works with babies, preschoolers, and school age children and adolescents.

For more information, please contact Lisa Rubin M.S. CCC-SLP at lisa@brooklynletters.com

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