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Wilson, Orton-Gillingham Reading Specialists and Tutors


Our experienced team of approximately 20 reading/literacy specialists work with all ages (preschoolers through adolescence), travel to your home (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk)), or and several have office locations, see below. Brooklyn Letters offers professional reading and writing support from passionate, warm, and experienced educators. Our staff has academic training and professional experience working in schools teaching students with literacy difficulties; tutors typically don’t have these qualifications. We understand what causes underlying literacy learning issues, and we  provide decoding and encoding services, Orton-Gillingham support, and facilitate reading fluency and reading comprehension. Our staff provides standardized reading tests to measure progress. Please read below to learn more about our team. We are more than happy to recommend affordable and fun computer games, if needed, to be used at your leisure at home, to help reinforce your child’s literacy goals.

To help you better understand the process involved in literacy tutoring, we recommend that you read the following articles:

From Catch Them Before They Fall: Identification and Assessment to Prevent Reading Failure in Young Children, by Joseph K. Torgesen

Ten Myths of Reading Instruction, by Sebastian Wren

Rates vary from $105-$135 per hour depending on where you live and which reading specialist works with your child. We travel throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and sections of Nassau & Suffolk County. Rates are higher for Manhattan.

MANHATTAN OFFICE: Taina provides home visits and works at a Kips Bay (Manhattan) office after 4pm on weekdays.

BROOKLYN OFFICES: Susan is in Park Slope on 399 2nd Street

Feel free to call 347-394-3485 and leave a message- just let us know what type of literacy support your child needs, your availability, and your cross streets. A Brooklyn Letters reading specialist will call you back or email the Brooklyn Letters reading specialist directly (their emails are listed under their respective bios.) Otherwise, contact Craig, who will match your child with the right reading

Shelley Padilla, M.S. NY State Dual Certified: Special Educator and Elementary Education & Certified Wilson Reading Specialist

Hempstead-20130210-00024Shelley Padilla is a New York dual licensed Elementary Education (Pre K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-6)/Special Education teacher (K-12), earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Buffalo State College and a Masters of Science from Adelphi University. Shelley found her love for teaching by becoming involved in Special Education since an early age, working as a camp counselor in Special Ed camps, and subsequently has taught special needs children and children with reading difficulties, e.g. dyslexia, in various school settings around the country, including self-contained classrooms for elementary grades, resource room for grades K-5, and reading instruction grades 6 through 12. She has also tutored reading at children’s homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

Shelley achieved Certified Wilson Instructor status (very few have obtained this status in NYC), including being trained in the Wilson Fundations Program; a phonics-based program for young children (K-3), and supported teachers using this program. Additionally Shelley trained other teachers in the Wilson Reading Program at a K-12 Special Education school, the Child School, located on Roosevelt Island.

The Wilson Reading System directly and systematically teaches students to achieve success in reading. Unlike traditional phonics programs, Wilson Reading instruction is very interactive and multi-sensory, thus teaching total word construction and not just phonics. Students learn to encode (spell) and they learn to decode (take words apart) as part of their reading process. Evidence shows that when a direct systematic, code-based instruction is skillfully implemented by a Wilson Reading knowledgeable teacher, it is the most effective approach for problem readers. This system is based on the multi-sensory language techniques and principals first described by Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham (Orton Gillingham philosophy)

Shelley excels at changing the lives of children that have difficulty in reading by allowing them to see how being a better reader can affect many areas of their lives especially in education. Shelley utilizes her skills to collaborate with teachers, therapists and parents in order to maximize the achievements of students in their educational and emotional needs. Shelley really knows how to make learning to read fun and exciting while showing her students all the possibilities available to them when they learn to appreciate the world of reading.

Read more about her reviews

LOCATION: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island (she resides in Forest Hills).
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading evaluation and reading intervention.
EXPERTISE: Working with children who have difficulty with decoding (deciphering letters when reading), reading fluency, reading comprehension, and/or encoding (spelling) issues, including working with students with dyslexia.
AGES: Kindergarten through high school
HOURS: Home-Visits: flexible

Jessica Morganoff – MS Elementary Education and Special Education; Certified Orton Gillingham Practioner; Academic Tutor

jessicamJessica Morganoff is a certified Elementary (K-6) and Special Education (K-8) teacher with over 10 years experience. Jessica taught 3rd-5th grade general education for 8 years. She currently teaches Kindergarten-2nd grade reading and math in a resource center.

Jessica is a certified Orton Gillingham Instructor. Using Orton, Jessica provides her students with individualized, multi-sensory lessons targeted to improve students’ decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), fluency and reading comprehension. Jessica has experience teaching children all aspects of literacy, from letter identification, phonics, spelling, reading fluency and comprehension.

Jessica has vast experience working with students who are struggling to learn to read. This includes students with learning disabilities and dyslexia, attention difficulties and processing delays. She also works with many general education students who need extra support in their classrooms.

LOCATION: Manhattan, mostly Upper East Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Orton Gillingham individualized lessons in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling), reading comprehension, organizational and study strategies, academic help.
EXPERTISE: Phonics, students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning, and processing issues
HOURS: Weekdays after 4:30PM


Taina Coleman, NYS Certified Literacy Specialist & NYS Certified Special & General Educator (Specializing in Grades 1-8) & Certified Wilson Reading System Practitioner

Taina Headshot 1

Taina is a NY State certified Literacy Specialist and Special and General Educator, who is an engaging and seasoned teacher, extra spicy. While her jokes may be hit or miss, she remains a passionate teacher of struggling learners, and has experience teaching Middle School Special and General Education, as well as Elementary School Special Education as both a classroom teacher and as an Elementary School Literacy Specialist. Taina’s education includes a Dual B.A. of Special Honors and Urban Affairs, a M.A. in Special Education and a M.A. in Literacy Education, all from CUNY Hunter College. So when Taina describes herself as a lifelong student, she is describing both her attitude to her professional development as well as her many years as a graduate student/ “instant ramen” aficionado.

As a Elementary School Literacy Specialist at a top rated independent school for students with Language Based Learning Disabilities, Taina uses the Wilson program and other Orton Gillingham based approaches to support her students decoding and encoding skills. In addition, she also has years of experience supporting and developing the comprehension skills of students who struggle with language processing and higher order cognition. Taina also has many years of success in developing the skills, strategies and self-regulation capacities to improve student’s writing skills.

Taina strives to make learning fun and engaging, while also providing the direct and intensive instruction in a nurturing environment. She enjoys incorporating assistive technology, games, and other exciting tools to help her students become more independent learners while increasing their motivation for learning and academic skills.

LOCATION: Office in Kips Bay (Manhattan), Home visits to Manhattan and Queens (nearby Forest Hills neighborhoods)
HOURS: After school/evenings and weekends
TYPES OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessments, individualized reading and writing intervention, reading comprehension instruction, progress monitoring, and homework help.
EXPERTISE: Students with language based learning disabilities, improving decoding and fluency skills through intensive and systematic instruction, developing reading and listening comprehension skills, strengthening writing and encoding skills, teaching executive functioning strategies, developing creative and engaging academic activities, using assistive technology to support literacy development.
AGES: 1st grade – 8th grade

Rachel Hedbavny – School Psychologist & Reading Specialist

Rachel3Rachel is a nationally certified School Psychologist and certified in the Wilson Reading System. Rachel is passionate about working with children to promote their academic, social, and emotional growth. Her education includes a B.S. in Marketing from the Rutgers School of Business and Masters in Education with an Advanced Certificate in School Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn College.

As a School Psychologist, she has worked with a diverse population of general and special education students at the elementary and middle school levels, conducting psycho-educational assessments and providing counseling services. She also fosters collaborative relationships in which children, parents, school staff, and outside agencies can work together to maximize students’ potential, and create the most positive school environment that is possible for them.

As a Brooklyn Letters reading tutor, Rachel uses the Wilson program to improve children’s decoding, fluency, comprehension, and spelling skills. She is intent on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students so they feel most comfortable to persist and challenge themselves. She highlights students’ strengths by tailoring lessons to meet each student’s unique learning style.
LOCATION: Manhattan: Upper East and West sides & lower Manhattan Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens areas; She resides in Williamsburg.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessments, individualized reading intervention and instruction
EXPERTISE: Assessment and intervention for children struggling with decoding, reading comprehension, and fluency
AGES: 2nd grade through high school
HOURS: Flexible after-school hours and weekends

Rita Crisafi, MS Ed., NY State Certified Literacy

ritaRita is a certified literacy specialist with a M.A. from Bank Street College of Education and a B.A. in Literature from Bard College. She has practiced assessment and tutoring in private and clinical settings. Rita has had classroom experience at Hunter Elementary School as well as in public elementary schools in Queens and Harlem. She has completed Part I of Literacy through Multisensory Teaching (LMUST), an Orton Gillingham curriculum developed by Judith Birsh. Growing up with a dyslexic sister in a time when learning disabilities were less understood, she has personally witnessed the challenges that struggling readers and writers face. She has also had extensive music and computer experience and has worked in online news and in web design and development. Rita combines her experience in the arts, computers, and education to teach literacy skills such as decoding and comprehension strategies. She has also had success helping students prepare for the New York State ELA exams. Her students have fun following a series of short, engaging exercises while they learn the skills they need. Rita strives to help her students gain confidence by teaching them to direct their particular strengths toward the goal of becoming more independent learners and successful readers and writers.

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HOURS: Weekdays after 3:00 pm, mornings and weekends.
LOCATION: Brooklyn, Manhattan.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Formal and informal reading assessments (phonological awareness, sound symbol association, decoding strategies, fluency, and reading comprehension, spelling); development of intervention programs to address needs.
EXPERTISE: Developing individualized and prescriptive remediation for struggling readers
AGES: Pre-school through middle school

Melissa Marino, NYS certified in Early Childhood, Childhood, Special Education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

melissaMelissa Marino is NYS certified in Early Childhood, Childhood, Special Education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She graduated from Saint John’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education, and a Masters of Science degree in TESOL. She then furthered her studies and attended Touro College to receive her Special Education and Early Childhood certification. She currently works for the Department of Education as a kindergarten and first grade ESL teacher. Melissa has over 10 years experience impacting students with different needs. She works with students on improving their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Melissa believes in a multisensory learning environment in order to engage all students. Her expertise includes test preparation for the ELA and Math state tests, homework, school curriculum, and preparing English language learners for the NYSESLAT.

Melissa is trained in the Wilson Reading Program and its early childhood component, Fundations. She uses this approach with her students in order to build phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills in struggling readers. She also has training in Columbia University Teacher’s College Workshop Model. Melissa also has experience working successfully with special needs children in improving their academic and social skills using the applied behavior analysis approach (ABA).
Melissa begins the tutoring process by getting to know the student through formal and informal observations and assessments. This allows her to target student’s specific problem areas and adapt instruction. Creating a risk free environment is important when teaching all students. Melissa provides positive reinforcement to all her students. Her goal is to foster and maintain an open, honest, communicative, and supportive environment in which students feel safe, secure, engaged, and appropriately challenged.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island
TYPES OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessment, individualized reading instruction, progress monitoring.
EXPERTISE: Working with students with learning disabilities, English language learners and speech language delays/difficulties, dyslexia, building phonemic awareness, reading comprehension strategies, balanced literacy
AGES: Preschool through middle school
HOURS: Flexible after school and weekends

Alyssa Spitaletta, NYS Certified in Early Childhood & Special Education.

Alyssa Spitaletta graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor of English and graduated from Adelphi with a Duel Masters of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education for Early Childhood PK- 5th grade. Alyssa has over eight years experience teaching, influencing and enriching students with different needs. She has a strong understanding of the needs of students with learning and physical disabilities. She teaches students to improving their writing and reading (decoding, fluency, reading comprehension and encoding). Alyssa incorporates a multisensory method to help engage and effectively teach her students. Her expertise includes homework, school curriculum, and test preparation for ELA state tests.
Alyssa is trained in Wilson Fundations, an effective reading and writing program. She uses the Wilson curriculum in order to help students build their decoding, fluency and phonemic awareness skills. Alyssa has training in Columbia University Teacher College’s reading and writing model to help students enhance their writing and reading skills. Lastly, she is trained in Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment, which helps children targets their reading goals.
Alyssa begins the tutoring process by administering Teacher College and Fountas & Pinell assessments to better target the needs of the student. Alyssa has an innate ability to connect with and reach all of her students. She creates a risk-free leaning environment and encourages student engagement. She strives to promote and provide students with differentiated instruction and to meet the needs of each student’s learning style. She takes advantage of her students’ strengths and her students feel supported and nurtured when working with her.

LOCATION: Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island
HOURS: After school/evenings and weekends
TYPES OF SERVICES: Administering reading and writing assessments, developing individualized and effective literacy instruction, individualized reading instruction, building phonemic awareness and phonics skills, helping with homework
EXPERTISE: working with all students with disabilities, improving decoding skills and reading fluency. Strengthen reading comprehension, and writing
AGES: preschool-6th grade

Katie Takayanagi, M.S., Certified Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and Academic Tutor

Katie TakayanagiKatie Takayanagi is an academic and Orton-Gillingham (O-G) tutor. She is currently a Fellow-In-Training, training at the highest level within the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE). Her education includes a B.A. in French Studies from Wesleyan University and an M.S. in Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England with training in progressive science education for middle school students. In addition to O-G tutoring, Katie works with dyslexic and non-dyslexic students in all major subject areas and offers enrichment tutoring as well.

Katie uses a multisensory approach to help struggling readers, spellers, and writers to understand phonics, syllable division, spelling rules, and other concepts essential to reading and writing fluency. Though she works with all ages, she has extensive experience with middle and high schoolers who are beyond the typical age for O-G tutoring. These students often need both foundational phonics instruction as well as help in more advanced areas such as reading comprehension, essay writing, vocabulary-building morphology, and study skills.
Older students are sometimes particularly daunted by writing assignments. Just as O-G takes a step-by-step, systematic approach to phonics instruction, Katie follows these same principles when teaching higher-level skills, breaking them down into incremental steps and reviewing them until mastery. This approach can allow students to conquer their fear of writing and find a new voice as a writer and a new identity as a learner.
LOCATION: Brooklyn, Manhattan
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized lessons in decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), reading comprehension, writing skills, outlining, general organizational and study strategies, academic help
EXPERTISE: Phonics, all types of writing at every stage (planning, revising, proofreading, and the final draft), older dyslexic students, writing-phobic or “shut-down” learners
AGES: All ages
HOURS: Flexible

Joanna Brown, New York State-Certified Reading Specialist & Certified in Childhood Education


Joanna Brown is a New York State-certified reading specialist, early childhood and elementary teacher with seven years of experience teaching and tutoring in New York City.

Joanna earned her M.A. in Elementary Education and Literacy from Bank Street College of Education in Manhattan, and her B.A. in History from the University of Colorado. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham-based multi-sensory approach “Preventing Academic Failure” (PAF) and has worked with dozens of struggling readers, dyslexic readers, and readers needing enrichment across New York City. Joanna has worked in many schools throughout New York City, including private schools, public schools, and charter schools, so she understands the challenges students face in different educational environments. She currently works as a Head Teacher at The Co-op School in Brooklyn.

Joanna will administer comprehensive assessments to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses. She will then create personalized sessions to target specific areas of need. Joanna focuses on building independence by teaching students to use a toolbox of skills and strategies that they can refer to as they read and write.

Joanna has a calm, patient nature and a playful sense of humor that help her to connect with students on a personal level. She believes that interest and motivation are critically important in supporting more thoughtful reading.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy, Prospect Heights, Ft. Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Downtown Manhattan.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessment, individualized reading instruction and intervention, writing and spelling instruction and intervention
EXPERTISE: Early readers, assessment and intervention for children struggling with decoding, reading comprehension, fluency and writing
AGES: K-5th Grade
HOURS: After school

Lauren, M.A., Certified Wilson Reading System instructor, Certified Mindfulness Instructor (Mindful Schools)

Lauren portrait 2012Lauren specializes in helping students learn literacy skills, and helping them use simple mindfulness skills to ease anxiety, regain focus, and regulate their emotions. Her motto is, “A Calm Mind Is a Mind that Is Ready to Learn.”

Lauren is a certified instructor of the multisensory Wilson Reading System and Wilson Fundations, and for several years she has successfully tutored students in grades K through 6 who need help with reading (from decoding to comprehension) and writing (from brainstorming to revision). She has worked successfully with students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing issues, executive function deficits, ADHD, and ASD. She has also effectively supported students who are twice-exceptional, that is, gifted and also struggling learners. She provides individualized, comprehensive, multisensory, direct instruction with patience and a sense of fun. She currently tutors through the PS 154 After School program as well as privately in students’ homes.

She is also certified by Mindful Schools to teach mindfulness to children and youth. She has found that mindfulness is an especially empowering tool for children who regularly experience frustration because of their different ways of learning and understanding the world. Every session begins and ends with the sound of a small bell and a brief, age-appropriate mindfulness practice. Kids love that bell!

Her passion for sharing literacy with children is further reflected in her ongoing career a children’s book author, and her 18-year career as a children’s book editor. She has a B.A. in Math from Mount Holyoke College and an M.A. in English from Clark University, and has completed coursework toward an M.S. in Teaching Literacy at the Touro College Graduate School of Education. Her experience raising her son, who is gifted and also has ADHD, through New York City public schools and other academic settings, has given her a deep appreciation for the great effort that struggling learners put forth every day, and also for the concern that parents harbor about how to help their child. She is a sympathetic guide through the twists and turns, both logistical and emotional, of supporting a differently-learning child.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Park Slope, South Slope, Windsor Terrace, parts of Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, and Clinton Hill. She lives in Windsor Terrace.
TYPES OF SERVICE: Initial informal reading assessment; Orton-Gillingham-based Wilson Reading System instruction, including individualized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding strategies; individualized instruction in reading fluency and comprehension instruction; writing instruction, including the recursive process of brainstorming, organizing, revising, editing, and final presentation; contextual grammar instruction; and homework help.
EXPERTISE: Working with children who have language-based learning disabilities and students with attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD), strengthening phonics knowledge, improving fluency, teaching comprehension strategies, teaching writing, including expository, narrative, and poetry genres.
AGES: K through 6th grade
HOURS: Mondays through Fridays between 9 am and 2pm; some afternoon and evening availability

Kami Eldridge, MS Ed., NYS Certified in Childhood Education

Kami Eldridge
Kami Eldridge, a NYS certified teacher and mother of two young daughters, has taught in public and independent schools for over a decade. She has had the privilege of teaching and learning from many different students. In the past, she has taught preschool as a lead teacher in two private school settings. It was her acceptance into the New York City Teaching Fellows in 2005 that launched her career as a public school elementary teacher in Brooklyn and Manhattan where she has taught second through fourth grades. Most recently, Kami was a founding faculty member, Learning Expert Teacher, and later a First and Second Grade Humanities Teacher at a Brooklyn private school. There, she was asked to serve as a Subject Advisor for their network of charter and independent schools. As a Subject Advisor, she collaborated with educators and administrators on a national level to create and author the Second Grade Humanities curriculum.

An enthusiastic student herself, Kami is always inspired to take classes of interest to her and to further her professional studies. Kami has completed Part 1 of Literacy through Multisensory Teaching (LiteracyMUST), an Orton-Gillingham curriculum. As per the LiteracyMUST curriculum, reading is taught to students with dyslexia using a structured, multisensory (engaging two or more of visual, auditory, or kinesthetic senses) phonics approach to learn about letters, sounds, and other aspects of language.

Kami’s expertise is in improving decoding skills, reading fluency, and comprehension while also strengthening writing and organizational skills. In her tutoring sessions, Kami utilizes customized reading and writing support tools as well as creative and engaging hands-on activities to solidify concepts for students.

In addition to graduating cum laude from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences, Kami holds a Masters Degree in Childhood Education from The City College of New York, Professional NYS Teaching Certification, and tenure status with the NYC DOE.

LOCATION: Brooklyn and Manhattan
HOURS: weekday afternoons/evenings and weekends
TYPES OF SERVICES: administering reading and writing assessments, developing individualized and effective literacy instruction, building phonemic awareness and
phonics skills, teaching homework management and study skills
EXPERTISE: improving decoding skills and reading fluency and comprehension, strengthening writing, implementing and teaching organizational and study skills, creating individualized reading and writing support tools, developing creative and engaging hands-on activities to solidify concepts for students
AGES: preschool-4th grade

Katie Yodice, M.A., NY State Certified Reading Specialist

katie_yodiceKatie is a New York State Certified General Education teacher with eight years of elementary school experience from PK through 5th grade. She currently works in the NYC public schools as a third grade teacher. Katie has worked in multiple settings within the Dept of Education, with a variety of students ranging from those with special needs to English language learners. She has bachelors and masters degrees from Queens College, CUNY.

Katie is trained in the Wilson Reading Program and its early childhood component, Fundations. She believes in a balanced literacy approach, in which children are taught how to read and write through multiple components including through phonics-word study and building phonemic awareness (decoding skills), high frequency word study (sight words), building fluency (reading smoothly/with expression) as well as comprehension.

Katie likes to begin working with students by first getting to know them and building trust and a safe space for learning. in which they feel free to try new, challenging things and take risks without consequence. She is nurturing, flexible and creative and she believes every student has the ability to succeed. Katie utilizes each individual student’s strengths to help them achieve their goals.

AGES: Elemenary school-age
HOURS: Flexible after school and weekends
LOCATION: Long Island, preferably South Shore (she resides in North Babylon)

Marie Mcgill – NYS Dual Certified Special Educator & General Educator With Specialization iN Speech/Language & Learning Disabilities

Marie McGill is a NYS Certified Special Educator and a NYS Certified General Educator. She works in a collaborative classroom setting, where both general education and special education services are provided to a diverse group of learners. Her education includes a bachelors degree from St. Joseph’s College with a major in Child Study and a concentration in speech language pathology. She also has a masters degree in Special Education from Hunter College, with a specialization in learning disabilities. Her professional experiences working in NYC public schools provided Marie the opportunity to teach a broad range of students from pre-k through 5th grade. Marie is trained in the Wilson Reading Program and its early childhood component, Fundations. She uses the sequential and systematic approaches of these programs in order to build phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills in struggling readers. Students are then given immediate opportunities to apply new concepts as she exposes them to text that is appropriate for their instructional reading levels. Her ultimate goal is for students to end each session with the ability and initiative to independently apply the new concept(s) taught in each session.

In order to fully understand both the strengths and needs of the students she services, Marie begins the tutoring process by conducting both formal and informal evaluations. These may include standard reading assessments, interviews with the student and parent, observations, and examination of class work helping create goals to drive instruction.

It is Marie’s priority to create a learning climate that is supportive and nurturing, yet appropriately challenging. While she often uses research based methods and strategies, her teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that there is no set “formula” that works for every student. As an educator, she enjoys opportunities getting to know and to understand individual student needs and learning styles, and she instructs accordingly.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: North Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Downtown Manhattan.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessment, individualized reading instruction, progress monitoring.
EXPERTISE: Working with students with learning disabilities and speech language delays/difficulties, building phonemic awareness, reading comprehension strategies, balanced literacy.
AGES: All ages
HOURS: Flexible after school and weekends.

Susan Littman—NY State Certified Reading Specialist, NY State Licensed ELA Teacher, & Literacy Coach

Susan Littman is a NYS Certified Reading Specialist, a NYS Licensed English Language Arts Teacher, and a Literacy Coach who is Orton-Gillingham and Wilson trained, who has helped many students with reading difficulties in elementary and middle schools. Her education includes a Masters in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Masters in Literacy with a special focus on reading disabilities from Long Island University. She also has worked extensively in several District 15 schools, including in P.S. 321 and M.S. 821.

Initially, the process begins with an evaluation of your child’s readings skills, using standard reading assessments, personal observation and interaction with your child. Input from you, the parents, and your child’s teachers, is also vital to get a better understanding of your child’s strengths and struggles. Then, based on your child’s instructional needs and goals, Ms Littman will develop an individualized reading plan. This targeted intervention is customized to help your child make progress, whether the issues are decoding words and/or reading comprehension.

Ms Littman has created a welcoming space in her centrally located Park Slope brownstone where she sees students after school or on weekends. It is a quiet room where a child can concentrate and where distractions are minimized. Here, in this comfortable, supportive environment, Ms Littman will teach your child the strategies and skills s/he needs to become a confident, competent reader.

LOCATION: Home office at 399 2nd Street (Park Slope).
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading evaluation, consultation with teachers and other involved specialists, individualized reading intervention plan
EXPERTISE: Students with phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading comprehension difficulties.
AGES: All ages.
HOURS: Flexible, after school and on weekends.


004Andrea is dual certified by New York State as a Literacy Specialist and Early Childhood/Elementary Education Teacher. She has a B.A. in English from SUNY Albany and earned two master’s degrees in literacy and in childhood/elementary education from Queens College, CUNY. For the past eight years, Andrea has worked as a Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) provider, working with students in grades K-12 who have a variety of learning differences. Based on her student’s needs, her services have ranged from giving basic homework help in all subjects, to designing and implementing individualized literacy and math programs, to preparing students for a variety of New York State standardized tests. She was also a first grade reading teacher in Oceanside, New York, where for seven years she worked to build the literacy skills of her students. She also completed the coursework at the associate level in Orton-Gillingham reading programs and received training in Wilson Fundations. Andrea’s goal is to help her students attain the two most important ingredients in academic success: independence and confidence. During literacy instruction, she helps her students master a variety of decoding and comprehension strategies and to apply these strategies to better their understanding in all academic areas. To improve their writing, she gives students the opportunity to express themselves in different topics ranging from creative writing to writing based on reading. Her students also learn to improve their spelling and edit their written work. In mathematics, she provides students with strategies to help them understand concepts, and she uses techniques such as manipulatives and reading comprehension strategies to help solve word problems. Through her work, she gives students the tools they need to help them achieve their academic potential.

LOCATION: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading evaluation, individualized reading and writing instruction, consultation with teachers or other service providers if requested.
EXPERTISE: Reading: Implement a variety of decoding and comprehension strategies to encourage independent reading. Improve reading fluency. Writing: Instruction in writing both short paragraphs and full essays. Improve organization, grammar and encoding (spelling). Work with students with a variety of learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.
AGES: Kindergarten through high school
HOURS: Home-Visits: Mondays at 3:30pm, Tues., Thurs. Fridays at 3:30pm, and weekends.

Jo-Ann-NY State Certified Teacher & Reading Interventionist

After a successful 20 year career as a classroom teacher and 10 years as a school librarian, Jo-Ann has launched what has become a vibrant practice as a private reading specialist. For the past three years she has transformed dyslexic and otherwise struggling students into thriving readers who do well in school. At the same time Jo-Ann continues to work for the Department of Education part-time as the Reading Intervention teacher at PS 10 in Park Slope. She has received certificates for training in Orton-Gillingham, PAF, Wilson, Sounds in Motion, Great Leaps, and Rewards. All are research based programs designed to meet the needs of students who are faced with difficulty establishing basic reading skills. She blends all programs together and combined with her years of classroom experience formulates a program to meet the very individualized needs of each of her clients. If you are on vacation and want to continue tutoring, Jo-Ann will set up SKYPE sessions with you and your child.

Her initial evaluation is free, and she will determine whether or not she believes she can help your child. She will gladly provide you with a referral list of satisfied parents. All materials are provided and parents are involved with assigned practice work.

Read more about her rave reviews!

LOCATION: Manhattan and Brooklyn (Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights, Bay Ridge, Ditmas Park, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, and Fort Greene).
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading evaluation, reading intervention using research based reading programs.
EXPERTISE: Working with children who have phonemic awareness problems and/or dyslexia.
AGES: 5-10
HOURS: Home-Visits: Mon, Wed-Fri 3:30-7PM

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